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The children's body is constantly growing, so from time to time it is necessary to change not only the clothes, but also the corresponding furniture. Only in this case, your child will always feel comfortable and not harm their health. In order that even in a dream the spine of the child continues to form normally, choose comfortable sliding beds, which with the growth of the child can be modified and lengthened.

Main characteristics

One of the most famous and proven manufacturers of quality furniture for children and adults is the Swedish company IKEA. This brand produces good sliding beds in various sizes for children of many ages. A crib bought by a three-year-old child will be able to serve him up to adolescence.

In addition, an instruction is attached to the beds from this brand, which allows you to install sliding beds and modify them when needed yourself.Folding furniture from Ikea is quite simple, so even a person far from construction will cope with this process.

The advantages of beds from this brand primarily include quality. Buying furniture from Ikea, you can count on the fact that it really will serve you for a long time. Especially if you choose durable models from materials such as metal or natural wood.

Among the range offered by the brand you can find cots for children aged up to fifteen years. The beds are modified according to the height of the child, so for many years your child will be comfortable in his own bed.

An additional advantage is that for the manufacture of beds from Ikea used a variety of materials, from natural wood and particleboard to durable metal. Thus, you can find an option even for the most hyperactive children. The bottom of the beds from Ikea is usually strong, lath. It provides good ventilation of the mattress. Even metal models are complemented by such a bottom, and not a solid plywood bottom.

It is also worth noting that the sliding beds are suitable not only for the only child in the family, but also for several.Having installed in one room several sliding beds for children of different ages, you will keep one style of furniture. Thus, the furniture will look stylish, but it is suitable for children of any age.

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Also, many cots have been added to the headboard with interesting details, such as turrets or animal heads, installed at the headboard. This bed will look interesting, and equally well suited to both boys and girls. There are both stylized models suitable only for a child of a certain sex, and universal ones that can be installed in any nursery.

The only significant drawback is the feature of the sliding design. With active games, with time attachment can loosen and damage. Thus, the mechanism of sliding beds is not the most reliable. However, there is no lack of reliable metal beds. When buying, decide which parameters are more important to you, and buy either a more durable construction or a bed that more attracts you with its appearance.

Another thing that can be called a disadvantage is the fragile plywood bottom.When buying a bed, it is best to choose beds with a slatted bottom that provide full ventilation of the mattress and the bed itself. Remember also that the flat plywood bottom does not contribute to the normal development of the spine.

Popular varieties

There are two of the most popular types of Ikea sliding beds: wood and metal. Let's take a look at the advantages that both options have.


Metal beds are very strong and resistant. Ikea brand produces metal beds of two main colors - white and black. These beds look aesthetically pleasing. They are easy to clean and, if necessary, adjustable in length. In addition, they serve as long as possible. The only significant disadvantage of such a bed is that the metal cools very quickly.


The Ikea brand often produces durable cribs made from pine base. Most often, only the bed frame is made of wood, the remaining parts are made of chipboard. The bed itself, completely made of chipboard - this is not the best option, because with a heavy load, it will quickly break.

Famous models for kids

Among the furniture from Ikea, there are several popular models, which are known to all connoisseurs of quality.

Model leksvik

The classic option is a crib Leksvik. It is completely made of natural wood. On the one hand, this can be called a plus or a minus. Plus is in the naturalness and hypoallergenic material, and minus - in the massiveness of such beds, which do not fit in any room.

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Also not to mention such a famous option as the bed Minnen. It is completely metal and decorated with exquisite monograms, which make the bed only more beautiful. Metal beds are very strong and reliable, and decomposed faster and easier.


This model of a bed consists half of a pine tree and a chipboard, pasted over with a dense film. These beds are sold in two basic colors - gray-brown and classic white. The only drawback of such a bed is its back, which does not look very elegant and can get damaged over time.

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Speaking about the popular beds from Ikea, it is impossible not to mention the model Hemnes.The basis of this bed is complemented by three drawers, where you can fit all the necessary stuff. Such a bed is environmentally safe. It can be installed in rooms even for small children. If necessary, this sliding single bed can be transformed into a double bed.

Customer Reviews

The best quality furniture from the Ikea brand can be characterized by positive customer reviews. Those who have already purchased such a retractable bed for their maturing kids, note the high quality of this brand furniture.

Buyers mark the high quality of the sliding beds and their attractive appearance, thanks to which they will perfectly fit into any modern interior.

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