Changing table for a newborn

Furniture for the baby should be beautiful, compact and functional. The main subject of the interior of the first months of the baby’s life is a changing table for newborns, combined with a chest of drawers. If a simple changing board lasts no more than six months, a chest of drawers can be useful to a child up to the school itself. Such a purchase has a number of advantages and must comply with certain rules.

Domestic manufacturers offer variants of a changing cabinet with a folding table and four to six drawers 60–80 cm long, up to 94 cm high. In the unfolded state, the length of the changing area reaches 75 cm. Border trim is made of PVC that meets hygienic, aesthetic and practical requirements.

Some models of developers instead of a large top drawer have two small and open shelf for baby care supplies.

The most voluminous chest of drawers reach a height of 1 m.Their width is 98 cm, and the depth reaches 48 cm.


Combined furniture for a child is very convenient and allows you to store hygiene products and clothes in one place. At the same time, the place for swaddling is optimally spacious. It fits everything you need, being always at hand.

Thanks to modern design and a wide variety of models, you can choose the option that fits well into the interior of the room, combining with other furnishings. Dressers are usually made of wood. Such furniture is considered noble and gives the room a cozy atmosphere.

Dimensions and optimum weight are calculated on easy transportation of a dresser to any place of the room. For greater ease of movement provided wheels.

Often, models involve the removal of the top board, turning the furniture into a regular dresser or table for a preschooler. In some embodiments, the table can be folded. And in a dresser it is good to store favorite toys, books and school accessories.

A significant moment of such furniture is the ability to do it yourself, having designed the model that will be as comfortable as possible and will fit perfectly into the dimensions of the room.

Important points

In addition to the main purpose, the changing table allows you to perform additional actions: changing a diaper, changing clothes, hygienic procedures, daily gymnastics and massage.

It is necessary that the surface of the table was solid and reliable. Depending on the model, the support may be different. It is important that the table was not only functional, but also safe.

In choosing the height of the chest you need to focus on your own height. Because of the frequent approach to the table, you need to choose the optimal height so that the position of the hands is comfortable and they do not numb.

The best model of a universal dresser for a girl is considered a standard with 5 drawers. In this case, four must be the same size. The fifth box, designed to hold all baby supplies, is twice as wide.

How to choose?

In choosing a product you should pay attention to environmentally friendly raw materials. Wooden chest does not cause allergic reactions. You should not buy options covered with cheap plastic film. She can provoke a baby poisoning.

In order to eliminate the appearance of splinters or scratches, you need to check the chest of drawers for roughness and surface irregularities.

Focusing on the color of the furniture of the interior room, you need to give preference to light shades of the pastel group. This color will be pleasant and soothing. At the same time the shade of a dresser will successfully fit into any interior.

The movement mechanism should be silent and equipped with closers movement. In order for wet cleaning to be carried out easily, the dresser must have two legs in front and wheels on the back.

In order for a newborn girl or a boy not to hit and hurt himself, it is better not to purchase furniture with sharp corners. In addition, if the model of the dresser has a flat surface and no sides are provided, it will not be suitable as a changing table. Having bought such a thing, you will have to add the boundaries necessary for the safety of the baby.

A small changing area is suitable only for newborns, so you need to choose a model with a spacious table, convenient for both mother and baby.


The price of such furniture is significantly different from simple changing boards. Therefore, future fathers often try to pre-make comfortable, multifunctional, overall and compact furniture with their own hands.Often drawers of the chest decorated with drawings or patterns.

In this case, it is always possible to vary the number of boxes and the shape of the frame. For the frame, you can use wood, metal or wood boards of good quality. Cover the chest can be transparent varnish, resistant to external influences, or environmental mixture. Wooden countertops, as a rule, have security barriers. They can be flat or round, in the form of rollers.

Chest well polished to avoid injury. Sometimes craftsmen make a folding cover for swaddling. This allows you to increase the area of ​​the table.

Often the model of the dresser, except for the drawers, provides for special sections, shelves for storing children's accessories. For greater comfort and durability of the dresser, you can equip the table with a waterproof mattress or a special soft oilcloth. At the same time, a flexible mattress with an optimally rigid base must be well fixed on the surface of the dresser.

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