Sizes of a teenage bed

In the nursery a growing child spends a lot of time. That is why it should be comfortable and cozy. Each piece of furniture in the children's room has its own functional purpose, taking into account its safety. A separate place in it is given a sleeping place. In adolescence, when there is an active growth of the child, the formation of his skeleton and muscle tissue, the bed should be perfectly matched.

This means that the size of a teenage bed must be appropriate for the age and height of your child. Also required is a good mattress, and the manufacture of the most dormant design should be of high quality. The bed parameters for a teenager are taken into account in accordance with his age and weight. For boys and girls, bed designs can be completely different, depending on their wishes and preferences.

Right choice

With 11 years of age, children begin to perceive themselves as an adult person and require the same attitude towards them from their parents.They have every right to vote when it comes to any major purchases for them. There is no exception and a bed for a teenager. A child may like a sofa version or a single, one and a half-sleeping section. In any case, his choice should heed.

Parents, discussing with the child the upcoming purchase, rely on the future, considering the adult version, that is, the bed for growth. And although the standard teenage bed is 170x80 centimeters, most often the choice stops on the dimensions of 190x90. This is a full-fledged adult bed, it should last longer than a teenage bed.

The bed can be made in the most original design direction - with backs, with or without decorative ornaments, with built-in drawers for linen and bedside tables. Today, the possibilities of the furniture industry are almost endless. And pick up the desired option will not be problems.

Curbstones, bedside drawers are needed - they can be folded clothes, shoes or bedding, books, school things.

Despite the fact that the teenage bed is different from the nursery, the requirements for compliance with safety of furniture for children aged 10 to 14 years are still relevant.A big plus would be if the furniture for the bedroom will not have sharp corners or protrusions about which you can get hurt.


The size of a teenage bed is almost the same as the bed for an adult. The standard length of this option - 190 centimeters, and this parameter is consistent with the size of a universal sofa, which can be installed in the living room. In cases where growth exceeds 180 cm, the beds are made to order. The teenage bed in this case reaches two meters in length and 80 centimeters wide.

The width of the bed may be small - 75 centimeters, or standard one-and-a-half - up to 90 centimeters. In some cases, you can meet on sale or order a bed for a teenager with the dimensions of a private order - up to 120 centimeters.

For a maturing child, it is important to have functional additions in the bedroom - drawers under the bottom of the bed, where you can store bed linen, clothes, drawers with shoes, books, CDs with records, a personal diary. The size of such a box ranges from 40x70 depending on the model of the bed, its height and width.

The simplest teenage bed model has a modest size. First, the construction itself is very conservative - a berth with legs, without drawers. The height of such a bed from 45 centimeters. Width - 80 or 90 centimeters. Complicated model has built-in drawers below, but at the same time the height of the bed remains standard, and its width does not change.


The tree is considered the best material for the bed - both nursery and teenage. Most manufacturers use chipboard or fibreboard for the manufacture of furniture collections for children's rooms. But for a bed using oak, ash, beech. Natural wood after careful processing and polishing will not be a reason for splinters and damage.

Wood furniture is much longer, it looks aesthetically pleasing in the bedroom of a teenager, creates a cozy and harmonious atmosphere.

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Bunk bed

New fashion trends filled the standard beds for teens with additional features. For example, a modern bunk bed destroys all existing stereotypes.It is so compact and mobile furniture option that it is extremely difficult to refuse the choice in his favor.

The first tier of this design is a desktop with drawers, a computer stand, a processor compartment, shelves for books and various trifles, a spacious wardrobe, school supplies.

The wardrobe is usually so large that you can put the entire wardrobe of the child in it, and there will still be some free space.

With the second tier of such a design connects a special staircase, reminiscent of the Swedish wall. Its steps are made of smooth metal in the form of pipes. Comfortable side holders allow you quickly and easily climb up to bed. It completely occupies the upper tier. The design of the bed has a deep bottom and high sides, not allowing to fall out of bed.

Bunk beds vary by model. Each manufacturer, having a design of the produced models, is guided by the standard, but sometimes it deviates from it in order to improve the design, improve it, add new details.

Usually the height of a bunk bed is 180.5 centimeters.The width of the model is from 205 centimeters, and the depth is from 101 centimeters. The berth has a length of 200 centimeters and a width of 80 cm. The desk, where the owner of such a furniture set can do the lessons, has a standard height and width.

For boys and girls

Adolescence is perhaps the most difficult, its features worry not only the parents, but also the maturing children themselves. When choosing a bed should take into account the wishes of the child. If a teenage girl asks for a bed with sides, it is better to give in to her wishes, so as not to provoke a conflict. The bed can be decorated with beautiful bedspreads with embroidery and print.

Boys please easier. In adolescence, they seek the functionality of their room. The bed can occupy a small place in it, and the teenager will allocate the vacated space for simulators, sports equipment, bookcases or cabinets for gadgets and mobile devices.

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