Chaise lounge for newborns

The life of young mummies in our time has a lot of advantages in comparison with the lives of our parents. To care for babies, a huge number of devices are produced that help not only to care, but also care, nurture and entertain toddler. Well, after all, when you plant a crumb in a comfortable chair, which is equipped with beeper and flashing things to distract the child, and at this time you can do important household chores or just lie down and read a book. There is such a variety of child restraint structures on the market that it’s spinning. I want to try everything for my baby. How useful are children's lounge chairs and what are they?

Every woman knows that in order to calm and help the child fall asleep, it is necessary to take him in her arms, shake slightly. Constantly carrying children in their arms is not only impossible, but also harmful. The children quickly become accustomed to constant excessive attention and in a short time they don’t give anything at all and do not directly release mom from themselves.To avoid this, there is an excellent and fairly new device - a chaise lounge for newborns, which has already gained great popularity and firmly found its place on the shelves of stores with goods for babies.

What it is?

It looks like a small rocking chair - a chair with educational toys, musical devices and rattles attached to the arc. Such a construction is made of durable, hypoallergenic and safe materials. It has a reinforced frame, a seat with several positions of an ergonomic back (usually three), a liner on the seat so that the spine does not overload, and reliable clamps (panties or straps). Easy to carry, even with a child, can compactly co-ordinate, which is undoubtedly convenient when moving, departures in nature. All of these components allow the toddler to actively move in the box, sleep or play.

Features and benefits

Almost every young family now has such useful chairs. Parents, judging by the numerous reviews, are satisfied with the acquisition and highlight the main features and advantages of using this miracle of technical progress:

  • used for sleep and feeding;
  • there is no need to carry the baby and rock the baby (with the slightest movements, pendulum swings of the chaise lounge occur, there is a vibrating effect);
  • the interest of the child to the movements and movements of the parents is entertaining and educational in nature (they are quietly observed and not worried);
  • the child is in a zone of constant observation;
  • emotional and mental positive state of the baby;
  • training and physical, and vestibular apparatus, posture and motility;
  • good and restful sleep;
  • light weight and wheels to move.

How old can I use?

Chaise lounges, to the surprise of parents and by practical conclusions and conclusion of pediatricians can be used almost from birth, but when the muscles of the back and neck get stronger, and until the moment when your tomboy grows up and does not refuse to sit in it. The changing positions of the backrest make it possible to fix the baby’s still immature backrest - this is the lowest position, and more adult children - the upper positions of the lock. When burly grown, you can use as a table for feeding and games. Even the famous Dr. Komarovsky,which is famous for its extraordinary opinion on the upbringing and care of children, quite positively responds to the benefits and good influence of deck chairs on the condition of both children and their parents.

Terms of use

When used as a chaise and backrest position on the structure:

  • as much as possible raised (more often only for games loading about 9 kg);
  • in the middle position - this is for rest (max weight 9 kg);
  • fully reclined for sleep (load weight 7 kg).

If the child does not hold the head and does not know how to sit on its own, only the lower position of the back is acceptable.

What is better: a chaise lounge or an electric swing

When answering this question, the opinions of users (parents) differ. Both the chaise longue and the electric swing are devices for the child, including a comfortable, soft back bed for the back, which is fixed in different positions and provides for rocking. But manually or mechanically, the choice of each individually. In case the main goal is to free the hands from motion sickness, the best is the electronic version with a swinging effect. This option is the most natural, repeating caring mother's swing, as opposed to vibration.The advantages of electro-accessories are obvious:

  • soothing effect gives electric adjustable vibration and swing, without the help of hands;
  • music and sound for playing and sleeping;
  • cognitive developmental functions (gadgets and widgets).


Variations and additional configurations presented on the market of children's goods are so diverse that parents decide for a long time with the selection. We present the main classifications according to which your choice will be more realized and will help to deal with the available models presented by various manufacturers.

The main groups into which chaise lounges are divided by design features:

  • electronic and frame;
  • movable (with wheels) and stationary;
  • with a rocking motion (bouncer) and fixed;
  • integral and folding;
  • portable;
  • with music;
  • for swimming;
  • with and without control panel;
  • transformable and standard;
  • with varying back angle and without this function;
  • for newborns and older children;

Chaise lounges vary in types:

  • Cradle for little ones. Mechanical, electrical, floor and suspended are produced.
  • Mechanical chair - chaise lounge.Manual control and swinging. Inexpensive and most common.
  • Electronic chaise lounge. Popular models completely free the hands and give more time to parents. Adjustable vibration swayed. Complemented by melodies and lighting effects.
  • Chaise lounge electromechanical with swing function. Supplemented with canteens for feeding.
  • Swing - a chaise lounge. Combine mechanical swinging and swing, which is well used when moving on nature. Easy to install and have a compact bag for transportation.
  • Armchair - transformer. The positions of parts of the structure can replace all sorts of necessary devices for the crumbs: swings, chairs, tables.
  • Rocking toys.
  • Rocking chair. The functionally thought-out design both entertains and is used as a high-grade chair. Can be equipped with wheels for easy movement.

