Sectional doors: the rules of choice

 Sectional doors: the rules of choice

All owners of cars want to reliably protect their garage from hacking, without using too much space for fencing. These are the qualities that sectional doors possess. Before you purchase them, it is important to know what features and advantages such gates have, as well as how to choose them correctly for a particular type of garage and install them in the opening.

Special features

Sectional doors are lifting garage structures that are mounted above the ceiling of the garage. In the closed position, the canvas is positioned vertically, and in the open position - half-horizontally under the ceiling. This feature determines the compact size of the gate and ease of use. In addition, such gates, due to the design features, Provide the ability to automatically lift the canvas.

The choice of designs is very wide, as is the model range, therefore they can be easily selected for any type of garage. In addition, you can choose models that are suitable for the design of the garage or house in style and color scheme.

Sectional doors are able to provide the highest degree of garage security. In addition, they have the function of sound insulation. The construction itself is also almost soundless, and therefore the gate silently rises and falls. This is especially true of automated systems.

This design includes a door leaf, which consists of sandwich panels. The panels themselves are made mostly of steel, and the inside is filled with foamed polyurethane. Cloths from the gate are fastened to each other with the help of loops and climb along the guides.

Guides can be hidden from the top, panels will also slide in there. Thus, you can open them both manually and using an automated system.

It is possible to fix the gate in the open position, and also to close it with a special latch or lock.They are an excellent alternative to swing gates, as they do not require a place when opening. You can drive almost close to the garage before you open the sash. They are used not only to arrange the entrance to the garages, but also to restrict entry into the territory of the house, to block access to industrial and warehouse premises.

Such gates are very reliable. Regardless of the weather and other external conditions, they are easily opened and fixed. In addition, the doors are sealed and securely fixed. That is why they have a good thermal insulation function. This is perfect for cases when the garage is attached to a private house. The garage will not be so cold.

These gates often have an anti-burglar feature. They reliably protect you and ensure complete safety. The construction of the door itself is also harmless: the risk of injury is almost zero, because it is very reliable.

Such gates can be additionally equipped with special devices in order to control them more comfortably. They work great on remote control and perfectly complement anythe buildings. As a rule, they are available in standard sizes, but may vary depending on the manufacturer.


Sectional doors, depending on their specific purpose and certain characteristics, are divided into types. So, there are:

  • Sectional garage doors. Admit the possibility of installation on any garage openings. Most often they are made of sandwich panels about 5 cm thick. In addition, since they are installed in the garage outside, they are covered with special polymeric substances that prevent corrosion. These can be manual models or automatic systems. Hand-operated products operate on springs, which are designed for more than 25,000 lifting and lowering cycles. But even if the spring breaks, such a system will be protected due to the function of additional protection against the fall of the blade. Many such models have protection against hand crushing, which is triggered when you lift the panel.
  • Lifting sectional gates may have a large number of sections. Basically, these are devices with an automatic system, and they are also made from sandwich panels.Such models may have mechanical stoppers and additional supports for safety. And you can choose as a standard gate with a thickness of 4 cm, as well as better and reliable models with a thickness of 6 cm. Such gates are often used to enter the house or for the garage.
  • Industrial sectional doors are more reliable. As a rule, this type of gate is designed for 100,000 cycles. Most often they have a lifting mechanism on the torso, which is equipped with protection against breakage of the torso or springs. They are intended for warehouse and industrial premises. And this causes their non-standard appearance, allowing them to be installed under a sloping roof and at the entrance to warehouses, even with very high ceilings, which is necessary for the entry of cargo vehicles. But such models have a simpler design and design.
  • Sectional door with door they are distinguished by the fact that they are a canvas in which there is an additional entrance door. You can enter the gate, when necessary, without opening the gate completely. And this gate is usually only open out. The door leaf itself also rises up, despite the fact that the door is installed on them. It can be models with rolling shutters.As a rule, the door leaf is made to match the color of the gate and has a very low threshold. This is a great solution for those who spend a lot of time in the garage. You can enter it without fully opening the gate and not closing it behind you. This is a great option to avoid additional door installation.
  • Automatic sectional doors - This is a large group of products that have an automatic lifting mechanism-engine. As a rule, they are equipped with special protection against falling of a cloth, therefore they are completely safe. It is believed that this is the quietest and almost silent version of the gate. Automatic sectional doors are a great solution for families with small children. Very often, the noise of a manual sectional door wakes them up, but in this case the problem will be solved. Of course, such coatings have a higher cost, but they are much more convenient to use. In addition, many models are equipped with an additional mechanism with a torso so that you can carry out the balancing of the canvas.

