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Children's room - a special area. Here the child spends a lot of time. Attentive parents create for their child all the conditions so that the room meets modern requirements, is comfortable, cozy, so that the furniture and interior items are chosen with taste and taking into account the wishes of the child, his age, and personality traits. In the nursery, attention is paid to all the little things, and even the children's bedspread on the bed. This traditional attribute for a girl is very important in the girl’s bedroom.


It is considered that the main functionality of the children's bedspread on the bed for the girl in the bedroom is to protect bedding from dust and debris. Additionally, the bedcover creates an atmosphere in the room due to the color scheme, pattern on it, form, and the presence of small amusing accessories. A bright bedspread will fit into the child’s bedroom - any room with a lack of light can make it bright and cozy.

This attribute should be chosen with special care, taking into account the size of the girl’s bedroom, the parameters of the bed, the wishes of the child - what color can be broken, with what images. It is important to make the right choice of fabric, from which the blanket is sewn. After all, the coverlet will serve not only as a protection of bed linen from pollution, but also as a kind of “mat” on which the girl will spend a lot of time.

In the afternoon, when she gets on the bed, she can read, play with dolls or other games, watch TV, talk on the phone with her friends.

How to choose the right size

Usually in the bedroom the girl has a standard size bedroom furniture - single or one and a half. It is traditionally considered that the bedspread is not desirable narrow and short. Not aesthetically pleasing if this piece of furniture covers the floor. Ideal option - this accessory for a bed completely hides bedding on a bed for the girl and on two palms hangs down from the edge of the bed.

If the child’s bed has a back, then the length of the bedcover should be no less than the parameters of the bed and have an additional ten centimeters.If the bed does not have a back, the cover should be twenty-five centimeters more than the bed.

The size range is presented by different models. You can choose a bedcover from 160x220 cm, which corresponds to a queen-size bed, you can buy a bedspread of 180x240 - this is the size of a double bed. For a bed-transformer manufacturers offer their options - covers from 100x150 cm in size.

Fabric: viscose or wool?

Many options for fabrics are used as the basis for a baby blanket on the bed for a girl. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The task of parents is to take into account all the nuances and make the right choice. Most often used materials are six, cotton, bamboo - natural fabrics are always preferable. Artificial - viscose, faux fur fleece, acrylic, microfiber are not excluded.

Wool blankets are the dream of many parents. They look rich, they are warm, they can be used as a blanket in winter. But children are often against it, because it’s pricked. Cotton bedspreads are a good option. They are easy to care for, they are easily erased, the colors of the fabric remain bright even with numerous washes. Quality products are safe, and cotton bedspreads are used for newborn cots.

But it is precisely private washings that are a minus - any stains become noticeable, the bedspreads have to be washed again and again.

Good read bedspreads made from bamboo fabrics. A large variety allows you to choose this item of the bedroom - smooth, rough, with a nap or printed pattern, bamboo covers have already been appreciated. They are hypoallergenic, do not accumulate dust, they can be washed in an automatic machine.

The cover for a girl on a children's bed made of acrylic or microfiber is practical, comfortable, they do not accumulate electricity, they do not crumple, they serve for a long time. They are easy to clean from debris and dust. Cons - washing microfiber products is often recommended, it reduces the properties of the fabric.

The shops often sell bedspreads made from viscose. Usually they are not expensive, bright, colorful and of different sizes. Viscose is a derivative of recycled wood; it is obtained from chemically treated pulp. This veil, though attractive, but short-lived.

The fashion trend of the last couple of years - faux fur spreads. They can imitate the skin of a bear or other animal. This cover creates a special entourage in the bedroom, it looks rich, elegant.But its consumer properties are not up to par - artificial material is electrified, it accumulates dust, it is difficult to clean it.

But it is difficult to take care of him - the material is a real “dust collector”, it is impossible to wash it, it is expensive to dry-clean, and the artificial fur loses much of its quality.

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Why not choose heavy bedspreads

When choosing a good bedspread, you should be guided by the quality of the fabric, its environmental safety, the presence of a padding pad made of padding polyester, fleece or other materials. They can be quilted or not. There are lightweight options - unlined. Both options can be presented with bright models, with luxurious embroideries, inserts, decorative elements made of different materials, having a bright print.

And the density and weight of the children's bedspread are important. The attribute for the bed should not be heavy - it will be difficult for the child to independently make the bed for them. It is necessary to pay attention so that it would not be too light and smooth - so that it would not constantly slip from the bed, not be crushed.

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Do it yourself

This is a very exciting process - together with your child to work on a baby blanket on the bed for the girl.Turn on the fantasy - you can tie the bedspread to the bedroom with crochet hook, knitting needles, patchwork with embroidery, with decorative elements.

The patchwork style is widespread, it can be used to make a quilted bedspread. Sintepon is used as a lining, and the outer coating - any fabric or even several types of it - bamboo, acrylic, fleece. The product will turn out unique, and the design is thought over in advance. In the children's bedroom on any bed - on the bedroom, on the single - looks perfect.

Knitted crochet or on the needles blanket is also desirable to do with the lining, then the knitted elements will not stretch and will not lose shape. You can use a variety of colors of balls, to come up with different patterns. Additional elements to this bedspread will be bedside pillows, made of the same materials as the bedspread, and soaked in the same style.

Covers — both hand-made and purchased, can be one-sided or double-sided, with ruffles, hidden pockets, with ties at the corners so that the cover does not slip from the bed.

Choose a color scheme

What color should be the bedspread in the room for the girl? First, its color scheme should not contrast with the overall interior. If the room is of light tones - beige, creamy, pink, azure, then it is better to withstand the veil in the same colors. But above all it is worthwhile to consult with the child.

Girls love everything beautiful, bright, pink. Buying a bedcover it is worth remembering that this attribute of the bedroom is purchased primarily for the child, and not for the home. Most girls dream that the bedspread will be pink, blue, yellow, light green, with a mermaid, a fairy-tale princess, with a picture of kittens or flowers. To please your daughter, you can buy a blanket with the image of her favorite cartoon characters, with beautiful embroideries, trimmed with beads, rhinestones, colored ribbons, decorated with a monogram with her name or initials.

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