Cot for a newborn

Buying a crib for a newborn is a very important event for young parents. Despite all the prejudices, it is better to take care of the issue of choice before the birth of the child, because after that there will be no opportunity to make a deliberate weighted decision.

Security requirements and features of choice

The huge variety of cots is often confusing for parents. But when choosing, we should not forget that the bed for the baby should be first and foremost safe and practical.

Basic security settings:

  • the crib should not have sharp corners and protruding parts;
  • the distance between the bars of the side must be at least 6 cm and not more than 8 cm, otherwise the child will be stuck between them or may fall out;
  • the height of the bed in the maximum raised position should be at least 40 cm, in the maximum lowered - at least 65 cm. With a deeper position the child’s bed will be inconvenient to stack and remove.
  • All materials used in the manufacture must be environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. It is better to give preference to beds made of hardwood - beech, birch or maple. Soft pine wood, with all the positive characteristics, is easy to gnaw at the child and wrinkled from minor blows against the wall;
  • It is desirable that the upper level of the side was equipped with a silicone lining - protection against possible splinters and burglary.

To protect the child from strikes on the bars of the lattice or getting stuck in them, often soft curbs are used - foam lining in cases with bright patterns that are installed around the perimeter of the bed.

Cots for children are usually released without separation for girls and boys, therefore, choosing, in addition to the appearance, completeness and price, you should pay attention to such things as:

  • whether the function of regulation of the bed tilt angle is provided, since it is useful for the smallest to sleep not on a flat, but on a slightly inclined surface;
  • if the bed is a transformer, then is it supplied with a limiter - a metal or wooden plank, which is installed at the edge of the bed when the side is lowered.This detail is very useful when the child is older;
  • Is it possible to install in this model a heated mattress that is useful for children with low body weight?
  • whether it is possible to put the bed in a fixed position - remove the runners, wheels, or block the pendulum, which will be necessary when the child no longer needs to be rocked;
  • Is it possible to safely install a bedside lamp in the crib or next to it, ensuring a quiet sleep of the child in the first months of life?


There is a wide variety of types of cots, and each has its own pros and cons. But a large selection allows you to find a model that is best suited for each family.


This model is a small bed on the runners, allowing you to gently rock the child. It is distinguished by its small size - the child can sleep in a crib for no more than six months. Currently, there are cradles with an electronic system of motion sickness, controlled from a distance using the remote control.


The classic cradle, in the form of a suspended bed, fastened to the ceiling with ropes or chains, is nowadays quite rare due to its high cost and impracticality.Much more often the cradle is found in the form of a bag-carrying, like a stroller module used to carry a child. Also relevant is a portable car carrier that is installed both in the car and in a wheelchair.

Recently, eco-cradles woven from wicker have become fashionable. Their undoubted advantage is lightness and good ventilation. This option is convenient to use in the summer at the cottage.

Classic wood

The most simple and familiar model of the bed. When choosing, one should pay attention to the species of the tree from which it is made and the paintwork. Experts recommend to give preference to beds made of hardwood - oak, beech, maple, birch, covered with a small layer of eco-friendly, child-friendly lacquer.

For the youngest children, especially those born with a weight of less than 3 kg, it is important to put a cocoon in the bed - an ergonomic mini-mattress, enveloping the child from all sides, taking the shape of his body. Such a device will allow you not to swaddle the baby and at the same time keep it at rest in a natural, “physiological” position.

Rocking chair

A cot, to the legs of which narrow skids are attached along the longitudinal or transverse side, therefore, it swings like a rocking chair.The model is very unstable, and is suitable for rocking only the youngest children. As soon as the child learns to get up, it becomes not safe to use it. Well, if this model has the function of permutation on wheels.


The model most suitable for smooth rocking of the child. There are a large number of diverse pendulum mechanisms, but all of them are divided into two types - transverse and longitudinal. If necessary, the pendulum can be blocked with plugs or completely removed and put the bed on the legs or on the runners. There are also automatic pendulums that are controlled remotely.


