Double children's bed

With the birth of their second child, many parents think how to arrange furniture in one room so that there is room for sleeping, for games, and for the desktop, if at least one of the children is a schoolboy.

The most popular way is a double children's bed. There are several varieties of them.

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In such a bed, one berth is pushed out from under the other by means of a withdrawable mechanism.


  • Practicality. Due to the high-grade bed, children can sleep on it almost from birth until graduation.
  • Space saving. The arrangement of the beds one above the other ensures the availability of free space in the room, which can be used as a platform for games or placed on it additional furniture - a wardrobe or a desk.
  • Mobility design. These models of retractable beds are equipped in such a way that they can be assembled according to several schemes: either one above the other or parallel to each other - depends on the specific model and manufacturer.
  • Easy operation. In the very construction of such models there is nothing supernatural, everything is extremely accessible and understandable. If necessary, the lower bed can be disassembled, and the free space can be filled with storage boxes. You can order them from the manufacturer of the bed or make them yourself.
  • Functionality. A pull out bed not only saves space. It can also be additionally equipped with drawers for storing bedding, toys or underwear.
  • Security. Beds have a balanced base. They will not turn over and not loosen. In this regard, in such designs there is no need for additional amplification. In addition, there are options equipped with special protective bumpers that do not allow the child to fall. In the pull-out beds, there are no stairs that are dangerous for children, which makes it not traumatic, even for toddlers.
  • Species diversity. Many manufacturers produce models of pull-out beds with different designs.
  • No sense of rivalry. As practice shows, children are constantly fighting for the top floor.This is especially pronounced in children with a small difference in age. These beds have a slight difference in height, which is very convenient for children - after the weather or twins. Beds located close to each other will allow children not to be separated even for the night and to be secret before going to bed.


These are beds with second floor. They are suitable, first of all, for children of different sexes or with a big difference in the age when each of them needs a personal space.

When choosing a bunk bed, pay attention to some features of this design:

  • Both beds should be at some distance from each other.
  • Separate "entrance" to the second tier. The ladder should be located in such a way that when climbing up one child does not have to disturb the lower territory of the other.
  • The optimum height. When the child is sitting on the lower bed, he should not rest his head on the upper floor.

A variety of bunk models makes it possible to choose the best combination of price, quality and functionality of beds. In the furniture market there are beds with the functions of a sports trainer or a playground.They can be equipped with several ladders, gymnastic apparatus, rings, slides and other game accessories.

Also available in models where the lower bed has a double berth. This is very convenient when the baby is still learning to fall asleep on its own and requires someone to lie down before bed. Later, the child can lay his favorite stuffed toy on this place.

Transforming beds

Furniture that can be converted from one object to another is called a transformer. The bed a transformer possesses at the same time several functions. For example, 2-storey beds can have a built-in wardrobe or chest of drawers for children's things. Or the second floor can be removed and unfolded two beds in the form of a corner.

This option is used when there is enough space for this in the nursery or another sleeping place is planned for a third baby. In this case, it is possible to add already existing modules with additional elements in the form of a cot for a baby, a changing table or a chest of drawers.

You can also modify the first floor, when the lower bed is transformed into a desktop for the student, and the upper one remains unchanged.These beds are also called "bed - attic." A folding sofa can also act as a lower bed. This is a very convenient guest option, as well as for children who are sleeping restlessly and constantly turning over in their sleep.


Another type of bed - Transformer - folding beds. As a rule, these are two autonomous beds located in two floors. Double folding beds are united by a common body in which they fold. They can be built into the wardrobe or in other furniture. In the afternoon, both beds are cleaned in a box, freeing up the space of the room.

This type of furniture is not too popular in our country. One of the possible reasons lies in the unusualness of this design. A regular fixed bed or folding sofa often serves not only as a place to sleep, but in children it is often the center of the play area, where they like to have fun, jump and have a pillow fight. And if the bed is removed in a box, the children will have nowhere to play.

Some foreign firms - manufacturers offer the option of lifting the bed complete with a wardrobe and a compact mini-couch, on which the child can take a break in the daytime.The decision on whether to purchase a stationary two-story bed or a folding bed - a transformer, each family decides on the basis of individual needs and financial capabilities. All options have their strengths and weaknesses.

How to choose

When buying a bunk bed, you should think: is it too high for the child and is it safe enough, does it have bumpers and how reliable are they. It is advisable to let the children try to climb the stairs when buying and check how comfortable it is, whether the steps are slipping, whether it is comfortable to hold on to the railing.

Fittings must be of high quality and reliable. All mechanisms should work silently. Sliding elements should move easily so that the child can handle them. Spending once on a good quality furniture, you will save more: you do not have to change it in a few months - it will serve you more than one year.

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