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When choosing a crib for a newborn, parents acquire an additional set of sides - flat rectangular pillows that are mounted along the entire perimeter of the furniture and allow you to create a cozy “nest” for the little person. The sides in the crib for the girl are not only an aesthetic accessory for children's furniture, but also serve as a guarantor of safety: the soft texture of the products does not allow the child to feel the blow in an awkward movement.

It is surprising that the bumpers serve for several years, because even for an older baby it is important to ensure a safe pastime in your own bed, because in a dream children sometimes make such sudden movements that they risk getting small, but bruised or injured.

Necessity or luxury?

A few years ago, the bumpers were not so popular, and the majority of young parents neglected such a device: why overpay? In modern times, opinions have changed: in the network, every photo of a child’s room cannot do without skirting,who create a cute design and attract the attention of those parents who have not yet managed to acquire a textile product. Some parents follow the trend and get beautiful soft sides in the crib, others are left with the opinion that textile accessories only accumulate dust and do not carry other benefits. Indeed, like any piece of furniture or home textiles, the sides tend to “collect” dust: just provide them with the right care and wash the products more often.

It is true that the bumpers, or bumpers for a children's bed, protect the infant from possible injuries, especially when the baby learns to roll or stand up on its own. In addition, it is not necessary to wear bumpers on the entire perimeter of the bed: Leave one of the walls free for additional air for the baby or an older child.

How to choose

From the variety of colors and shapes of the sides in the bed for girls sometimes dizzy; How to choose bumpers and what to look for?

  • Choose colors and shapes that would look laconic in a duet with a children's bed: there are no special rules, parents base their choice only on their own taste and preferences.
  • Four large pillow ribs are easier to maintain than dozens of small, soft parts called skirtings, because you will often have to wash items. Pay attention to the type of attachment: Velcro, strings, buttons; which one is convenient for you?
  • Want to create an original nursery interior? Choose bumpers in the form of cartoon characters or a variety of shapes and figures: flowers, bears, sun, clouds and others.
  • For newborn daughters, select parts that are not too bulky so as not to “cut down” the extra space; for grown-up girls and teenagers, stop the choice on more durable and curvaceous sides to protect the child from possible injuries.
  • If the child is allergic, pick up bumpers from 100% cotton with an ecological filling.
  • The sizes of the sides are different: for a large rectangular crib, high sides will fit (along with the height of the crib), for a round or oval crib, pick up special bumpers: their cut allows them to “lie down” exactly along the furniture perimeter.
  • Give the choice to the sides that have removable covers - this will facilitate the care of the product.

Special features

  • Protection of the child from bruises - the main purpose of the side in the bed;
  • The ability to choose a filler is an excellent chance for parents to choose environmental material in the composition for a child with allergies;
  • Parents of active babies may not worry about the child: the sides will protect the baby from strikes on the hard surface of the bed, especially in sleep;
  • The sides are able to isolate the noise, which will help the baby to fall asleep and sleep soundly;
  • The crib bumpers have thermal insulation properties, that is, they retain pleasant warmth;
  • Kids tend to explore the world, so they are so diligently trying to shove their hands or legs into the holes between the slats in the crib, the rim reliably protects the baby from falling into the holes and getting stuck in them;
  • Due to the presence of the sides in the crib, the child enjoys a peaceful sleep without extraneous noise and cool air, or drafts, bright light and dust.


  • Sintepon - the most common type of filler, which holds its shape perfectly, is unpretentious in care, its cost is low.
  • Foam rubber, as an alternative to the first filler.It keeps the form and restores it easily after washing, is economical in price and practical. Foam in its texture is soft and fluffy, what you need for a growing baby.

Fiber is more environmentally friendly than previous ones and does not differ in their properties.

  • Wool fibers are less likely to act as a filler, but still exist. Their main advantage is to provide warmth in the baby’s bed, but the air exchange is worse.

Choose high quality synthetic filler: they are hypoallergenic and easy to clean.


Baby bumpers are the most popular type of safe bumper for a baby bed.. They are distinguished by natural materials and the absence of additional elements like buttons or snakes.

The sides in teenage beds are larger bumpers, more like pillows that are mounted on the walls of furniture.

Children's sides from one and a half years are suitable for ensuring the safety of children of any age (for 5 years and older, younger), it is important that textile objects meet the requirements of the baby in design and have developing elements made of soft materials.For girls, delicate shades of material with possible carved inserts will be relevant.

  • The side pillows will be an appropriate addition to the chair-bed: in the daytime they will act as a decorative element, and at night they will guard the child's safety.
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