Garage doors Hormann: design features

 Garage doors Hormann: design features

Gates from the famous brand Hormann can please many buyers with its wide range, among which even the most fastidious customers will find what they need. Products of the German mark are leading in the market of building materials, due to which it is valued in many countries of the world, including Russia. You will find out what types of garage doors a company can offer, as well as what features they have, in this article.

Wide range of

Hormann offers the following types of garage doors, which you can easily find in the current brand assortment:

  • sectional;
  • lifting and turning;
  • roll models;
  • recoil sectional.

Garage products of this company can be installed not only in private possessions, but also in any other premises, for example, industrial type.Further it is worth considering in more detail each of the varieties of products.

Sectional doors provide a greater width for vehicles compared to other varieties. They are perfect if you need to save space.

Lifting and turning options created for those buyers who are looking for products for ages. Such gates will serve you for many years, they will not require any special and constant care. Lifting-swivel designs are presented in a variety of designs.

Rolling gates will save a lot of space both inside the garage and beyond. Their convenience is that you can park directly in front of them. The profile of the Hormann roll products is made of special aluminum, which even over time does not lose its external and presentable appearance. Since the drive is mounted on the console, it is very easy to maintain. A switch and lighting are also built into the case of the control unit for the products.

Retractable sectional models. Thanks to their versatile design, they are suitable for installation in a variety of garages.Sliding gate panels are filled with special polyurethane foam, which provides the best heat and sound insulation inside the garage. Also, the design involves the partial opening of the web for the passage of people. This is especially convenient if it is not possible to install an additional door.

In addition, the Hormann brand gives customers the opportunity to choose garage side doors that will perfectly match the gate. They are especially convenient for installation, if you often return to the garage, and you do not want to open the main gate.

For any design of the structure, you can easily find suitable doors.

Design features

High characteristics of products and their full compliance with all safety requirements and quality criteria are due, primarily, to the fact that each stage of the production and assembly of the gate is fully controlled by the manufacturer.

From year to year the brand improves the current door designs, improving them and releasing new models. The range of Hormann is regularly updated.

On the creation of products work only true professionals. Besides,for the manufacture of garage products are used only safe building materials and innovative technologies.

Sectional doors from the brand provide a lot of advantages to their owners. For example, their design is so versatile that the gate itself opens and is fixed only under the ceiling; they do not occupy too much space and space. In addition, remote controls with which you can easily open the gate, make this procedure as convenient as possible. Now, even in bad weather, you will not need to get out of your car.

German doors of this manufacturer can be selected for a variety of openings with the configurations you need.

Main characteristics

Products from the brand have excellent characteristics, which can be easily attributed to:

  1. Tightness. It is achieved by a special seal, which is located around the perimeter of a product.
  2. Heat and sound insulation.
  3. The presence of high-quality guides that ensure the smooth operation of sectional types of gates.
  4. Durability. Even over time, products from the brand will not be covered with rust and corrosion, thanks to a special coating based on polyester.

In addition, products from the brand are produced with a reliable and stable locking system, as well as a safety device that protects the door leaf from involuntary falling or opening. Also, some models from the range of brands are available with a tension spring system. The presence of a special torsion mechanism balances the canvas, protecting the design itself from a broken cable and springs.

Before you buy a garage product of this brand, please note that Hormann offers 3 types of gates, designed for different needs of customers.

These include:

  • Single wall LTE door models. Suitable for those structures where thermal insulation is not a priority requirement. Most often, these gates are suitable for individual buildings and premises.
  • EPU double-walled options created for cases when the garage is attached to a frequent house. Products from this series perfectly retain heat indoors.
  • The most popular and practical are LPU gate models. They not only perfectly keep heat insulation, but also silently open.

If you have already decided on one or another type of gate, then you should also pay attention to the types of panels from which the garage products are made.

  • Category S panels are considered standard, their appearance is represented by a narrow horizontal corrugation;
  • Variants M - it is a medium-sized corrugation, it is perfect for complementing the garages of modern private houses and cottages;
  • Large corrugation L Will be the perfect complement to any expensive mansion or luxury home.

Various designs

Hormann always takes care of its customers, and therefore offers a wide variety of designs in which their garage doors are made.

Among the large assortment, you can easily find the following solutions that you may be interested in:

  • Gate with imitation under a natural tree. Any scratches and errors on such a surface can be easily removed. In addition, on dark products they will not be visible at all.
  • Particularly popular models of garage doors with a perfectly smooth surface that imitates silk. Such designs are ideal for complementing expensive cottages and villas.
  • Smooth steel gates with a wave profile are also relevant for purchase among many buyers due to its unusual and not yet annoying design.
  • A very unusual design of the gate is presented in the Decograin series, where you will find five original shades made under wood.
  • One of the most popular are steel gates, which perfectly reflect all the nobility of the metal.

For nature lovers, the brand offers options for garage doors, which are made of real solid wood. Such products are perfect for those customers who prefer everything exceptionally natural and safe.

Little about installation

In spite of the fact that detailed instructions for assembling are always attached to any gate, many experts strongly advise against mounting on their own. This is due to the fact that beginners can not always correctly install one or another construction site, which in the future can cause serious problems with their operation and even the failure of products.

However, when buying a garage door from the brand Hormann in the kit, you are sure to receive instructions with a diagram of the assembly of the lifting device and a detailed description of the installation process itself. But it’s up to you to do it yourself or hire professionals.

Some features of operation

Deciding to purchase the gate from this German brand, you will certainly not lose, because they have a lot of advantages.

It is the best of all to choose drives for gate from two checked and demanded versions which concern:

  • ProMatic drive;
  • SupraMatic drive.

These systems are silent, they do not require special skills to configure. They will easily provide the owner with comfortable and safe operation of the product.

Hormann garage doors have special protection against water stagnation, thanks to which the products themselves will be protected from moisture for many years. A very important point is the presence of additional protection on the garage door. Now you can be sure that attackers will not get into your private property through the garage.

Do not forget that the mechanical door system will work even if there is no electricity. Moreover, if the automatics is absent, you will have no problem opening the gates manually.


From year to year, German garage doors receive a lot of excellent reviews not only from satisfied customers, but also from the real professionals.

The advantages most often include the following points:

  • Individual approach to each client and selection of the size of the finished product corresponding to all the declared parameters.
  • The presence of a remote control, which in one click opens the gate.
  • Excellent quality coatings products that do not deteriorate even after many years. The gates are not rusty and look like new.
  • Sound and noise insulation also can not please customers.

The disadvantages of many buyers include rather high prices for garage products and some expenses for their installation. But, in general, we can safely say that the gates from the brand Hormann certainly deserve special attention.

Details of the installation sectional doors for the garage Hormann, see the following video.

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