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All parents are trying to make the nursery bright, cozy, and most importantly - comfortable. In search of the perfect arrangement of the room for your child, you can find a variety of furniture and design options. Today we will analyze one of the most compact and versatile options that your child will surely like. A wardrobe bed for a child, even in the smallest space, can work wonders. A children's corner in the form of a wardrobe bed is an economy of space and a wonderful setting for the development and creativity of your child.

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Features and benefits

Different models are presented in a variety of configurations. The cupboard can be located at the headboard or it can be on the side of the bed. For a small children's room, a wardrobe bed can be a real highlight. Very interesting model with a folding option, where the bed is removed and thereby free up space for games.For spacious rooms, designers have prepared options for the entire wall, which always looks spectacular and incredibly comfortable.

The case bed in the modern embodiment of designers are tremendous models of the most different styles and subjects. The furniture industry presents different options for boys and girls. A variety of color solutions can fit into any existing interior. Convenience and comfort are the factors that should prevail in the approach to a new purchase. When choosing such furniture, it is important to take into account the age category of the child, which is reflected in the size and style of the subject.


Imaginative options will allow you to choose a wardrobe bed in both small and large rooms. The same applies to taste, while creating modern models, designers tried to take into account the tastes of children and adults, which allows choosing the best option for everyone. Character and hobbies play an important role in the life of any child, so this factor should also be taken into account when preparing for a purchase. This may affect the functionality of the model or in the design. Consider the options in more detail, so that the purchase pleased you and the child.


One of the most common options is a wardrobe-bed with a folding bed. This allows you to functionally save space. The secret of this model is that during the day the sleeper is removed, turning into a beautiful element of the interior, and at night the child comfortably sleeps in the spacious bed. As a rule, the closet is located on the side or both sides of the bed. Ideal for small rooms and active children.

With cabinets downstairs

A bed with wardrobes downstairs is a great option in a minimalist style. It is very convenient to use lockers that are easy to put forward. Sometimes these models are accompanied by additional cabinets on the side, which adds convenience. A wardrobe bed with wardrobes at the bottom is perfect for kids, because everything you need for your mother is always at hand. Such models save space in the room, allowing the baby to sleep comfortably during the day.

For two

If you have two fidgets get along in the same room, then it is worth considering unifying options. Thanks to the imagination of designers, models can be for a boy and a girl or for a teenager and a baby. This option is able to turn a room into a cozy children's mini-dwelling, where each child will have his own personal space.Spacious wardrobes allow you to store books, toys and clothing, and comfortable soft beds are perfect for a good sleep. If you have a shortage of space, it is worth considering options with two pull-out beds or a bunk option.


The built-in case bed is the economic option combined with a case. Models are represented by a horizontal or vertical lift for collection or in one configuration when the bed is adjacent to the closet. Bed recessed beds are sometimes accompanied by side cabinets or shelves above the bed. They are very convenient to use for photos, souvenirs and books, which will make the interior of the bedroom more comfortable. Best of all, this model is suitable for adolescents, for them are presented a variety of colors and the original, which allows you to choose a model for both the boy and the girl.

Loft bed

The look of such a bed, many children are delighted, because it is so unusual and boldly to sleep under the ceiling. These models are accompanied by a comfortable ladder and a wardrobe downstairs, and the bed itself is fenced with small sides so that the child does not fall during sleep.But when choosing such a bed is worth considering that there is always the risk of a child falling down the stairs. In addition, your child can quickly get bored all the time to climb up and down. In order to make the right decision, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

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How to choose

For all parents, it is important in what atmosphere their child lives. The wardrobe bed for a nursery is a beautifully designed solution in a very different style. Properly selected furniture can make a big contribution to the interior of the entire apartment. Such a model can solve several preferential problems for a child’s space at once. In order for the appearance of furniture in the child’s life to bring joy and comfort when buying, pay attention to the following details:

  • For a small room, it is better to choose not very bulky options that will make the room even smaller;
  • If the room is dark, then it should be "lightened" with the light color of the bed;
  • Consider in advance how the wardrobe-bed will look in the space provided. To do this, you should know all the dimensions of the furniture and compare with the size of the room;
  • The model providing for the design of mechanisms, it is necessary to check for serviceability and ease of operation. The slightest "oversights" will only get worse;
  • The quality of the model and its durability is determined by the materials from which the model is created.
  • When choosing a material for furniture, plastic should be avoided in its pure form, since it is short-lived;
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Many parents note that if the child likes the bed, this will have a positive effect on the life of the child as a whole. The children's room is a child’s own world, where he must feel comfortable, an important role is played by a sleeping place. Enthusiastic reviews of parents and children do not give doubt that the wardrobe-bed is modern, beautiful, compact and convenient. First of all, these models delight children who just fall in love with universal models at a glance. It should be noted and aesthetic attractive appearance, because the child is accustomed to order easier if this place is created with love.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Children's room is one of the brightest and most interesting rooms in any home. When decorating children's nests, designers are inspired by new and new ideas. The interior of the room reflects the character of the child, his hobbies.Your child will certainly be interested if you take into account his wishes in creating comfort. Let's see what solutions are relevant today.

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For a child, the room should always be loved. If the baby is still very small and can not yet participate in the creation of the interior, then the most relevant topic is the design of the room in the style of a favorite cartoon. Bright colors that are so loved by children, and favorite characters will help the child develop even faster. This idea can be easily expressed in the form of wallpaper, paintings, posters, bedspreads. Not too radical change of the room will help without much difficulty in the future, when the baby grows up, to adapt the room to the changing style.

For girls

Everyone knows that girls love delicate colors. Wardrobe-bed for girls of pastel or floral colors will be pleasing to the eye and instill in the girl a love of comfort. Most often, young ladies choose pink color, which can be taken as a basis for creating a bed. As a rule, pink color is diluted with white, beige or another favorite color of the child. Pay attention to the mint, lavender, cornflower and other tones.

Of course, any girl wants to feel like a princess, and the entourage of her own room will help her in this. Interesting stickers in the form of fairies, butterflies, flowers and heroes of fabulous films will help in this. To the room was filled with comfort as much as possible, you can attract the young owner of the room to create the interior. She can choose the style, color, interior items to their own taste. But the quality and safety provide adults.

For boys

If in the room the girls should reign beauty and comfort, then in the room for boys, strength and functionality will prevail, although in this case no one has canceled aesthetics. Safety is a very important point, because sharp corners or dangerous models can cause harm to the little fidget. Boys love football, sports and other expressions. This theme is perfectly reflected in the bedroom of the young gentleman, for example, a carpet in the form of green grass, and on the wall - a gate or a sword. Properly selected elements of the interior, reflecting the hobby, are able to show interest even more.

A room for boys is made out in blue, blue and other colors, sometimes they all participate at once or intersect with white, black or yellow. But this does not mean that the room will be gloomy or not very bright.Surely your child has a favorite color that you know about. Ships, cars, airplanes, space, which are presented in the form of wallpaper or other elements of the interior will allow the young dreamer to develop and live in their own atmosphere. Who knows, maybe thanks to the anxious efforts of the parents who created the right atmosphere, you will grow a real cosmonaut.

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