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The children are like little mushrooms: they didn’t have time to be born, they immediately begin to grow. In the first year of life, the growth of the child can double, in the future, the pace slows down, and the baby does not grow so quickly anymore.

Before parents there is a need not only to constantly buy clothes and shoes instead of a small one in size, they also have to solve the issue with a bed. Do not buy a new baby every year?

Manufacturers came to the aid of parents and developed a universal model - a children's bed-growout, which can increase in size as the child grows.

Most often, the end part of such a bed extends, making the bed much larger.

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Despite the fact that, at first glance, a children's bed-growing room is more expensive than the classic model, it has several advantages that you should pay attention to when choosing a bed for a child.

The main advantages of baby beds-age:

  1. Long time use - stopping your choice on a bed that grows with your child, you for a long time solve the problem of choosing a bed for your baby. Such models of beds can be extended up to 60 - 80 cm. Some types can be used until the child reaches the age of 15, when you need to switch to a full one-and-a-half bed.
  2. Economical purchase. A cot growing with a baby will save your family budget from the annual expenses for the purchase of children's furniture.
  3. Durability. Due to the fact that as the child grows each year, the bed-sprout has a large load, the models of such a bed are made of durable wood, for example, beech and ash. Accessories are also made from durable material.
  4. Growing beds eco-friendly and do not cause allergies, as they are made from natural wood, for example, pine, ash, beech.
  5. Comfortable and healthy sleep of the child - in comparison with a conventional folding sofa, the growing-out beds with a sliding system do not have folds or grooves.Complete with an orthopedic mattress, they will ensure a healthy sleep for the child and the correct position of the spine during rest.
  6. Space saving - beds with sliding mechanism take up quite a bit of space. Moving apart only while the child is sleeping, they save space in the nursery, which is especially important for small apartments.
  7. Functionality - Most models of beds growing with a child are equipped with additional drawers and sections, in which it is convenient to store not only bed linen, but also clothes, toys and other necessary things for your baby.

Thanks to the modern design, the bed-room will perfectly fit into the interior of the children's room and will be an ideal place to sleep for both a boy and a girl.


Depending on the age of the child, the bed-vrastayki divided into 2 types:

For children from birth to 10 years

The initial appearance of such a bed includes:

  • classic bed for a child from the moment of birth;
  • baby changing table;
  • chest of drawers.

All components are combined into a single structure. Over time, when your baby grows up, it is easy to transform such a bed into a more adult version.

For this you need:

  • lower the bottom of the crib;
  • remove the restriction on one side so that if necessary the baby can freely climb out of the crib;
  • dismantle the dresser to increase the sleeper.

The standard bed size is 120 cm long and 60 cm wide. Over time, you can increase the sleeping area to 140 or 160 cm long and 70 cm wide and use it until the child is 10 years old.

For children from 3 to 15 years

These models have a different design, and increase the length of the bed thanks to the sliding system from the end of the bed. They are wider in comparison with the first version and reach 80 - 90 cm, and can increase in length to 180 - 200 cm.


The choice of bed for the child must be approached with special care. After all, the health of your baby depends on a comfortable and convenient place to rest. It is necessary to stop the choice on qualitative models from the checked producers who have recommended the furniture from the best party.


IKEA is a European brand that produces furniture and various household goods.

The advantage of an Ikea bed growing with a child:

  1. the company manufactures sliding beds for children from 3 to 15 years, it also makes sleeping places for crumbs from birth to 3 years;
  2. IKEA has developed its own unique sliding system, characterized by increased wear resistance and durability;
  3. models of beds are made from the natural massif of a tree or from metal. The metal frame is notable for its increased durability; on such a bed your baby can jump without risking damage to the bed;
  4. both in wooden and metal models of baby beds-outgrowth the bottom made of pine slats is used, due to which there is excellent ventilation of the mattress.

The only drawback - orthopedic mattress will need to be purchased separately, since it is not included in the kit to the crib. Due to the fact that IKEA manufactures orthopedic products, you can complete the bed with a mattress from this manufacturer.

Eco West

Growing up - a bed for children from the well-known Russian brand "West Eco". This model is suitable for children aged 3 - 12 years.

Distinctive features:

  1. has protective sides that will save your child from falling in a dream;
  2. it is made of beech or pine, lacquered and painted in the color of a dark or light walnut;
  3. retractable drawers are made of lacquered chipboard, which reduces its cost.

I grow

I grow "- models of cots, increasing in length with the growth of the child, from the domestic manufacturer" Mebelenok. RF ".


  1. no sharp corners, the use of rounded contours;
  2. the bed is completely made of beech wood, including drawers;
  3. the mattress consists of 2 parts, the second part is used when the bed is moved apart;
  4. the bottom of the crib is made of plywood.

There are a large number of manufacturers and models for children's beds, so you can easily choose the best option for your budget and for the interior of the children's room.

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