Cot for newborns with canopy

Many parents to the appearance of the baby in the family are prepared in advance. They buy the necessary things, equip the children's room, make repairs and choose furniture. Particular attention should be paid to the place to sleep. A cot for newborns with a canopy - a great solution for the bedroom.

What is a canopy for?

The canopy is not just an element of decor, but also a very functional part of the crib. Here are its main advantages:

  • creates a personal space for the baby, especially if there is no separate room for the nursery
  • scatters bright light from sunlight and electric light
  • muffles ambient sounds
  • does not pass insects, protecting from bites
  • does not let through drafts during airing
  • does not allow dust to sit on the baby
  • hides the newborn from prying eyes

In such a bed is very comfortable. Parents can go about their business without disturbing the child’s daytime sleep.The curved canopy baby will be perceived as a signal to start sleeping. This will help to spend less time laying.

If the house has pets, then the canopy is a must. He will not let in wool, which inevitably flies in the air.

In addition, the canopy over the crib looks very beautiful. Especially important for girls, because mothers want to instill a sense of beauty from birth.

How to choose?

Canopies differ in the following characteristics:

  • material
  • length
  • type of attachment
  • colors

When choosing a canopy for children's bedrooms, you must use only natural fabrics. Unlike synthetic, they are perfectly breathable and will not create discomfort.

The material may be dense or airy. For the first use of such fabrics as chintz, flax, satin. For the second choose tulle, silk or organza.

The accessory made of dense fabric will help to dispel sunlight during the daytime sleep, warm in cool weather, protect it from unwanted noise. Good for rooms with windows overlooking a busy street, the roadway. Indispensable if the bed is in the bedroom of the parents.

However, in summer weather it will be hot under it. In the summertime, use a canopy of lightweight fabrics. It will protect against insects and dust that falls from the street.

If you can not decide on the choice of fabric, you can purchase a two-layer model. The bottom layer will be transparent and airy, the top one will be more dense.

The length of the canopy are:

  • long
  • middle length
  • short

The long ones are not particularly practical, because they can be confused. More cloth collects more dust. Averages are more popular. Their length reaches the middle of the mattress. This is enough to create a barrier against the external environment, and does not interfere with the wet cleaning under the bed. Short models, as a rule, are not functional, serve only for beauty.

Mounting options

According to the method of attachment, there are three types:

  • the fabric is fixed at one point, it covers the whole sleeping place
  • the canopy covers only the head of the bed
  • fabric fastens on the frame located around the perimeter

Consider each of the methods in more detail.

In the first case, all the material is collected on the frame in the form of a circle or square. With the help of a long stick, this design is attached to the side of the bed.It is also possible to mount directly to the ceiling.

This design is suitable not only for newborns, but also for children of any age.

For older children is more suitable option canopy, covering only part of the bed. The same frame is used as in the first case, but it is attached at the headboard. This canopy protects the sleeper from bright rays and other stimuli without protecting the child from the outside world.

If the space of the room allows, then install a canopy with a mount around the perimeter of the bed. This type of canopy is often called royal. In the corners are installed racks that hold the frame with curtains. This accessory will successfully complement the design of the bedroom, especially for the girl.

Color selection

The material should choose soft shades, so as not to disturb the calm of the child before bedtime. Also, the colors should be combined with the interior and color of bed linen.

Most parents believe that it is necessary to choose pink shades for girls, and blue for boys. But do not dwell only on these colors. Modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of soothing colors.

White color - the most winning option. It is perfect for both boys and girls. The fabric can be decorated with various applications. Butterflies and flowers can create a fabulous atmosphere in the bedroom.

When choosing jewelry for curtains worth remembering that they are subject to frequent washing and ironing. Therefore, you should not use applications with rhinestones, sequins and feathers. For decoration, it is better to use satin ribbons and lace.

If you choose a fabric with a pattern, then there is no need for its additional decoration. It is enough to choose a suitable style.


Along with the virtues, canopies have some drawbacks. It is worth knowing about them, choosing this accessory for children's bedrooms.

  • collects on itself all the dust that does not fall into the crib
  • requires frequent washing along with other household textiles
  • has a high cost due to the large amount of fabric used
  • with improper attachment, the entire structure may collapse on the child who has played.

Canopy do it yourself

The cape can be made with your own hands. It does not require you to special skills.

It will take:

  • lightweight fabric
  • ribbons
  • large wooden frame as frame
  • hook, for hanging
  • thread, needles, scissors

Collect all the curtains on the hoop, fasten them with a needle and thread, decorate with ribbons along the edges. Fasten the hook over the place where the bed will be. Hang the frame on the hook. Done!

Creating a canopy on your own, you can choose the fabric of the desired color, which easily fits into children's furniture, curtains and wallpaper color.

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