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Choosing a crib sometimes becomes difficult for parents; It would seem that an important choice has been made - the rest is behind, but a new question is brewing: what side to choose in the crib for a newborn?

Opinions about the feasibility of acquiring the bumpers among modern parents differ: some strictly “for” textile addition to the bed, others oppose, personifying the purchase as an extra waste of the family budget. To which category you would not belong, read this article to the end in order to learn about the purpose of the side for the crib, their main advantages and real disadvantages, then you can make a decision about the purchase.

Need or not?

A variety of textiles for a children's bedroom sometimes drives you crazy: how many nice sideboards are presented on the modern market, and how bright, interesting, unusual, stylish they are.The sides are flat pillows that are attached to the walls of the crib on four sides thanks to fasteners such as locks, buttons or tapes.

First of all, it is worth remembering that the first and most important purpose of children's bumpers is to protect the baby from possible shocks and jams of its arms and legs between the narrow components of the bed.

The sides for newborns in the crib are designed to protect the little man from bruises on the hard surface of the wooden crib, so almost every modern mother chooses them as an additional arrangement for a baby cot. Every parent wants their child to remain healthy, so the question of whether we need bumpers, disappears after the first paragraph of this article.

The following question involuntarily becomes ripe: are the sides dangerous because they are able to accumulate dust and restrain air exchange in the crib? Indeed, textile sides tend to collect dust: just wash them more often with baby powder without fragrances and flavors to ensure proper air exchange in the newborn’s beds, leave one or a couple of sides of the beds without sides, put small pillows together to avoid bruises to the inexperienced baby.

When a child grows up and learns to stand up independently, the presence of sides can be a real find - they soften the fall of the baby and sometimes help him climb the legs (it is important that the boards are securely attached to the walls of the bed with fasteners).


The sides in the crib for babies have features due to which many parents prefer this type of textile filling:

The boards protect the child from possible shocks, especially when an awkward kid learns to roll over on his own. Young mothers will agree that the kids do it so masterly that even the most sensitive mother sometimes does not notice when her child has changed position and turned over on his stomach.

When the child has learned to roll over and make attempts to get up, the bumpers “help out” strongly, not allowing the baby to hit the wooden surface of the bed. Later, at the age of one and a half or two years, the bumpers also play an important role: they protect the baby from those blows during sleep, because most of the children now and then “spin” in their sleep.

Bumpers are not only protection against bruises, but also injurieswho are waiting for the child during his activity: children often push arms and legs into narrow holes between the slats, limbs, sometimes they get stuck there.

Boards as a decorative element of a children's bedroom: textiles of the same color and style are used to create the interior of a children's room, which allows you to achieve a cozy and homely space for your baby.

The canopy, as a continuation of the sides as a decorative element of the nursery, allows you to create a cozy and muted atmosphere in the crib. This item is especially important for a small apartment or a one-room apartment, when there is a bedroom, a living room, and a nursery in the same room.

A duet of sides and a canopy creates an environment conducive to sleep: they smooth out noises and allow heat to remain within the bed of a baby. During sleep, the child will feel protected due to the sides and the canopy, and while awake, just lift the canopy and allow the open spaces of the bed to “air out”

Especially girls so love the bumpers at an older age - from one and a half years.Little princesses appreciate the cozy space of their room.

The sides and canopy do not allow dust to settle on the bed of a child.

The sides for the crib are not only a safe and decorative element, but an educational addition: young children love to look at bright pictures, and these, in turn, serve as an additional object for the infant’s close attention and development even while lying in the crib. When choosing the sides give preference to bright and contrasting colors instead of faded and unsightly textiles from the inside of the bed. By the way, the sides are often bilateral: with an interesting pattern inside and laconic from the outside.

Reviews on the children's side there are a variety of; moms who created the original interior of the crib space do not cease to admire flat-shaped textile cushions; The parents are especially pleased with the bumpers that often leave the baby in the crib, even if grown up and a little more independent. Those mothers who rarely leave a child in their own bed and practice sleeping together on a large bed (parent)they do not see the special advantages of the bumpers, noting that it would be worth spending the budget on a more useful purchase.

Types of bumpers

Soft sides differ from each other in design, shape, number of bumpers in the kit, type of filler, method of attachment. Let's talk about the differences in their form; There are square side-cushions and elongated rectangular variants. Rectangular textile accessories are usually standard and fit to the walls of the crib so that they completely close, do not form "gaps" Square bumpers can be combined and selected in accordance with the size of the crib, all of a sudden, is it non-standard?

There are original solutions for children's bumpers in the form of animals and fairy-tale characters, geometric shapes and other symbols. These sides are well combined with square ones, which allow those to “fit” into the general environment.

Kits for children are different in content: there are kits on all 4 walls of the crib, there are only 2. The active kids need protection from all sides of the bed, but can you guess what the baby will be like if the purchase is made long before the birth?