In addition, the last type of gate is divided into types depending on the characteristics.It can be standard thin models or the warmed thicker and reliable gate.

The choice will depend on the purpose of this design, because if you install them on the street at the entrance to the site, the warmed models will be useless. Also an excellent option are fire doors. This design has reliable protection against fire and ensures complete safety.


The device sectional gate has a number of features. So, they consist not of one cloth, but of several sections. These functional elements are reliable and at the same time mobile. Fasteners have to be made at the expense of the loops, and all of them are fixed in three places, three in each: in the center and at the two edges. The design is also complemented by rollers that move along guides.

Guides are mounted on the edges of the entrance. And they are located in the upper part of the aperture and gently bend, moving into the ceiling. It is in these grooves that rollers are inserted into the guides. When the gate opens, the rollers move along guides in special grooves-rails. The canvas rises and bends, and then fixed on the ceiling.Closing, the whole system moves in the reverse order.

Sectional doors can include in their design the following components:

  • spring mechanism (or another version of the mechanism);
  • the cloth consisting of sections;
  • guides;
  • suspensions.

The panels themselves can be diverse, but many manufacturers warm them with special materials.

The device sectional doors varies depending on the type of lift. He, in turn, depends on the height of the stitching. It is measured from the top of the opening to the ceiling. It can be a standard type of lift, if the height of the stitching is from 30 to 60 cm. Models with such a lift are standard. As a rule, the height of these models can be up to 10 m, but the width is limited to 7 m. They are the most democratic in cost, and besides, they give a low load on the spring mechanism.

Types of lifting:

  • Low type lifting is used if the size of the stitching is from 15 to 30 cm. Thus, when the gate is open, the stitching is lowered by about 10-15 cm, slightly closing the upper part of the passage. In this case, the drum mechanism is located most often in the back.In this case, the brackets are mounted on the guides. The shaft is fixed on them. In order to automate such systems, install drives on the ceiling.
  • High rise presented in the form of models for a stitching no less than 60 cm. Models of the automatic type operate on an axial drive at such a height. Such a system allows for more compact installation of guides. Moreover, the mechanism is more reliable than the inclined one.
  • Oblique option - This is a high rise, which implies raising the ceiling from the gate to the back wall. Installed at a height of tributaries from 50 to 150 cm. It is quite expensive, compared to the rest, construction.
  • Vertical lift It is a fairly simple design that has an upper spring. An axial drive is also installed to automate such gates. It provides lifting the canvas only up, while it does not bend to the ceiling. Guides are located only along the wall behind. This type of sectional door device is suitable for tall garages.

But install them only if the door leaf weighs no more than 1000 kg.But at the same time the guides are located along the entire canvas and have a greater length. This without causing their high cost.

The type of work and the structure of the door are generally affected by the lifting mechanism. As a rule, there are two main options - torsion and spring:

  • Torsion sectional door mounted on the shaft. It itself is located above the aisle. In the closed state, the gate does not set the spring in motion, and it does not shrink, but when the sections are raised, the springs twist and at this time their elasticity accumulates. With the descent down this elasticity is released.
  • The second option is a model with expanding springs. They are placed in the side parts relative to the guides. When the gate rises, the springs stretch, and when the passage closes, the spring returns to its original position.

Torsion systems are more interesting because you can independently adjust the density of the closed leaf. They provide a higher level of thermal insulation and do not let in cold air, because the door fits tightly to the floor.

But this mechanism is used only in case the skirt is rather high.


Many models of sectional doors have the ability to open only manually. But this is not very convenient, especially when it is snowing, raining or frost. That is why many manufacturers present models with an automated lifting type. But such products differ in the type of mechanism:

  • Option that provides installation of the drive on the ceiling. The drive uses a standard one that does not require high power.
  • Models with axial drive. This type of drive is installed near the upper axis, and it is this one that starts the process of axis rotation. Such products are very expensive, but more powerful. They are suitable for almost any garage sectional doors. With their help, you can raise the gate as high as possible.

The mechanism can be selected based on the parameters of the gate, their device, as well as configuration. Moreover, the process of opening and lowering the gate down takes place with the help of a remote control. This may be a control panel. It is often placed on the wall near the gate.

Using a special button, the power is turned on and the canvases slowly rise upwards.But while you still have to leave the car to open the gate, going to the panel. But such a mechanism is more cost-effective.

