Corner bunk beds for children

Children's double bed is designed for two children and can have many extras: a ladder, lockers, shelves, a desk, some kinds of sports equipment. The most common bunk beds in the style of minimalism or otherwise - the traditional, which are mainly created for recreation and in some cases contain a place to store children's things (if there are lockers). These beds have standard ladder and safety boards, as well as a mattress, which is usually sold separately. The beds usually have a length: for children - 150 cm, teenagers - 200 cm. The height of the second tier is 160 cm. These are the most optimal sizes that make the bed small and low. The material is different: inexpensive wood - pine, chipboard or MDF, but also the body can be made of metal.

A bunk corner bed is a single bed, standing on racks, on top of another perpendicular (they have a g-shaped top view). Beds always contain additional features.The biggest advantage in such beds, for example, is a sports complex, which will make the life of children most exciting and fun in the sports and gaming field. This kind of bunk beds is not the most economical and practical in a small room of a nursery and requires a lot of space.

Such beds can have not only two, but also several beds. In addition, this type of bunk beds in some cases has a workplace, niches for storing clothes, and possible sports mini-complexes (rope, wall bars, rings), but they exist without any additions. A wardrobe or desk can be located under the top of the bed. These beds are the best choice for large families who in every way need to keep their house clean and tidy, as well as make it quite comfortable. Also such beds can get and small families with two small children.


There is also such a type of bunk bed as "attic", which is designed mainly for one child. He is a bed on high racks, raised above the workplace - a desk.Plus - multifunctional design. Minus - the requirement of a large space, high ceilings. It has stairs, sides, and also built-in lockers. There are the same types of bunk beds with only two beds on the 2nd floor, which can provide a bed for two children at once.

Another type of children's bunk bed - roll out. The upper part of the bed is a high sofa, and the lower is a retractable sleeping platform. It turns out that they have two places located at different height levels and in appearance when folded they resemble an ordinary bed. Plus - compactness, as well as the absence of stairs and racks. Minus - a small number of additional devices. It will look good in small children's rooms.

Another equally interesting view of double-decker beds is a “bed-wall”. Such beds are a sleeping place with a furniture element attached to it - a wall consisting of shelves, cabinets, chest of drawers and, possibly, desks, and adapted to the children's room. The plus of such furniture is that it is made in the same style. A minus can be its rather large dimensions, because of which the bed-wall will simply be difficult to combine in the room with other pieces of furniture.But the wall may well replace a wardrobe or a desk, and also contain some elements of sports equipment.

Selection features


One of the most important components of a good bunk bed.

When choosing a two-story bed, be sure to consider the safety of this type of bedroom furniture. Be sure to on the second tier should be bumpers, so that the child does not roll down during sleep. It is also necessary to take into account the convenience of the stairs to the second tier, so that in the case when the child wants to climb or climb at night, it will be as comfortable as possible and, accordingly, safe. And one more important part of safety is as much as possible smooth rounded elements of the bed, so that in case of accidental impacts with them you do not get a strong injury.


A play area is a great idea for a bunk bed.

Such beds can be easily turned into a place for games, namely to make a house out of it, a car and much more. Beds can be ordered in the style of "fairytale castle", "magic house" or "train", which will make children's rooms extraordinary.

Sports area

As already mentioned,along with bunk beds, there may be sports equipment: a swedish wall, a rope, gymnastic rings, a crossbar, a rope ladder, and sometimes slides, etc. This may be part of the bed or in addition to it. In any case, these beds will delight children who love sports. Sports complexes are mainly installed on the "loft beds".

Cabinets, dressers, bedside tables, shelves - all these important elements of furniture can be part of a bunk bed, making the furniture a wardrobe area, which makes it incomparable with any room furnishings. This makes it possible to save on the purchase of the number of wardrobe furniture, since the bed in two tiers will have enough space for storing both necessary and unnecessary things.

The ability to resize is also very important in such beds, since children in adolescence are actively growing. Therefore, another actual solution would be to order a bed with possible configuration options in order to adjust the bed after a while to the height of the child and create a full-fledged sleeping place.

And the last thing a bunk bed can do is merge with the interior style of this room.For example, the bed may be white in accordance with the color of the room, which will create an atmosphere of calm and cleanliness.

Do it yourself

To do it yourself, with the purchase of building materials only, will be the most enjoyable moment for both you and the children. It is necessary to take into account the size of the room and the main points of attachment of the high bed and its additional complexes. Then create drawings, sketches for further selection of the total amount of material required, including fastening (screws, bolts, nuts, washers).

It is necessary to carefully calculate everything to make the most profitable purchase. After all done, proceed to the cultivation of blanks and then further assembling the bed. It is worth buying already processed wood. It is also very good if there are professional tools on site that provide high-quality wood processing on their own.

A bunk bed for children is an excellent choice for a young family in order to make their home more comfortable, more spacious and more comfortable. Two-story beds represent the optimal solution for many pieces of furniture in a room due to its extra features.The most important thing is to make the right choice in ordering and further purchasing a bunk corner bed for your child. Of course, it is important to make a choice with the preferences of children, due to which the bed will not only be a piece of furniture, but also the center of their all-round development.

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