The most multifunctional type of cribs. There are several types:

  • folding, very compact bed, if necessary, retractable in a closet or rising to the wall;
  • loft bed, very comfortable for schoolchildren. It is a furniture group with a workplace, a chest of drawers, and a sleeping place located above the table;
  • transforming bed with an added dresser and boxes below. When the child grows up, the dresser can be moved aside and make the bed larger.The online store "Ship" presents a large number of models of these beds with drawings, which makes it easy to determine the appropriate size for the room.

In the shape of an oval

Such beds appeared relatively recently. They are distinguished by a stylish design and safety due to the fact that they have no sharp and protruding parts. Usually it is a transforming bed 8 in 1, with a changing table. As the child grows, it can be transformed from a cradle with a pendulum into a crib with an adjustable bottom position, and then into an arena, sofa, table and armchair at the expense of sliding walls. This saves a lot of space and money, and the only disadvantage of such a design is that the design can get annoying for a long service life.


Without a single side wall or with a removable wall that allows you to move it to the bed of parents. The bedside model is approved by child psychologists, as it gives the child a sense of security, from being around the mother, and is also useful for the mother, since she does not have to constantly get up and walk to the child.


Iron cot is used, as a rule, in medical institutions.A mobile model with a removable plastic hood can often be found in modern maternity homes. It is convenient and safe to move newborns in them.

Conventional metal models on wheels are also popular. The first thing that characterizes them is reliability and long service life.

Sofa bed

A great option for furniture for an older child, which allows to save a lot of space and money. Like a sofa bed for adults, various transformation mechanisms are possible - book, pull-out and others.

Design and accessories

Arranging a baby cot is one of the most enjoyable activities of the expectant mother. It all starts with the purchase of a mattress, bed linen and blankets.

Experts recommend purchasing an orthopedic mattress of medium hardness. Recently, eco-mattresses from coconut are popular due to their hypoallergenic and service life up to 3-4 years. It will not be superfluous to get an oilcloth mattress cover clinging to the corners of the mattress with rubber bands - this will preserve its appearance and will save you from frequent drying.

Bed linen must be made of natural materials - cotton or chintz, and not moulting.A warm blanket should not be heavy and with a hypoallergenic filler. Of natural, bamboo and eucalyptus are best, of synthetic - holofiber. If you have a bed with bottom drawers, then store linen, spare blankets and diapers, it is most convenient in them.

You don't need a pillow for a baby, just put a folded diaper under your head, but you can buy a pillow-cushion and put it under your side so that the baby does not roll over and sleep on its back - this is not useful for the first months of life.

They usually attach a mobile to the crib - an arc with toys-pendants that will slowly swing and entertain the baby. Mobiles are musical or with a built-in nightlight. Often the toys are the month and the stars, the sun and the flowers, but mobiles with bears, elephants and birds are no less popular. You can make an original, for example braided, mobile with their own hands. A homemade mobile with origami toys will look beautiful and stylish.

In recent years, children's night-light projectors with pictures have become fashionable. They can project various images onto the ceiling or white wall - stars, Disney cartoon characters, views of the ocean and much more.Conventional projectors have the shape of a ball and are attached to the side of the crib, but there are also unusual ones, in the form of a soft toy - such can be placed side by side on the nightstand or put together with the baby.

Often the bed is made with a canopy or a valance. Podzor - lace or folded frill, descending from the mattress to the floor, performs a purely decorative function. It can be done if the bed is on wheels. If you have a transforming bed with shelves, a rocking chair or with a removable wall, the valor will only interfere.

A canopy or canopy, in addition to the decorative function, protects the child from bright light, from dust and drafts, from prying eyes. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the material - it must be hygroscopic, hypoallergenic and moderately dense. The optimal length of the canopy is up to the middle of the side of the crib, since too short will fly apart, and too long will interfere. Lacy canopies with a corner are very popular - they are beautiful, the most practical, and you can both buy them in a store or do it yourself.

