Garage doors Alutech: advantages and disadvantages

 Garage doors Alutech: advantages and disadvantages

Products from the famous company Alutech is considered one of the most sought after. In the widest range of brands presented a variety of gates, ranging from classic garage and ending with panoramic and industrial options. Since the garage doors are considered the most relevant, they will be discussed in this article.

About company

Alutech company is one of the market leaders in sales of specialized systems and various gates. Brand products are sold in many European and other countries of the world, including Russia.

All Alutech enterprises work only with modern and high-tech equipment. It allows the company to produce only those products that not only satisfies all the needs of customers, but also will meet all standards of quality and safety.

The quality of technical products is controlled by specialists at every stage of production.All products of the brand are certified, made from materials safe for humans and the environment. According to company statistics, gate systems are installed on millions of different sites in more than 60 countries around the globe.

All Alutech products receive a lot of positive feedback, not only from regular customers, but also true professionals. Every year the quality of goods is confirmed by European research centers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Garage doors have a special place in the Alutech product range, because they are always in high demand.

Their main advantages are:

  • According to the manufacturer, the insulation of a garage door is quite comparable to a brick wall 60 centimeters;
  • 40 and 45 mm thick product panels provide excellent heat and sound insulation in the garage room;
  • Due to the technical characteristics of the gate from Alutech easily fit even for areas with harsh climatic conditions;
  • Panels are considered one of the most durable and wear-resistant, compared with options from other manufacturers;
  • Even over time, the garage doors will not be covered with corrosion and rust due to their special treatment;
  • The polyurethane coating provides products with reliable chemical resistance;
  • The panels also have a special zinc coating that protects the door surface from various kinds of external damage and the adverse effects of precipitation;
  • According to experts, the garage doors from Alutech can last up to 20 years, even if you open and close them several times a day;
  • Since the products are equipped with rollers with rolling bearings, the gate will not emit extra noise when they are smoothly opened;
  • The constructions of sectional garage doors from the brand are considered completely safe. The uncontrolled movement of the gate is completely excluded, as well as the causeless fall of the canvas itself;
  • Garage products do not require regular care for themselves, in addition, they do not need to constantly lubricate, because all mechanical parts are protected from dust and moisture;
  • All hinges and brackets are made of high quality stainless steel;
  • Also a big advantage is quality service,which provides delivery and installation of the gate in the shortest possible time.

Gates from Alutech can do very expensive for buyers. However, this minus is not significant, since it does not stop many customers from making a purchase. Also, a small drawback can be attributed not very large range of garage doors, which consists of only two main series.


Brand Alutech offers customers the following series of gates:

  • "Trend" (the gate contains panels in 40 mm);
  • "Classic" (45 mm panels).

Trend is a series of profitable and affordable gates that should be chosen by those who want to save money, but at the same time acquire a quality item. Products from this series are perfect for people who live in regions with moderate climatic conditions.

If your garage is not heated, then the “Trend” door is what you need.

Gates from the Classic series are considered to be more stable and warm. They are designed specifically for those who live in cold regions. Products of this type are ideal for heated garages and even rooms with particularly high humidity.

It is best to purchase gates only from direct suppliers and in stores that are licensed to distribute Alutech products. It is highly undesirable to purchase building materials of this type on the Internet, since such items need to be inspected live.


You can install and adjust the garage doors yourself, but many experts do not recommend personally installing them, otherwise there is a risk of incorrectly installing the structure.

It is best to use the services of specialists.

Before purchasing products from the brand, be sure to measure the opening for future gates, because very often it has to be “customized” to the right dimensions and even make small repairs. Lifting gates from the brand Alutech can be installed in any garage opening thanks to several options for their installation.


Both series of garage doors from the brand have five varieties of canvas designs:

  • Microwave;
  • Narrow, medium and wide corrugation;
  • Panel.

You can also make a choice from two texture options:

  • Smooth;
  • With imitation of natural wood.

Options for natural wood are presented in the colors of cherry, dark and golden oak.

The manufacturer offers 10 basic colors of the palette, in which gates from one or another Alutech series can be made.

As additional options to the gate, you can also set:

  • Built-in gate;
  • Window;
  • Castle system.


You can open the gate with unprecedented comfort, because Alutech offers several solutions to this issue:

  • Manual control;
  • Automated.

With the help of a ready-made mechanism on the springs, the Alutech gate can be opened and closed manually. In order to constantly lift the canvas manually without extra effort, it is very important to install a special handle on it. On the inner side, however, a rope is necessary for more convenient closing.

As an addition to manual lifting, it is best to use a special block.. In this case, the manual lifting of the canvas will be carried out with the help of a rope, which is thrown over this block, and also mounted on the lower part of the canvas.

It is best to purchase a block if the height of the gate is more than a few meters. Adjusting such a system does not require much effort and skill.

As for the automatic control, the Alutech sectional doors can easily be equipped with automation. For many customers, this option is much more convenient than manual control, since, for example, on a rainy day, there is no need to leave the car and open the entrance.Just need to press one button on the remote, so that a special electric drive will automatically raise the door leaf.

To automate its products, Alutech brand offers high-quality automatic systems from partner companies, but for this you can choose any other brand besides those already offered. Basically, for the automation of gates, drives are used that are mounted directly under the ceiling of the garage. The gates themselves move through a special chain, which is placed in the drive rail.

To expand the possibilities of controlling garage products, special remote controls for remote control, lamps of signals and some other elements are used.

Issue price

Today, it is not at all necessary for you to go to a point of sale in order to find out from your measurements the price of future garage doors from Alutech and compare their varieties. For this, the company offers a very convenient standard calculator that anyone can use. The cost of products on the site will always be approximate, configurations and additional options you can change at your discretion.

Products from the “Classic” series with tension springs will cost you approximately 45-50 thousand rubles, depending on the region. Gates «Classic» with torsion springs cost up to 80 thousand rubles due to high-quality control system.

Products from the “Trend” series with extension springs will cost the buyer approximately the same as “Classic” - 45 thousand rubles. Gates «Trend» with torsion springs will cost up to 75 thousand rubles.

Of course the more you will need a canvas in size, the more it will cost you. In addition, in its calculator Alutech does not take into account the cost of future installation of products and the price for their delivery. The final cost can always be obtained from the official representatives of the company.

Customer Reviews

Most buyers are satisfied with the purchase of products from Alutech. It is noted that it is not difficult to take care of garage doors, in addition, they are easy to install. But it is best to use the services of specialists, so that the work was done with the highest quality possible. Despite the fact that the range of the brand has only two series of doors, even among them you can choose the right model with reliable and affordable functionality.

Many buyers confirm that Alutech products are the perfect combination of price and quality. Despite the fact that prices may seem slightly overpriced, they will justify themselves in the first years of operation. Especially if we talk about the gate-jalousie, which from year to year receive a lot of excellent reviews.

Products from Alutech are made in a special style, they are presented in different variations of decors and in a large range of colors, which also can not but please potential buyers.

Some buyers consider the minor drawbacks that the products look slightly massive. In addition, they believe that Alutech designs are not the best sound insulation, especially when it comes to roller shutters. Although by themselves rolling garage doors are very popular.

You can find out how to install Alutech sectional garage doors in the following video.

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