There are also models that are remotely controlled. As a rule, these are small charms that perform the role of a control panel. They have a built-in radio transmitter that transmits a signal to the receiver in the drive of the gate mechanism. Thus, you can open this device from a certain distance, without leaving your car or home.

The newest and most common version of the automated type of gate is a lifting mechanism that operates from a signal from a computer or a telephone. In this case, the drive is set only high quality and modern. Its design has a microprocessor. That he is able to receive signals and respond to your request.

The most popular of all types of automated systems - option with charms. It is affordable and easy to use. It will be easier to operate the gate, and the system itself will cost only slightly more expensive than models with a remote control on the wall or hand-made products.

Materials and Design

Cloths for gates are made of different materials. So, it can be “cold” and “warm” sections. The first type is used extremely rarely. It is characterized by the absence of insulation, it has a thinner surface. "Cold" canvases, as a rule, are installed on the street at the entrance to the territory of the house.

"Warm" canvases have an additional layer of insulation, which guarantees the difference between the temperature conditions inside the garage and outside. As a rule, typical sectional doors are made of sandwich panels. They are two metal planes, between which there is a layer of insulation.

Metal surfaces are made of steel. And the most commonly used black galvanized steel or stainless steel. The topmost layer is a polyurethane coating of minimum thickness. Behind them is a thin primer and tread protective layer. And just below them is a steel layer less than a millimeter thick.

The next layer, located under the lacquer layer - foamed polyurethane. And, as a rule, use polyurethane medium density. This is a great option for garage doors.Polyurethane coating is necessary so that the front surface is resistant to rust.

There are also some unusual models that are made of natural wood. As a rule, they are made only by some companies and most often to order. But there are models that are not made of natural wood, but only imitate the surface of the wood. Moreover, they may even have a rough relief texture. But more popular are smooth sectional doors.

As for the material for insulation, polyurethane foam, as a rule, performs its role, but more expensive models have mineral wool in their composition. Insulation closes hermetically, so the cold air does not penetrate inside. That is why the type does not matter much, the main thing is that it creates a good barrier.

As for the appearance of sectional doors, the manufacturers present many interesting options. So, there are models with fully panoramic windows, which are made of insulated thermal packs. It can be both transparent glasses and mirror inserts.

The next finish option is the use of textured color.surfaces. It can be options that mimic expensive quality wood, as well as mosaic coating. There are even models that look like fabric with an interesting pattern.

Manufacturers even provide the opportunity to choose any color of the door leaf of a particular model that best suits your home design.

In addition, you can choose models with an interesting pattern and even make original inscriptions on a personal sketch. But such subtleties of design increase the cost of the gate by about 25%. Author's sectional doors cost about 1,000,000 rubles, but their design is exclusive.

Locking methods

The methods of locking the sectional door can also vary depending on the type of construction. There are only three main options for locking:

  1. Gate valve This option is a spring bolt that closes manually. It is installed from the inside and is only suitable if there is an additional swing door on the side of the garage or in the door leaf itself. It has a fairly simple design and basic equipment.
  2. Built-in lock. This is another standard option, which is a lock type. It has two handles and locks it with a key.In this case, in the center of the blade set handles with which you can open the gate. A special cable is attached to them from inside, which pulls the lock construction when you turn it.
  3. Automatic locking. This is the most convenient option that is suitable for automatic systems. At the same time in the canvas there are no additional wells or bolts. It is a construction that is locked with a drive lock. And most often, such a lock occurs automatically when the door leaf falls down. To unblock such gate independently, some additional ways are applied. This applies to situations where there is no key at hand, and the gate must be urgently opened.

Emergency blocking is removed by pulling a specially installed cable. In addition, in this case, some make additional holes under the key, with which you can manually pull out the cylinder of constipation. As a rule, a special unlocking cable is attached to it.


In order to properly install the garage door, you must follow the instructions.First of all, you need to prepare a doorway for them. But first you need to prepare all the building materials and tools. You will need:

  • building level;
  • drill;
  • roulette;
  • hammer;
  • drill;
  • spanners;
  • trowel;
  • cement mortar.

First you need to trim the gate outside. It is best to carry out these actions in advance. It is necessary to align all the internal elements of the doorway and the walls adjacent to it, as well as to strengthen the opening. To do this, you need metal corners and a channel, which will allow you to cook the frame to the size of the doorway. It is installed on the bolts. This option will be necessary if your garage is not made of concrete or brick. These options do not require additional fasteners.

