Bunk beds for boys

It happens that in the presence of two children in the family there is no possibility to settle them in separate rooms. Then everyone needs their own place in the same room, but they still need to somehow save space: the two beds will occupy a large area, and it should be enough for sleeping and for games. In such a situation, a functional solution will come to the rescue — a bunk bed.

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Features and benefits

Bunk beds are the most convenient option for a small room with two boys, because this bed has several important advantages:

  1. Security. The design may not seem quite safe, but it is a delusion. With the right choice, the height of the bed will not be so large that the child gets injured when falling, and to avoid falling, all beds of this kind are equipped with side walls, which guarantees a protected sleep for the child.
  2. Functionality. Such a bed saves space, not only by combining two beds, but also containing a wardrobe, desk, shelves, drawers, etc.
  3. Attractiveness. Children love bunk beds, so there is no reason to buy it only in a small nursery. And if the bed is made in the form of, for example, a spacecraft, then it will be not only a comfortable sleeping place, but also an additional playing space.
  4. Personal space. Everyone sometimes wants to be alone, and children are no exception. Even in a small room, such a bed will be able to provide each child with a place where he can retire and do things.
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There are many types of bunk beds, they are easy to choose for every taste, wallet and area. There are several main types:

  • Plain bunk. Classic model: the beds are placed above each other, the ladder is attached to the structure. But you can't call this kind of boring, it can look diverse: in the form of two machines, a bus, a train, a multicolor, etc.
  • Two-storey with built-in furniture. It is also a convenient design that combines a sleeping place and other pieces of furniture: a wardrobe, a desk, storage boxes are built into a wide staircase, and drawers are under the bed.
  • Sofa transformer. It is suitable in case you need to save as much space as possible. Unfolded, this sofa will look like an ordinary two-level bed.Upper bed with sides, ladder built into the design. It should be noted that such sofas are of high quality and much cheaper than ordinary bunk beds.
  • Multifunctional cots. This model will definitely become the center of home life for boys. The bed has built-in drawers or a small chest of drawers, but in addition it is equipped with a play area: stairs, walls, ropes, swings, and even a slide, all of which can be built into this model. It exists in different designs, so the option where both beds will be in the form of cars is also possible.
  • Retractable. This two-level type is more like a sofa: the lower bed simply moves out from under the upper one, such a model is low, so a child of any age can sleep on the top shelf, also it is suitable for children who are afraid of heights.
  • Loft bed. Even if there is one boy in the house, he should not be denied a bunk bed. For such a case, there is a model of "attic", when the bed is located on the upper tier, and at the bottom is a workplace, shelves, wardrobe, bedside table or all together.
  • Folding. The essence of this model is that during the day the lower tier looks like a small sofa embedded in a functional wall, and the upper floor is disguised as a panel above the lower one.At night, this panel is gently lowered and provides another bed. It looks very stylish and comfortable to use.
  • Construction with lifting beds. This option is suitable for small premises, where space should be saved to the maximum. The mechanism is simple: a frame joins the wall to which the beds are fastened one above the other. After sleep, they just need to lift, and they will turn into a compact panel.


This is a very important detail, because it is necessary that when interacting with a berth, the boys get only pleasure, not diseases. Therefore, you must choose a quality material. Bunk beds are mainly made from:

  • Tree. Eco-friendly material that looks beautiful and will look organic in any interior. However, it is important to understand that saving money on a wooden bed will not work. If the price of such furniture is low, then it is either made of brittle softwood, or generally of poor quality. In this case, the bed will be shaky, the attachments are unreliable, in the end it will simply break, which will lead to unnecessary costs or even injury to children.
  • Chipboard. This material is in demand because of its cheapness. Nevertheless, you should not rejoice at its low cost, because DSP has a great fragility. Of course, the issue of weight is not critical when it comes to children, and yet the boys are very active, so this bed will quickly become unusable.
  • Plastic. It is mainly used for decorative parts. Favorite models of boys in the form of machines are often made of plastic and it is important to make sure of its quality. Models with plastic, like wood, cannot be cheap, as inexpensive plastic is a poor-quality plastic: it can emit an unpleasant smell or even have toxic impurities in its composition.
  • Metal. Perhaps the most suitable material for a two-level bed and for active children: it is durable, reliable, does not deform, does not burn, has hypoallergenic properties.

How to choose

When choosing a two-story place for sons to sleep, it will be useful to pay attention to some details, namely:

  1. If you plan to buy a bed for boys of different ages, it is best to choose it together, because desires can vary.When buying a more stringent option, the lower floor for the younger child can always be decorated independently.
  2. The bed for the smallest should not be high, the retractable option is most suitable. It is better if such a bed is equipped with folding sides so that in case of which the kids do not fall on the floor or on top of each other.
  3. For two children in a small room or in a small apartment, it will be best to use the most compact options, which during the day will turn into a sofa or panel, or vice versa, the largest transformer, because with it you can properly organize the space of the entire room a bed and a place to sleep and a play area, and storage space.
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Interesting solutions in interior design

Even among such original furniture as a bunk bed, many people want to find something very interesting. For particularly sophisticated buyers will be interested in the following design solutions:

  • Bed on chains. This solution is more suitable for teenagers than for small children. This bed will look bright, unusual and perfectly fit into a room in the style of rock or with a minimalist design.
  • Bed on the ropes. Something similar to the previous version, but this model will be more versatile and will appeal to both young boys and teenagers. Ideally, this two-story bed will look in a room in a pirate style.
  • Bed with curtains. This is an easy and economical way to provide children with a place where they can stay alone, and even decorate the bed with cute textiles.
  • Bed in the form of shelves. As a more complex option, a bunk bed can be arranged directly in the wall, if thickness permits, or make for this a false wall. This type looks original, but for a small room it will be generally perfect, since children will always have their own private closed space.
  • Eco-style bed. Very fashionable trend in interior design. A bed in this style will be natural, soothing colors, perhaps with floral ornaments. For young children, you can make whole jungles out of bed, making them decorated with vines and nets stylized as vegetation.


One of the important points in the manufacture of a bunk bed with your own hands is to determine the size.The bed size can be up to 200 cm to avoid a quick bed change.

The height of the bed should depend on the age of the children and the height of the ceiling. The distance between the tiers should be such that the child was comfortable to sit. The greater the distance from the upper tier to the ceiling, the better. If the bed is too close to the ceiling, the child may have nothing to breathe and move uncomfortably.

How to make

Now you can proceed directly to work on the bed. First a drawing is made. Next on the frame are marked places where there will be sleeping places. In the wooden parts of the drill holes are made. Next, the backs of berths are fastened to the legs with screws, the frames of the berths are fixed, the transverse bars of the upper and lower tiers are fastened. The frame is sheathed with boards. After this, the protective sides and a ladder are fastened to a convenient place.


Feedback on this type of bed is very controversial. On the one hand, many parents believe that this design is inconvenient and unreliable due to the fact that on the top floor is very hot, children often fall from above.On the other hand, there are a lot of positive reviews, which note that such beds really save a lot of space, that the protective sides are very high and the child cannot fall in any way, that they are safe and secure.

Also, parents write that the wide staircase is much more convenient and safer than a small and narrow one. Summarizing all reviews, we can say that the convenience and safety of a bunk bed depend on:

  1. The quality of the model.
  2. The correct choice of its height.
  3. Temperature conditions in the nursery.
  4. The optimum height of the protective sides.
  5. Width of the stairs.
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