Manufacturers of lounge chairs do not forget about additional accessories that delight children: hanging mobiles, toys, melodies, tweeters, rattles, educational accessories. Functional features such as vibration, swing and sway speeds, transformations,only improve the design and bring joy and harmonious communication of children and parents during games, feeding and rest.

How to choose?

The most basic is maximum safety during use, durability and reliability. All designs of chaise lounges are made in compliance with orthopedic standards so that the load on the baby’s spine is evenly distributed when in the chair, does not violate the posture, muscle tone. It is extremely important emotional and mental state, because overexcitement can have unpleasant consequences and bring to the nervousness of the baby. The minimum weight of a child in a chair is from 4 kg, the maximum is up to 18 kg.

When purchasing, read the reviews, compare all the pros and cons, carefully check the recommended parameters:

  • Do the positions of the back from the lying - the lowest, to the sedentary - the upper change and whether the clips hold well?
  • Durable steel frame that must stand and not roll over.
  • High-quality fasteners and clamps, the absence of sharp edges and corners.
  • Design features (stationary or electric model).
  • Checking the electronic qualities of the chaise lounge, the modes of motion sickness and vibration.
  • The design is mobile and light.
  • If wheels are available, check the reliability and quality of the coating.
  • The size of the seat.
  • The bed with the special increased planes (soft overlays) in places of the greatest bursting, rather rigid, without lumps, deep.
  • Seat cover is whole, the seams are strong and even.
  • Perforated seat materials, environmentally friendly, hypoallegric, dye-free, removable, easy to wash and abrasion.
  • The presence of the headrest and removable liner. For very young consumers, an ideal model with panties - clamps.
  • Existence of the strong holding adjustable belts, three and five-point with soft linings.
  • Additional front arches for fixing the exit and the inability of the child to open the attachment.
  • The selection must be taken into account with the age and weight of the baby.
  • The choice of models with toys, melodies, rolling and vibration should be checked especially carefully for safety and impact on the psychological state of the kids.
  • The presence of sun visor designs, carrying handles, storage bags, remote control for electronic devices will be an additional advantage.

If you decide to buy a deck chair, pay attention to the manufacturer. Firms with well-known brands that professionally deal with products for children, produce high-quality and safe products, use materials tested by time and evaluated by consumers.

Precautionary measures

After the acquisition, using the device, it is necessary to observe a number of security measures:

  • use strictly by weight and age, which are prescribed in the instructions;
  • do not carry chaise lounges with babies inside the device;
  • use strictly as intended;
  • always fix the baby with seat belts;
  • do not leave the child unattended for a long time;
  • do not put on high and unstable surfaces;
  • do not hang a lot of toys, do not allow their bad fixing;
  • leave the child in a lounge chair for a long time, include for a long time a strong vibration or swing;
  • Do not feed and water with vibration and swing.

The correct precautions will ensure the harmonious and full development of your child, will give you peace of mind and affection with the results of using these modern devices.


Since the materials of the loungers are in direct contact with the body of children, they must be promptly cleaned from food and other contaminants to comply with hygienic standards. For such assistants easy to care for. Covers are removed quite easily. Processed in a washing machine at a low temperature (about 40 degrees) and dry quickly. The case is wiped with a soft cloth using detergent-safe substances for children. Folding models without special difficulties are packed in special bags - covers included in the box.

Rating of the best manufacturers

Today, the market for child restraints is filled with all sorts of models with various functions. For parents, the choice becomes a real challenge. These things are quite expensive and before buying you need to calculate all the pros and cons, evaluate features and reliability, find a decent model for your beloved offspring.

The most reliable of Western brands can be identified models:

  • Babyton (Sweden);
  • Bright Stars (USA);
  • Brevi and Chicco (Italy);
  • Tiny Love (Israel).

All of them have carefully calculated design features with a combination of style and versatility.From an inexpensive, but not inferior in quality segment, the Ship can be noted (they are distinguished by a large model range and decent quality), Jetem Premium (distinguished by a variety of functions).

We present a line of the best manufacturers of chaise lounges with a brief description to help with a choice:

  • Graco DuetSoothe - swing. Differ in durability and the checked reliability for the child. They have a removable chair, two swinging speeds and a soft vibration. It works with success from the electrical network and batteries.
  • Bright Starts Playful Pals Portable Swing - TrueSpeed ​​proprietary technological development, where the feature is to keep the speed of motion sickness unchanged at any weight of the baby. Swing speeds of 6, which are continuously adjustable. Ergonomic seat for a child’s body and a few toys. Installation is easy and irreplaceable when moving with children.
  • Fisher-Price Snugabunny - electric, which is characterized by increased size. Cozy soft armchair, light shock absorption. Speed ​​for regulation 6, a large set of jewelry, toys, 16 tunes. Reliable seat belts.
  • Comfortable and as safe as possible, but rather complicated installation of Graco Glider LX. Six-speed sliding mode, plus 10 children's tunes. It has reliably fastened toys.
  • Fisher-Price Cradle Sw n Swing - My Little Snugapuppy - rocker. Foldable design is good at moving. There are adapters for connecting to the network and the battery compartment. Structurally, there are 6 speeds of swinging, 16 quiet melodic rhythms, straps of reliable fixation.
  • Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing is a model - electric seat, equipped with excellent functionality, has a time timer and a removable headrest.
  • The Graco Duet Connect LX Swing + Bouncer is a model with a lot of developing and useful premium features. Movement horizontally and vertically enthrall the babies. The presence of two speeds and modes of vibration, shock-absorbing ability, comfortable and myagenkaya. Differs in high-quality components, it has retaining straps in the configuration.
  • Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing and Seat - rocker. It is classically decorated with arches and seat mats with a good shock-absorbing system. Have a six-speed mode and a set of nice melodies. Equipped with toys. Lightweight and well mounted, that is appreciated when traveling and moving.
  • Fisher-Price — The Moonlight Meadow model (Moon Meadow) is quite popular with both parents and children. The cheerful and colorful design is fascinating. Swing modes, of which 2 and several speeds, many melodies and sounds of nature to choose from, harmoniously complement technical developments.Comes with straps for proper holding.
  • Ingenuity Convertme Swing-2-Seat model rocker with functions requested by parents. Adjustable turns, speed and the presence of a lot of melodies for the cambre like consumers and adults, and small. Rechargeable batteries are designed for quite a long time. The motion sickness timer, light spring shock absorption have excellent reviews. Comes with sturdy straps for fixing.

According to the data provided by the Expert Price Association, the following child restraint devices with the best consumer characteristics are distinguished:

  • Cradle-bouncer 3 in 1 Tiny Love - the most popular for newborns.
  • The rocking-chair of Brevi Baby Rocer is a self-tapping and high-quality machine with games.
  • Chair BabyBjorn Balance Soft reliable and proven folding mechanism is in great demand among travel enthusiasts.
  • The rocking-chair MamaRoo is an electric incliner, suitable for children of the youngest age.
  • JETEM Premium budget series. Suitable for newborns. Equipped with a removable hood, which protects from breeze, sun and rain.
  • The Fisher-Price Cocoon is a classic version, complemented by a lulling melody and soft vibration.

The presented list of child restraints is not able to cover a wide range of models and prices. Many good firms remained unlit. The main criterion in determining the desired child restraint is the question of the availability of funds, the mobility of the baby and the desires of the final result.

How much are?

Manufacturers of loungers produce an increasing number of new models, complementing and improving the design, ergonomic characteristics and filling with developing accessories. Designers, evaluating reviews and evaluations of parents and doctors, meticulously change the cons to pluses, achieving the necessary value of the product. This directly affects the cost. Prices vary depending on the model chosen, the brand of the company and additional options, various gadgets included, functions. These devices are not cheap, and if you consider that they are bought for a short time, then you should think about the price.

Whether it is necessary expensive and heaped up, only parents can decide. Knowing the leaders - manufacturers and the main price categories, you can easily find a product that meets your needs and is not affordable.So, there are cheaper Chinese models, for example, Happy Baby Woody or Bright Starts (less than 4,000 rubles), which are not particularly inferior in the presence of the necessary qualities and functions, but there are multifunctional designs with a musical and swinging class block - luxury and premium, European manufacturers whose prices rise over 25,000.

Doctors reviews

Of course, parents who are concerned about the health of their children are afraid to buy deck chairs, not fully understanding their influence on the body. But feedback from customers who purchased and use children's devices and the opinions of medical specialists are positive and give an affirmative answer in favor of the purchase.

Pediatricians consider chairs reliable, useful and safe. Fast and quiet falling asleep affects a longer sleep, and the presence of various developmental development contributes to early mental and emotional development.

Orthopedists highlight improvements in the active mobile activity of the baby, which improves the condition of muscles and bones, posture and contributes to the earlier development of a straight gait.

The only warning expressed by experts is a reasonable use, which is expressed in the time and weight restrictions on the use of music and vibrating devices.Use rocking and swing without fanaticism.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Chaise lounges are presented in various color variations, therefore it is not difficult to choose the right one that will fit perfectly into your interior and children's room design suitable only for you. Manufacturers step forward and are already actively producing models that look like leaves, flowers, cars, with interesting ornaments and textures. The choice of such children's structures will please you, and, most importantly, our guys will like it.

In the life of a modern young family a lot of worries and troubles. How to manage everything and remain caring parents, beautiful, joyful and cheerful? We need good and useful helpers, real magic wands, which, if used reasonably and correctly, can significantly improve life and bring harmony between parents and children. Sun loungers for children meet the requirements, greatly facilitate household chores to care for the baby.

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