If you still installed the frame, then it must be polished with a grinder, and then covered with a layer of soil. As it dries, you need to plaster it in the joints with the wall and paint it. Then it will be necessary to get rid of all the irregularities, because they can reduce the tightness of the structure and its reliability. Selecting the door leaf, you must remember that above and around the edges of the opening should be approximately 50 cm. If the wall width is less, the installation will be more difficult. Perhaps, in this case, the sectional model will not suit you. The height of the tributaries should be at least 30 cm.

The installation of sectional doors begins with a markup, where you will subsequently fix the guides. One panel must be installed across the opening horizontally so that its edges go on both sides. After that, you need to retreat a couple of centimeters away from the panel and put the corresponding marks in pencil. This must be done on both sides of the opening. After that, with the help of the level you need to draw a vertical line through these marks.

It is important not to allow any deviations, so that the gate will not skew later. It will impede the movement of cloths along the guides.

Then it is necessary to drill holes in the marking line and drive dowels about 1 cm in size into them. They need to bait rack racks. After that, you need to install the structure vertically, and only then tighten the fasteners. After you set the guides vertically, you can attach the horizontal guides. You need to use for this retention bar. All joints must be strengthened with special metal plates and bolts. After you install such a frame, you need to check if there are any gaps, how carefully it is installed and how well it fits.

After that, you can proceed to the assembly of door leafs. The corner bracket is installed in the lower part. And it is fixed with the help of three screws. At the top of each panel, you must make a hole where the hinges will be attached. After that, you need to expand the panels in the correct order and align them, fix the hinges on the bottom panel, and then tighten them with self-tapping screws. Then the loop must be installed on the other two panels.

Further it is necessary to fix the side supports and rollers for the guides. In the guides, first install the bottom, then the middle, and then the upper part of the gate. Moreover, each section is sequentially fixed with the help of loops. The canvas should be adjacent to all walls around the perimeter. Only after that you can already install all the additional mechanisms. Last but not least, you need to put a limiter that will adjust the level of lifting sections,and will also be responsible for the automatic drive.

Additional options

Sectional door systems may have additional options. They allow to diversify not only the device of the construction itself, but also the appearance of the gate. Additional options improve the usability of the system, as well as make it more practical.

So, often sectional doors complement glazing. It can be several windows, which are most often located in the upper part. As a rule, they are small. In some cases, the windows are not even completely transparent.

But there are also larger versions of windows, usually located in the center in the middle section of the gate. They are great if you often work in the garage. So daylight will flow into this room and make work in the garage more convenient and comfortable. You can order glazing on virtually any surface area of ​​such gates. So you can diversify the design of these products, but also save on electricity, because, as a rule, there is no natural lighting in the garages.

When glazing sections are complemented by a profilein which transparent polyurethane or acryle fastens. Acrylic is a more expensive option, but it quickly becomes opaque, hazy, its color changes. Therefore, for glazing is best to use sheet polycarbonate. Its surface does not become turbid, but the cost of such models is higher.

When installing a sectional garage door with glazing, consider whether you really need it. After all, the sun's rays will negatively affect the paint of the car, standing inside.

This option is suitable only if during the day the car does not always stand in the garage or when it is pushed further to the back wall in such a way that the sun's rays do not fall on it.

Among other options are:

  • Installation of the ventilation grille. This system provides high-quality ventilation and improves the microclimate in the garage. You can make such grids right in the door leaf. This is a cheaper way than, for example, installing them in a wall, mounting them additionally and drilling space for them. In the garage room will not be too wet.
  • Installation of the built-in gate. Often, there is no exit from the garage to the house, so you have to first drive the car, get out of it, and only then close the gate. But to solve this problem can install an additional door. In the plane of the sectional gate, it is more expensive. This system is quite complicated, especially in installation. As a rule, such a door does not have a threshold, so you can easily kick out a bicycle and some garden equipment from the garage. And for this you do not have to use the whole mechanism.
  • Install the battery. So you will secure this system. If the power supply is turned off, you can easily open the gate using this option. An alternative option is to install a manual unlock system.
  • Possibility to purchase an additional control panel or key fob. And most often they are purchased in larger quantities than necessary, prozapas, so that you can use the second set, even if the first is lost.
  • Installation of motion sensors. They increase safety in such a way that the web stops movement when closing, if a moving object appears near it.It can be adults, children and even animals. So the gate will not harm, but on the contrary, will protect you.
  • Possibility of additional installation of signal lamps. They are able to give signals and turn on at the time when the drive will work. Thanks to them, you will not be able to close the gates and, in general, protect them from foreign influences.
  • Additional option for manual sectional door is installation of the manual gate lift unit. It allows you to reduce the cost of time and effort to lift the gate manually. As a rule, its role is performed by a chain reducer. This is a great option for high and massive sectional doors. As for the appearance of the gate, the additional option is the ability to select the type of profile. It may be different in size corrugations: C-corrugation, M-corrugation and L-corrugation. Such designs change the appearance of the gate. The size of the gate section directly depends on this option.
  • Among the useful options include possibility of heat and sound insulation. This function is characterized by the thickness of the door leaf, as well as its filling. Warm models with dense filling are best suited.
  • The next option is sealing of the movable section. It involves the installation of a rubber seal that minimizes heat loss. It can be top, horizontal, side and bottom seals. They will provide tightness and durability of the structure. Such seals are most often made from polymer rubber. Another option that manufacturers often provide is to cover the door with a special compound. It provides corrosion resistance. Many manufacturers cover the door with a polymer layer that performs several functions at once: decorative, protective, as well as prolongs their service life.

