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As long as a child grows in a family, all expenses for the acquisition of items necessary for its development, growth and well-being are always justified. The baby is important not only the love and care of parents, but also comfortable things that constantly surround him. Among them, and furniture - for example, a cot. The correct choice of this subject guarantee a healthy sleep, good rest, good mood and well-being.

By choosing a children's bed should be approached thoughtfully and wisely. A variety of models, materials, equipment, styles, design features - how not to get lost in all this diversity and choose for your child the very furniture that will satisfy both the possibilities of the wallet and the requirements for the quality of furniture? Let's start with the most important thing - the materials from which make good beds.

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Selection features

The most common materials used for the manufacture of baby beds are plywood, LSDP, metal, beech, MDF.Materials for the bed frame or other functional additions can serve as blanks from genuine leather or eco-leather, from palettes, plastic and other components. In some cases, when they decided to make a crib with their own hands, they use component parts from pallets, from furniture panels for work.

Cots made of natural materials - this is undoubtedly the best choice in favor of the child. A bed made of oak or beech, where natural leather or eco-leather is used as an additional material for decoration, is stylish, luxurious and very expensive. Such a choice is not always considered correct, because children grow up quickly and such a bed can last for a very short time. Therefore, the most popular raw materials are considered the most popular - laminated chipboard, or chipboard, medium density fiberboard, or MDF, plywood. And still the bed can be iron, and as though severely it would not sound, but the term of its operation can be infinite.

Most affordable

Cheap models of cribs are made of laminated chipboard, plywood, MDF. Chipboard - is, in fact, compressed wood chips.The advantages of these materials are that the finished structure is easy. It can be moved from place to place, it does not clutter the room. Another advantage - this material does not absorb moisture, it can be wiped with a damp cloth or even washed. And to this material indifferently include various insects, which are considered pests of furniture.

But chipboard, MDF has its drawbacks. For bonding pressed wood chips used special glue. Conventional speculation claims that it allocates harmful couples and they can adversely affect the health of both children and adults. Another point - sleeping designs from this raw material are often varnished. Vaporizing, it can cause allergic reactions.

Plywood is also in demand. From it pallets for a bed, frame parts are made. Plywood is used as the basis of the sides of the bed. This is a very comfortable and malleable material. For a children's bed, the density of plywood should be high enough, the greater the width of the material, the better. Plywood is a classic “screen” for a designer who is ready to put decorative drawings on it, small beautiful details, prints, if plywood is used to create boards and backs.

Iron children's bed - the traditional version, widely distributed during the Soviet era. Such sleeping designs were sold in stores. Metal perfectly serves, but at present its use is not so widespread, since it has been replaced by more modern, affordable and lightweight materials.

Baby bed do it yourself

Many parents, especially fathers, with the birth of a child develop their own hobby, and begin to make children's furniture with their own hands. In the course are suitable parts that seemingly re-use does not make sense. For example, the frame part of a baby bed can be made from pallets, from a furniture board or from a pallet. This is a natural wood, which after special treatment will be an excellent option for a good quality product. Pallets or pallets must be the same size.

Two is enough for the frame, rear back and side parts. First you need to make a sketch of the future bed, purchase accessories, mattress filler, upholstery fabric. The set of necessary tools is small - a good saw, drill, sandpaper to clean and polish the surface of the future bed.Having adjusted the parts to fit, they are fastened with screws and bolts.

Such products can be decorated with natural materials, using processed fancy tree branches, small hemp, which will serve as bedside chairs. You can use the remnants of leather goods - leather drapery boards will look elegant and noble. Due to the presence of imagination and the desire to make a child’s room special, unique and comfortable, you can come up with different models of a children's bed and use various and easily accessible materials for this.

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