Curtains for a girls' room

A room for girls is not just a bedroom and a place to play, it is a whole country in which they fantasize, imagining themselves now princesses, now fairies. Later, becoming a little older, they already want seriousness in the interior that surrounds them.

For girls it is very important to arrange the room with taste. This is due to the fact that the love of beauty and a sense of style has been developing since childhood. In the design of the room not least occupy the curtains.

Features and benefits

Children's room is the main location of your child. Here he is engaged in creativity, experiencing good luck and failure, learning to live. That is why you need to arrange this room so that it influences the child positively.

Choosing curtains in the nursery for girls, you need to consider the following features.

Children of the first years of life perceive only seven primary colors well, so it is better to choose curtains from this palette.

Especially good in the girl's nursery will be green, yellow, blue, purple.

Do not hang curtains red or bright orange - they cause anxiety and aggression and can adversely affect the character of girls.

In the nursery, various decorations for curtains in the form of butterflies, ladybirds, flowers are appropriate, but they need to be hung higher if the baby lives in the room.

Another feature in the selection of curtains is that the child must sleep at night in complete darkness, since it is in the dark that the growth hormone is produced. Therefore, when designing a nursery, it is necessary to pick up such materials that, when shading a window, will make it possible to achieve the maximum possible darkening of the window. For this purpose, perfect innovative material black-up, which blocks the passage of light by 90%, in addition, it does not burn and is easy to use.

When choosing curtains, you must take into account the age of the hostesses of the room.

Choosing cornices for curtains in the nursery you need to remember about security. Here you need to give preference only to proven manufacturers, with high-quality, high-quality fittings.In addition, it is necessary to periodically check the attachment to prevent the structure from falling onto the child.


There are many kinds of curtains, but not all of them are suitable for children's girls.

What exactly you should not hang in the nursery is heavy curtains with a lot of draperies, voluminous pelmets. In the folds of such curtains accumulate a large amount of dust, which later may be allergic.

Not suitable in the nursery and filament curtain or other curtains with various stones rhinestones. This is due to the fact that a girl up to three years old can simply tear off glued elements or become entangled in the strings of a muslin.

Curtains in the nursery should be ergonomic, so that they can be easily darkened, or vice versa, to let the sun into the room. For this, as no one else would suit Roman or Austrian curtains. Moreover, these curtains will take a completely different style depending on the material. For example, Austrian taffeta curtains, highly selected, will be able to replace the pelmet in a royal style room.

Usually it is recommended to use curtains of two halves in the nursery, so it will be easier for the child to cope with them himself.Tulle will also not be superfluous, especially if the window of the room faces the sunny side. It will diffuse the light, making the room more pleasant.


Choosing materials, of course, it is better to give preference to natural fabrics, such as silk, flax. But they are very capricious in the care, shrink when washing, quickly fade. If this does not suit you, then you can easily replace flax with cotton or polycotone, and silk with an organza or veil. These fabrics are less demanding to care, and will not lose their appearance even after a large number of washes.

When choosing curtains to the nursery for your princesses, do not forget that the curtains should in no way burden the interior, but, on the contrary, give it lightness. Therefore, pick up soft flowing fabrics. In this case, viscose is perfect. It will be very pleasant to the touch of your child.

Color solutions

Color decisions are more dependent on the age of girls.

If you have a baby from 0 to 3 years old, then pastel colors are suitable for the design of her bedroom. But do not choose too pale colors.

Calm and serenity, which is very important at this age, will maintain delicate shades of beige, blue, pink flowers.If the child lacks a bit of activity, then you can add bright spots to the curtains, for example, in the form of large flowers. Pearl, pale lilac, light green color will help to calm the wild temper.

For older girls, up to seven years old, you can already choose a brighter focus on windows. But here you should not overdo it. If the room is decorated with bright colors, the curtains, on the contrary, should be calm and concise. If the walls of the room are not very bright, then you can put a riot of colors on the curtains. You can choose curtains with a pattern of your favorite characters, they will love your beauty. Also during this period femininity begins to form in your girl, so it is very important to make the interior in the room exactly in the girl's style.

An older girl should be entrusted with the choice of curtains with you. The child will not be able to pick up the curtains for the interior, but he will clearly show what he likes. And you, on the basis of her choice, will be able to pick up clothes for the windows of the girl in the room.

But whatever curtains and for what age girls you choose, they must necessarily be combined with room textiles, for example, with pillows on the couch, or bedspreads on the bed.

There are also combinations of colors that are perfect for girls' nursery, and I will help you create curtains in two colors, for example, a combination of soft pink with light gray, green-pink. An excellent color scheme will also decorate the window with thick curtains and light tulle of the same color.

Now also in fashion striped curtains. It is also permissible in the nursery. The horizontal stripes will help to visually extend the space, but in a room with a low ceiling it is better to hang curtains with a vertical strip, then the height of the ceilings will visually increase. Wonderful curtains for the nursery will be, if the stripes on the curtains are different in texture, it looks very unusual.