At the same time, important requirements are also placed on fittings. It should be stainless with additional coating.

Another option is the ability to provide service. As a rule, manufacturers provide the opportunity for technical inspection and installation of equipment, as well as its maintenance during operation. But usually it requires additional payment.


Now popular sectional doors from the Russian brand Doorhan. Particularly relevant model series RSD01.The manufacturer has 13 configuration options, so you can easily assemble a suitable system. Models of this series have a reliable mechanism with tension springs. The canvas is complemented by balancing. The manufacturer sets the maximum number of cycles of raising and lowering - 25000.

In addition, the manufacturer guarantees good thermal insulation and the absence of a cold bridge. You can choose the design and color design of the sectional doors of the Doorhan brand. You can pick up a garage sectional door with a torsion mechanism of the RSD02 series, which this brand represents.

Known and company Zaiger, representing garage sectional automatic gates. They consist of sections of sandwich panels filled with rigid polyurethane foam. Presented and functional models with built-in wicket.

Another option is a quality gate. "Protrend" from the company "Alutech". They are made of galvanized steel outside, as well as fittings on them. They are resistant to corrosion, durable and reliable. The thickness of the panels is 4 cm. The manufacturer suggests choosing the appropriate size and design of the gate. Presented even models under the tree.

Gate represents the brand Came. These are garage section models for rooms of the small and average size. The manufacturer also offers drives for the automation of such systems.

Company Nice presents a wide range of automation and other components for sectional doors. Popular and reliable are the models of drives from Nice.

Drives also represents the brand Marantec. They are made in Germany. At the same time, the company offers signal lamps, photocells and actuators of various types.

Operation Tips

When operating the door, regular maintenance is required. In addition, you may have to do their repairs. Most often the need for repair is due to the failure of the seal or the breakage of the decorative accessories. It is also possible to wear springs or wheels, as these are the parts that account for the largest load. That is why they need to first monitor and maintain.

In addition, during operation may break or damage one of these sections. In this case, it can be replaced with a similar one by disassembling the structure.

Another problem that may arise during operation - jamming automatic drive. As a rule, this is due to the distortion of the structure caused by shrinkage of the garage or deformation of the soil.

All these problems arise due to errors when installing the gate. In general, maintenance should be done about once a year if you use the gate for domestic needs. But the sectional models installed in the production areas, you need to maintain every six months.

In order to avoid possible disturbances in the operation of sectional gates, it is necessary to maintain a good indoor climate, to ventilate it. The wear of mechanisms is influenced by increased humidity, as well as temperature conditions in the room. It is necessary to ensure good ventilation, as well as dryness of the mechanism.

It is necessary to regularly conduct periodic inspection of structures - check the tightness and integrity of the panels, the degree of wear of all fittings and lock fastenings.

Also, check how well the sections are interconnected.

It is also important to check the guides: they should not have distortions and deformations, otherwise you will need to replace them.It is also necessary to regularly tighten the rollers and ensure maximum density of the clamping of the canvas. Rollers, holders and locks, as well as valves must be regularly lubricated. It is necessary to monitor the degree of wear of the rollers and timely replace them with new ones. If there are springs in the design of the gate, they must be controlled and adjusted, and tensioned if they are weakened.

All cables must also be checked: they should not be kinked and splitting, otherwise you will have to replace them. In addition, you need to check the smoothness of the movement of the blade and the speed of response of the mechanism, if the system of your gate is automated.

Gate adjustment is one of the most important indicators of their performance.

To learn how to install sectional doors yourself, see the video below.

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