In addition, the bed can be decorated with rattles. It is good to use a bright rattle stretching from the side to the side, but it should be easily removed so as not to disturb the child from falling asleep

For a newborn baby it is important that there are many contrasting colors in the crib or on the walls next to it, because the first weeks of life the child’s vision is not yet focused. Bright spots will help him quickly get used to and begin to distinguish between objects. Therefore, if you decide to design a cot in white or pastel colors, put bright toys or small colored pillows into it.

How much is

The cost of the bed depends on many factors: model, size, configuration, material, country of origin. The most budgetary option is an ordinary wooden cot of domestic production from birch or maple. The price for them starts from 2-2.5 000 rubles. And if you make such a bed yourself, then its cost price will be even lower.

More expensive rocking beds - from 4 000 rubles. and pendulum beds - from 4 500-5 000 rubles.

Cradles and cradles are of low popularity due to the relatively high price - from 7 500-8 000 rubles. with a short period of operation - up to six months.

The price tag on the attached model is 4 500-5 500 rubles.

The most expensive oval beds are 8 in 1 (from 10,000 rubles) and transforming beds (from 9,000 rubles), but considering their functionality, prices are quite reasonable.

Prices for imported beds are largely dependent on the brand.So the beds of the Italian company Sweet Baby are not significantly different in price from the Russian ones. For example, a pendulum cot of this brand can be purchased for 5,500 rubles, and an oval cot for 12,000 rubles. But at the same time, the prices for the same models from the brands Irbesi or Pali start at 15,500 rubles. and can reach 40 000 - 50 000 rubles.

Manufacturers Rating

Traditionally, manufacturers of baby cots are headed by Italian companies such as Pali, Irbesi, Baby Italia and Bambolina. Their products are always distinguished by impeccable quality and stylish, sophisticated design. The bed size of the Italian beds is slightly larger than that of the Russian - 125 * 65 cm. The range includes both regular cribs and multifunctional transformers, as well as cradles and cradles, designed for real princes and princesses. The only disadvantage of these manufacturers is the high price, which is far from affordable for every family.

The list of domestic manufacturers, based on customer reviews, is headed by Fairy children's furniture factory. Bed prices start from the budget segment to the average. At the same time, parents note the strength and durability of structures, ease of use, safety, leave recommendations about the products they like.The model range is represented by birch beds on wheels and with pendulums in a wide color palette.

The beds of the company Kuban Lesstroy are in the price segment "medium" - "medium +". These are mainly rocking beds and pendulums with a spacious bottom drawer. Made of solid beech, the products fully meet the safety requirements and aesthetic criteria. Review review shows that most customers are satisfied, but many have difficulty with the assembly.

Firm Saturn, specializing in the production of wheelchairs, produces cribs, which do not leave indifferent any parent. Their main advantage is ease and mobility. And excellent quality guarantees a long service life.

The famous factory Gandylyan produces beautiful cots in the "medium +" segment. The model range is very various and covers almost all available types of beds. Each model is made in several colors - from milky white to dark walnut. The main material is beech.

Many buyers note the good quality of processing and polishing of wood, exquisite and concise design.But at the same time some complain about the unsuccessful design of removable side walls, fragile wheels and drop-down lower boxes.

The cots of the Papaloni factory are distinguished by their beautiful appearance and original design, such as, for example, the Maggy or Olivia models. But before you buy should pay attention to the reviews. Many parents write that the “average +” price segment does not correspond to the quality of the beds, there are a lot of minor flaws that create an overall unpleasant impression. However, it all depends on the specific product.

The Chinese company Geoby manufactures metal cribs, which are very popular in Russia. They received the love of their parents due to the high quality, reliability and safety of the structures (unlike wooden ones, they do not creak or shake anything) and beautiful design. Cots come with a mattress, soft curbs, a cradle and a canopy, and according to their color design they are divided into “for boys” and “for girls”.

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