Children's bed for a boy of 3 years

Choosing a baby bed is a big deal. A wide range of products, many designs, different materials of manufacture - parents all face this when choosing a children's bed for a boy of 3 years. The external simplicity of purchase is accompanied by pitfalls. Let's try together to figure out how to make the right choice.

The three-year milestone means a lot in a child’s life. During this period there are changes that make him a person. The transition from a children's bed to an adult bed is one of the most important events. Therefore, when choosing a bed you need to be guided by the age and sex of the child.

A new bed should ensure a peaceful sleep, not only for the baby, but also for the parents. Putting the child to sleep, moms and dads must be sure that nothing will happen to their child. Quiet baby sleep is a pledge of parents' sleep.

When buying a bed for children from 3 years should pay attention to such parameters.

  • Baby cot must be made from natural materials.Best if it is a tree. Everyone can find a budget version of wooden beds, and more expensive options. Wood cover material should also be designed for children. The baby will inhale the smell and even try on the tooth.
  • Children love not only to sleep in cots, but also to test their strength. A bed with a child’s easy feed turns into a trampoline, a defensive zone or a battlefield. Reliability of fastenings of a bed will secure the kid from troubles.
  • The size of the crib. The standard bed length is 190 cm. Agree, for a boy of 3 years is a lot. It is much more convenient for the child to be in a smaller bed. The ideal choice of the length of the bed is simple, add to the height of the child 40 cm. Optimally choose a bed 165x80 cm.
  • The mobility of children does not stop at night. The risk of falling out of bed is huge. Previously, the child was covered with pillows. Now it is much easier to deal with this. It is enough to buy a bed with sides to sleep well and not worry about the baby. You can choose the type of curb and manufacturing material by yourself.
  • In a children's bed, sharp corners should be smoothed. This will significantly reduce the injury of the child while playing in the bedroom.
  • Use the bed structure with maximum benefit.The drawers will fill the voids of the structure and perfectly solve the problem with a place for toys.

Bed bumpers

In the children's bed for a boy from 3 years old there must be boards. Without them, a bed for a boy of 3 years old will not be safe. There will always be a risk of falling while sleeping. The sides are of two types - removable and non-removable.

Removable sides are attached to the bed with bolts or grooves so that they are easy to dismantle when they are not needed by the child. It happens at the age of 8-9 years. Night falls stop, and the sides cease to play an important role.

Stationary bumpers can not be removed. They continue to design the bed. Most often they can be found on bunk beds.

The bumpers are:

  • on a soft basis;
  • on solid;
  • combined.

Soft side decoration rather than protection. They are made of foam rubber. Some soft sides are made of fabric stretched over the crib. These shoes are easily torn and can not withstand the weight of a falling child.

Solid sides are made from the same material as the bed itself. It is wood, plastic or metal. In order for the child to easily get air, the sides must be of the rack type, and not solid.The gap between the gaps is no more than 6 cm. So the baby will not be able to push any part of the body into the rail.

Hard sides do not allow the child to fall from the crib. During sleep, you can knock on this side. To do this, on the hard side hang a soft fabric protection, as in a crib.

The combined boards are made of a solid base covered with foam rubber and cloth. Such sides are not traumatic. They accumulate dust, which can cause allergies. Most often, these boards can be found in sofas, at least - in cribs.


For a long time the place of sleep for a 3-year-old boy has ceased to be just a cot with four legs and a mattress. The choice of beds is huge. Beds differ not only in the material of manufacture, but also in design. The size of the bed and its functionality must match the size of the bedroom. An oversized or oversized bed will look ridiculous in a small bedroom. Find the right option for you is not difficult.

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This option of the bed should be considered if there is more than one child in the house or a second one appears soon. The older child needs to take the upper place, and the smaller - the bottom.Choosing this type of bed, be sure to make sure that it was equipped with bumpers.

There are several types of such beds. It can be a classic bunk bed when the beds are under each other. Or a bed with a displaced or retractable bed. Whatever the bunk bed, its stairs should be comfortable, not cause concern and well fastened.


The best choice. This "smart" bed will grow up with the boy. Thanks to the slatted bottom, the bed can be lengthened as the child grows. The weak side of the bed is a mattress. It either comes with extra pillows, which is not very convenient, or you have (best of all) to buy a solid mattress each time based on the size of the bed. Spread the crib can from 125 to 200cm and stay with the child until adolescence.


Great for a boy of 3 years. It is safe, convenient. It is bought in small bedrooms, where there is little space. At night, this is a place to sleep, and in the daytime, the bed easily turns into a nightstand with drawers or a wardrobe.

Bed typewriter

This type of bed immediately attract your baby.After all, the varieties of cars, airplanes, ships or trains can be found many. Only one machine can choose from a sports car to all-terrain vehicle. The similarity with cartoon characters makes such cribs very attractive for children. Parents should remember that such a bed can quickly bother the child. And already at an older age, he does not want to sleep in it at all.

Bed complexes

These beds include not only a bed, but, for example, a place to study or relax. The bed is located much higher than regular beds. Free space from the bottom is used with maximum benefit. You can put a table there or attach a wall bars.

A child can get to bed using a ladder or a slide. Ladder steps are often equipped with drawers.

Children's sofas

Not only safe, but also attractive beds for kids. Thanks to the sublime soft headboard, the beds look like a sofa. They are soft, comfortable, easily transformed from a sofa into a cot. It can be just a folding sofa or a sofa toy.

Classic bed

Universality of this crib envy all previous options.They buy a classic bed for a child at the age of 3, and he can sleep in it until his youth. Often these beds are equipped with a variety of drawers. The side restraints can be easily removed, and the cot becomes teenage.

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