In terms of their thickness, the sides are also different, and the filler and its quantity play a large role in this. For newborns, it is common to choose flat bumpers in order to leave more free space; for older children, you can choose curvaceous side pillows to use even for a chair or chair.

Type of filler

Any sides have an internal filler, and almost all of them are of artificial origin.

Sintepon - the leader among fillers; it is inexpensive, easy to maintain, or care; it has the ability to dry quickly and recover after washing.

Foam rubber - the analog of the first material possessing the same characteristics. Both he and the other filler are often located in a separate pillow, over which the cover is put on, it is also removed for washing or replacement.

Fayber - more expensive synthetic material for filling of sides for a children's bed. In terms of its texture, it is more dense and voluminous; it is used to fill pillows for both newborns and grown-up children.

Natural fibers like wool - an infrequent visitor among the fillers for the sides.Such fibers retain heat well, but can cause allergies in the baby.

Top material

The outer material of the sides should be of natural origin, easy to clean and resistant to all kinds of mechanical stress. The ideal choice would be fabrics like coarse calico, cotton, bikes, calico, flannels, synthetic fabrics should be excluded - they inhibit air circulation and may cause allergies in the baby.

It is important that the material of the top is pleasant for the skin of the baby and his parents; he also has a drawing or a pattern so that the smartest kid can look at the textile accessories interestingly.

We select the size

The sizes of the sides are determined by their height and length in most cases. Low bumpers are suitable for a newborn child who is starting to get acquainted with a new world for him; It is important for the baby to see the mother and feel her presence, so low sides will be an excellent choice. High bumpers will be appropriate when the child has become more active: they protect against bruises and injuries when the baby starts to sit down or stand up independently.

The width of the sides is determined individually in accordance with the width and length of the bed. Standard sizes of classic wooden beds for newborns: 80-95 cm long, 45-50 cm wide. Match the size of the sides to your baby bed model.

In a round or oval bed, pick up special sides that have tucks for this type of bed and exactly match its size. The height of such sides usually does not exceed the height of the bed wall, often equal to it. In an oval bed, the sides-pillows and rectangular products that are not too bulky will be equally suitable so as not to conceal the sleeping space of the baby.

Attachment to the bed

Attaching the side to the crib is another important point to ensure safety: it is important that the bumpers are securely fastened. There are such fastening methods as: Velcro, locks, ties, buttons, hooks or buttons.

For newborns and toddlers, the best choice would be such a mount that is unnoticeable at first glance: locks, ties, velcro, sturdy buttons or hooks.The main thing is that a developing baby cannot tear off a button or hook: a child can easily choke or get hurt by similar fittings.

How to choose a color

The choice of design of the sides is based on the preferences of parents and the thoughtful design of the nursery, the area where the bed for the newborn will be located. The variety of colors of children's textiles is so huge that sometimes makes the future mother devote a lot of time for the right choice.

For a small apartment, where the parental bedroom and the nursery are combined, select neutral shades with an unobtrusive pattern so as not to focus attention on the children's zone of space. If the nursery is located in a separate room, then it is rational to choose the shades and the style of the sides to all textiles: bedding and even curtains.

Beautiful sides on the bed will look concisely in combination with something in the room, neutral bumper shades (white sides, beige, lemon, peach, pink, blue) for boys or girls will fit almost any interior, and educational toys will help to diversify them. - soft, for example.

For boys, it is customary to select the color of the rim blue or blue, gray, brown, turquoise, and as a pattern textiles with owls, a ship and other marine themes are selected; for girls traditionally choose stylish pink shades, lace sets and exclusive sets. By the way, a set of classic or unusual skirts with owls, stars, floral print and bed linen in the same style significantly reduces the time and effort to find a concise and original filling of the crib.

Fashionable and unusual bumpers look modern, and a set of bumpers can serve as an excellent gift.

The color of the sides for the crib is selected, as well as the bed linen: their format, design, color range almost always coincide and harmonize with the general concept of the room. Such a rule is not necessary for execution, it is quite possible to afford to buy contrasting bed linen and bumpers, it is important to observe combinations of at least one shade and style decision.

Care rules

In order for the bumpers to retain their functionality and attractive appearance for a long period, it is worthwhile to provide them with proper and timely care.It is good if the pattern of fabric on the sides allows you to mask small stains and dirt, which will allow you to wash textile supplies less often: this will become a guarantee of long service.

What to do with dust, it settles on children's supplies and requires timely removal? Wash the sides, or rather their removable covers, a couple of times a month, and more often, but not less, especially in the period of infancy of the child.

Wash the sides should be with the use of powders for babies: without dyes and fragrances, which will avoid additional stress on the respiratory system of the baby and his health. Ironing of the sides is another mandatory element in the care of textile accessories: hot steam disinfects the fabric and gives it a neat shape.

By the way, it’s better to dry the freshly washed sides in the open air: open the window a bit if it is drying in the room or send a drying board to the balcony. It is important to avoid getting on the sides of street dirt.

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