Bed for a girl of 10 years

In order for a child to grow up healthy, cheerful and sociable, not only parental love and attention are important, but also many other factors that influence its development. And this and proper nutrition, and compliance with the daily routine, and properly chosen leisure, and sports, and healthy sleep. By the way, about a dream: it should be not only healthy, but also comfortable. And for this today there are all possibilities.

Modern designers have developed many interesting, unique bed options for girls of 10 years. In order for the little princess, as her parents affectionately call her, to rest and gain strength correctly, you should make the right choice when buying a children's bed.

We approach the choice wisely

First of all, it is worth discussing where exactly a bed will be set for a 10-year-old girl - by the window, by the wall, or there will be heating devices nearby. The best option is near the window, but at some distance from it, so that the child does not blow through the draft.

Pay attention to the size of the bed. Will it be big or is it enough to limit one and a half sleeping option? Should I choose the option with bedside tables, poufs, or will it be a complex design construction of a two-tier style? Is it possible to have a bed with secret drawers and compartments for laundry, or is it not necessary?

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Of wood

Children's beds should be made of the best and quality materials. The most faithful of them is wood. If the bed for a girl of 10 years is made of alder, natural pine or birch - it means that your child is lucky, because such raw materials are environmentally safe. It is natural, serves for a long time and fits perfectly into any interior.

Do not forget about the safety of your child - good children's beds should not have sharp protrusions, corners and other features that can injure.

Choosing the right mattress

But not only the parameters of the bed and the materials from which it is made are important when choosing this piece of furniture. She needs the right mattress. It should be with a high or medium degree of rigidity, made of quality materials, with a height of 20 centimeters. This mattress allows you to properly form the spine and posture.The cost of such a mattress on average is from 6 thousand rubles.

Single bed

This is the classic version of a bed for a girl of 10 years. Its length is up to 180 centimeters, which means that furniture can be used “for growth”. The single bed will perfectly fit into any interior. And even in the smallest room, the size of which does not exceed 12 meters, she will find a place.

The style of this bed is very conservative - the wooden structure on the legs is provided with backs, sometimes there are drawings, clippings, applications on them. But it can be decorated with a bright colorful bedspread, soft toys, seated in a row. Single beds are usually very strong and can withstand a weight of up to 100 kilograms.

The magic of bed design ideas

If you have financial opportunities, a bed for a girl of 10 years old can be turned into a multifunctional design. The bed itself can become the base, and the rest of the details - the annex to it. It can be furniture with drawers for clothes or toys built into the bottom. Or a canopy bed.

The most popular are multifunctional models. For example, two-level design.On the second “floor” there is a bed for a girl of 10 years old, the size of which is chosen individually. And the “first” floor is a working area: a desk for studies, a spacious wardrobe for clothes and books, shelves for decorations and pleasant trinkets.

You can buy such beds in specialized stores or make them to order, depending on financial possibilities.

Pleasant trifles

Great attention should be paid to small things - even in this design there are shelves for dolls, secret drawers for secrets, lockers for bows, hairbrushes. The size of such parts can be coordinated with the child. As the color scheme, which will be used for children's beds. Girls adore gentle pink, sunny yellow, cheerful emerald.

It should be remembered that excessively bright colors can irritate and not adjust to sleep.

Near the bed for a 10-year-old girl there can be a table with a mirror and drawers where combs and barrettes are stored. Let the young lady gradually get used to independently care for her hair before bed and morning.

If the boys like beds in the form of machines, then the girls are delighted with the bedroom furniture in the form of a fabulous carriage.Its dimensions may correspond to the parameters of the room. The side parts may be low - the sides simulate the walls of the carriage. And they can also be an integral design, which is a real carriage - with windows and an entrance. At night you can sleep in it and see beautiful dreams. And in the afternoon - climb inside and play.

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