Children's bunk transforming bed

Small areas of apartments and children's rooms make parents experiment with furniture, save space and choose multifunctional models. An interesting and practical solution will be a children's bunk transforming bed.

Features and benefits

The absolute and main advantage of a children's bunk bed is the ability to occupy one bed with a convenient arrangement of two children. In addition, many older children just adore the top floor, because there you can feel your own space, think about the past day and be completely protected from your little brother or sister.

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A bunk bed is also convenient in terms of cleaning, because many kids do not like to spend their time on it, which, you see, you can spend much more fun. All bunk options, in addition to folding models, it is enough to cover with a veil, and a neat look is ready.

If desired, the upper bed can be completely removed or divided into two equal beds. This is very convenient at the time of adaptation of the child, as well as if after the purchase it turned out that the baby is still scared to sleep alone at the top.

In addition to savings in the amount of one bed, many bunk transforming beds are additionally equipped with a desk, lockers, chairs and even a slide. At the same time, all baby things are stored in one place, which is very convenient in a one-room apartment when you want to equip an individual place for each family member.


Bunk furniture is different in appearance and functionality. They should be selected depending on the area of ​​the nursery and the availability of other furniture.

Bed + wardrobe + table

Not every bunk bed is designed for two kids. There are transformers, aimed primarily at saving space. So, the “bed + wardrobe + table” design has two parts:

  • stationary;
  • movable.

The stationary part of the design has in its arsenal a cabinet or shelves at the request of the customer. The movable element contains a bed transformable into a desk.Surprisingly, today on the desk you can set the monitor in a fixed position, which greatly facilitates the process of cleaning.

In addition, in some models designed for one child, the sleeping place is transferred to the top, at the bottom there is a zone for games and work. So, a table on wheels can easily move away from the structure, move around the room, and if necessary be cleaned and completely invisible.


Today, designers have improved the design of the “wardrobe + bed + table” for one child in a model for two children. The second bed here is conveniently located on the roof of the cabinet. This is an amazing way to save space, however, the child at the top is not in a very advantageous position. For example, if the height of the cabinet is sufficient, the child on the upper tier can only feel comfortable lying down. When choosing this option, it is important to correlate the size of the bed with the height of the ceiling.

There are other models created specifically for the parents of two children with a small age difference. The upper tier is designed for an older child and presents a classic look of a bunk bed.The bottom part is a crib, suitable for a baby birth. In addition, a chest of drawers is equipped at the bottom, which is removed as the newborn grows and the bed becomes longer. As psychologists say, this option allows you not to separate the older child from the mother and smooth out the stress from the appearance of the second baby in the family.

If the high sides of the bunk bed are important for the kids, then for older kids it fades into the background. The main thing is becoming a stylish look of the nursery, its comfort. A two-tier transforming sofa is a godsend for parents of younger children.

When folded, the design is no different from the classic comfortable and soft sofa, while unfolded, you can see a vertical steel ladder and sturdy metal fastenings.

The fear of some children to sleep at a height is a real problem that parents sometimes have to face after buying a bed. However, this is not a reason to abandon space saving designs. Today, furniture manufacturers have invented a safe design that is permitted in kindergartens - half-tier or pull-out beds.The lower berth here rolls out from under the upper one. However, they also have a disadvantage, so the mechanisms can not withstand the load from overly active guys who love to jump on their beds.


However, for some rooms and the installation of bunk beds significantly eats space, leaving the minimum area for the playing area. In such cases, help come folding beds or bed-wardrobe.

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With the help of a folding mechanism, the sleeper rises to the wall during the day, occupying a vertical position and representing an array of drawers or mirrors. As a rule, on the sides of the beds, the bed is equipped with spacious wardrobes and shelves for convenient placement of things for babies.

Manufacturers brought the folding models to perfection, because today they are more popular than ever. Their fastenings are durable, and the structures are not afraid of loads. Their cost is much higher than the usual two-tier models.

Nevertheless, folding beds cause parents and some doubts. For example, there is a fear that the bed in an upright position will fall on the child, unable to bear the load.Manufacturers assure the strength of the models, provided the location of the bed at the main bearing wall.

Save, deciding to buy this practical option is not worth it. The fact is that substandard furniture may eventually begin to loosen and creak.

Popular models

It is not surprising that in a wide variety of models, parents can easily get confused. Some options are very popular and become the choice of a huge number of moms and dads.

Carina Suite

Carina Suite - a classic bunk transforming bed. Its design consists of two sections, which allows, if desired, to turn the bunk version into two full beds. Bumpers are removed at the same time.

Speaking of size, it is worth noting the impressive width and length of the berth. So, with a length of two meters, the width is 90 cm. Thus, even an adult can easily fit in a sleeping place. This factor is especially important when adapting a child to a bunk bed, as well as for the design of the children's room of a teenager. In the complete set you can see the upper and lower high sides, made in the form of rails, a vertical ladder and lower drawers of shallow depth.

Owners of the model are happy with their purchase, however, it is advised to use it for older children, because the vertical ladder is dangerous for kids. In addition, the model is made in the style of minimalism, which can bore the kids, but please with their calm and neutral adolescents.


The transforming bed "Duet" is performed by manufacturers in several trim levels and is a half-tier model. Unlike the Duet-2 bed and other options, the model with the number 8 has small drawers at the bottom of the upper and lower berths, and a comfortable sloping staircase and chest of drawers.

The length of the bed is 185 cm and the width is 75 cm. It is perfect for teenagers. At the head of the upper bed, solid rims reach their maximum height, at the feet they drop to the minimum point. The lower berth is equipped with a removable side, moving along the rails depending on the location of the baby.

Duo users point out the pros and cons of the design, while the pros are actually much greater. So, using the model does not have to deal with the fear of children to sleep at a height.The convenience of the stairs with limiters on the sides provides a safe descent even in a half-asleep state. Shelves under the upper and lower places allow you to divide the things of children, providing for each individual space. The cost of the model is relatively low.

The disadvantages include some lack of thoughtfulness of the joints between the upper and lower berth. Caring mothers cover them with rollers from blankets, protecting the head of the child lying below from blows in his sleep.


A practical and original solution for those who want to stylishly equip not only a bedroom, but also a play area will be a children's transforming bed "Friends".

The upper berth is a stationary fixed part, the lower one is easily transformed into a lovely gazebo with mini-sofas. How does this happen?

The berth, located below, is divided into three parts. The central part rises, forming a table, and pillows from this zone become comfortable soft backs for sofas.

The bed "Friends" is made of environmentally friendly material solid pine. Such a decision determines the high quality and beauty of the whole structure.

The sleeping places of furniture vary and can be 80 cm or 90 cm by 190 cm. This parameter should be chosen in accordance with the size of the child’s room, as well as the age of the children.

Interesting solutions in the interior

The two-section transforming bed with the ability to install the beds separately fits perfectly into the children's room in the style of minimalism.

A folding bunk bed with soft sides and a rich shade of bed linen makes the children's room bright and stylish.

The two-bed double bed "Duet-8" allows you to distribute the things of the kids in a small occupied space. The shade of bleached oak in combination with wenge will suit almost any interior of the children's room.

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