Curtains for the children's room: new design

Making a child's room is not only a pleasant experience, but also a very important one. After all, in what atmosphere the child lives, his perception of the external world and taste are formed. And jointly thinking over the details of the children's interior is an event that will bring together any family. An important element of the decor of the child's room are curtains. About their types, fabrics, features of the choice and will be discussed in this article.

Features and benefits

The main features of curtains for the child's room should include:

  1. Naturalness and environmental friendliness of the materials from which they are made. This criterion, perhaps, is the main for curtains in the nursery. Curtains made from natural fabrics less attract dust, hypoallergenic.
  2. Curtains decor should be as simple as possible. Do not buy curtains with a lot of elements. For the nursery, the main can be taken as a rule: less is better. Such simple curtains are considered the safest.In addition, curtains or other mechanisms for fastening curtains must be firmly installed.
  3. An important feature of curtains for a child's room is their ability to protect well from sunlight. Sleep is an important physiological process of development and health of the child, therefore it should be protected in every possible way. Properly selected curtains will help you with this. As protection from the daytime sun, you can use roller blinds, roman blinds. The window itself in this case is better to draw light organza, chiffon, tulle. For a large area of ​​the room you can stay on the classic combination of curtains of two different density fabrics.
  4. Curtains should be decorated according to the child’s age and preferences. Curtains, designed specifically for children in their fabric and stylistic features, have a great advantage compared with curtains for other rooms.


The classic version of the curtains for the children's room is a tulle for diffusing light and a curtain of thick fabric to close the window at night. Curtains can be supplemented with lambrequin - this is the upper part of the curtains, as a rule, from dense fabric.Lambrequin is more used as a decorative element, giving the window additional expressiveness, and can hardly be functional.

A wide range of fabrics for curtains allows you to make a variety of models. Curtains can be sewn to order the desired style, taking into account the size of the window, which is very convenient. In this version of the window design, you can not be afraid that any structure will break during operation.

The downside of the classic choice is the burnout of the fabric and the gathering of dust on the curtains and pelmets.

Curtains blinds quickly won the sympathy of their parents. They are made of various materials: plastic, fabric, wood, bamboo, metal. A rich color palette, a large variety of designs and cost make this type of room design popular. Blinds are not deprived of disadvantages: they also accumulate dust, but if the fabric curtains can simply be thrown into the washing machine, then cleaning the blinds is a long and painstaking task. Folding and sliding mechanisms break very often - this is also a very significant drawback.

Roman curtains for the nursery - a modern version of the window design.They are thick cloth, rising, if you pull the cord, in the form of assemblies from the sides. Such curtains are made of flax, cotton and other natural materials. Roman curtains can be in the form of cloths of monophonic fabric, and color and with a pattern. An interesting variant of the lifting design makes the process of opening the window very exciting for the baby.

The disadvantage of this type of curtains should be the possibility of cleaning them only with a vacuum cleaner or suggests wet cleaning, with strong dirt you will have to change the curtain to a new one. Over time, they can also fade like regular curtains.

Rolled curtains for the nursery - a stylish, ergonomic design window. In this embodiment, the canvas is wound on a roller with a cord or remotely. Rolshtor canvas made from environmentally friendly materials, which are impregnated with a solution that repels dust and dirt. Roller blinds tightly close the window and reliably protect the room from the sun. They can be both color and printed, with unusual texture and photo printing.

Rolled curtains have a high cost and can not fit into every interior.

Choosing the type of curtains, always proceed from the questions of practicality, safety and visual appeal of one or another option.

How to choose

When choosing curtains for the nursery, pay priority attention to the fabric. Its composition must be completely natural and exclude artificial impurities. Of course, you can choose modern versions of synthetic fabric, but this should be done with caution.

Be sure to take into account the preferences of the owner of the bedroom, and choose the curtains, taking into account his hobbies. If the child is still too small, choose options with animated characters, popular fairy characters, natural themes. And get ready to periodically change the curtains with the change of interests of the baby.

Choose curtains and should be based on the sex of the child. Colors for the boy will be relevant in blue colors, with cars, sailboats and other "boy" scenes.

In the bedroom for girls fit curtains with fairies, princesses, butterflies, flowers. Shades of such curtains, as a rule, are delicate pastel: peach, light pink, beige.

The colors of the curtains should be comfortable for the eyes, please the child and not cause him aggression or irritation.To do this, be careful with an abundance of too bright accents: large decorative elements, too motley colors, bright or dark tones.

It is necessary to choose curtains according to the age of the child. So, for kids it is not necessary to purchase curtains of complex decor with small beads, sequins, pebbles. Such parts can be dangerous for a small child.

For a student, you should choose curtains that do not distract his attention from school, for a teenager it is better to choose models according to his personal preferences.

In the bedroom for a young girl ideal light and air on the fabrics and cut options in soft colors. The curtains of modern, stylish colors, material or mounting design will please young people.

Designer innovations in 2018

Today, curtains are in fashion, ideally complementing the main interior of the room, or playing the role of a bright accent.

Kinds. Curtains in a floor, two-layer curtains from light fabrics, a combination of light and more dense fabric are still popular. Short tulle and curtains come into fashion again. They are now relevant in the design of the children's room. Such type of curtains differs in safety and aesthetic appeal.

Fabrics Modern parents prefer fabrics that do not require special care. Everything is also in fashion naturalness and environmental friendliness. For sewing curtains choose flax, cotton, bamboo. Non-woven curtains are included in the fashion - color blinds or models with photo printing of your favorite characters. Girls will love anime style curtains - today they are very popular.

Color solutions and prints. Unusually popular are curtains with imitation of the starry sky and models with cosmic prints. For boys, a stylish design option will be the manufacture of curtains in the form of a ship's sail in a nautical style. Curtains with prints of modern cartoon characters and movies will be fashionable for kids and younger students. For teenagers - curtains in dark red colors, giving a feeling of security and comfort.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Curtains-threads have become a novelty of design ideas not so long ago. They look organically in the interior of the children's room, giving it a festive look.

For small children, there are options with large cubes, beads, feathers, mini-dolls, stars, and shells - with various elements of the sea, nature, space and wildlife.

For younger students, an interesting style decision will be the design of a room with smaller elements: beads, glass beads, beads, and rhinestones. Shimmering in the sun such details give the room a stunning view.

For older children in the style design there are no restrictions.

Cost of

Curtains for the nursery, made of natural fabrics, of course, can not be cheap. The price of organic cotton and linen is quite high. You can choose your favorite models of synthetic materials, while paying attention to compliance with quality standards and non-toxicity of the fabric. These curtains will cost less. Another option to reduce the cost of curtains will be making them to order or independently. Having bought a fabric that satisfies you in quality, you can give it to the studio or sew curtains with your own hands.

The choice of curtains for the nursery is a difficult but rewarding occupation that will leave only good memories.

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