How to choose

When choosing curtains for your princess’s children's room, first of all pay attention to their safety. Ideal to choose non-combustible materials. Since the pampering of the child by fire is not excluded.

Organizing blackout is also very important, as children grow up in the dark.

Now let's talk about the length

If your child is less than 6 years old, then long curtains are unlikely to be suitable for a child's room. Children tend to hang on the curtains. Such actions can lead to a fall not only curtains, but also the eaves, so in order to avoid injuries, it is better not to use this type of curtains.

For the design of a children's room for girls, Roman or Austrian curtains are perfect. Their assembly will look great, and the length will not fall much down.

Also very comfortable roller blinds. And thick curtains on the sides soften the too strict look of these curtains.

Short curtains are also convenient because they provide access to the window sill. On it you can organize a great sofa or just a shelf for the game. For open windowsill also fit Roman blinds.

It is also appropriate to make curtains in the children's room so that their length does not reach the floor by 10-20 cm. If they are picked up with special clips, the view will be completely finished. In addition, such curtains facilitate cleaning the house.

All sorts of ruffles and flounces are not suitable for girls over seven years old. At this age, children are prone to more concise things, although all individually. Here you can pick up and curtains in the floor, or just put a thin veil around the window.

Cost of

The price for different types of curtains differs significantly. It depends mainly on the material you choose. Of course, curtains of linen and silk will be very expensive. But children tend to dirty curtains, there may be paint, and clay, and greasy marks of hands. In addition, mastering the scissors, your girl can “decorate” the curtains with holes.Therefore, not always expensive curtains are suitable for the nursery, especially if the family budget is not large.

You can pick up a very small cost, but at the same time the curtains will look great in the nursery. Companies that produce ready-made curtains, represent your choice of a huge range, while the price for them is quite reasonable. Here and simple curtains from organza, and curtains with photo printing and much, much more.

But you can sew curtains and to order. If you choose not too expensive materials, then you can get by with quite a budget option.

And since the curtains will have to be changed every three years, as a girl grows up, you should not overpay here.

Interesting ideas in interior design

Curtains in interior design have an important role. They can both spoil the look of the room and bring the design to a new level. This also applies to the selection of curtains and the nursery for girls.

Here are some design solutions for the design of the window for this room.

  • For girls under the age of six, bright butterflies on the curtains, combined with a bedspread on the bed, give the design a finished look. Very bright, lively and easy.
  • Ruffles from the veil instead of a hard lambrequin will give the design a touch of lightness, suitable for a Barbie-style room.
  • The lilac color of the long curtains, in combination with the ties on the Austrian curtain, will decorate the discreet interior for a girl over seven years old.
  • For lovers of pink: horizontal white blinds will help to darken the room, and pink curtains of the finest cotton will fill the room with a fabulous atmosphere.
  • Bright rolled curtains for a girl's room from a year to five years, except for the function of blackout, also have a cognitive function.
  • Ready-made curtains with a photo-pattern of princesses from a favorite cartoon will not leave your girl indifferent. To support them in the interior can also be covered on the bed.
  • The combination of pale pink with ivory color perfectly harmonizes in the room for a newborn, the colors will not irritate and provoke crying.
  • Weightless tulle, decorated with bows in the color of the interior of the room, will decorate the window in the girly room. At the same time, it will add even more tenderness to olive blossom.
  • Linen curtains of natural color in the nursery for the baby with the original pickups will look great, giving the interior even more playfulness.
  • Gray curtains in the interior of the nursery can also be used even in conditions of a pale interior.This requires a bright accent, for example, in the form of a bright heart on the door of the dresser.
  • A big bright accent, in this case of flowers, will refresh the room in white. You can reinforce such curtains in the interior with the help of pillows in the color of the pattern on the curtains.
  • Blue color is suitable only for boys - not true. Especially if you hang weightless tulle on the window and decorate the window with butterflies.
  • Strips of bright colors will add color to the room and visually increase the height of the ceilings.
  • An interesting lambrequin in the children's style will help the curtains to give a frivolous look.
  • Fantasy curtains will bring originality and individuality in the interior of the children's room for girls.
  • Cheap ready-made curtains are also appropriate in the interior of a room for girls, especially if they are decorated with brooches, for example, with butterflies.
  • Beautiful hinges on the curtains will give a more childlike atmosphere in the room where they can be told, and hand-made will be the theme for the interior of the room in a country-style. When choosing curtains to the nursery for your princess, don't forget to take into account her preferences. Remember that even a child of three years already has an opinion on everything that surrounds her.To develop a sense of taste and femininity is from childhood. That is why, when creating an interior for a nursery, it is very important to introduce precisely the girlish notes, and this will help you with the curtains of the appropriate colors and style.
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