Loft-style living room: interior design features

In order for your living room to be beautiful and attractive, with its arrangement it is worth adhering to the same style. Recently, such a trend as loft is gaining popularity. It is this design that will help you organically combine the new and the old, vintage and modern. This style will appeal to creative people who are open to everything new, and also love open space. Let us consider in more detail the main features of the interior design of the living room in the loft style.

A bit of history

The upper room of the warehouse - this is exactly the literal translation of the name of this style. Homeland directions can be considered America. It was there in the 40s of the last century loft gained popularity. People began to massively settled in houses that used to be industrial premises. They were all abandoned after the Great Depression.

It was during this period that real estate prices went up.Factories began to move beyond the city limits, and squares began to ennoble for home life. So this particular style appeared, which presumes maximum freedom of accommodation and a democratic atmosphere.

The interior in loft style we see in American movies. It is notable for its special decoration and arrangement. At the core - conciseness and simplicity. This direction can not be confused with any other.

Today, young people, creative people, Bohemian people, and people who strive for self-expression, like original combinations of home decoration prefer to be located in such apartments.

Character traits

Loft-style living room will be attractive to many modern people. This direction has gained popularity in many countries with different cultural traditions. The main idea - free space. There is no littering here. You will not find in such a room even intricate details, any expensive things. Everything will be simple and stylish.

Consider the main features of the direction:

  • The first thing that attracts lovers of this direction is open space. A large area helps to combine several areas: kitchen, dining room, study. It is worth remembering that the space in this case should be open.Do not use partitions.
  • The characteristic and recognizable style features include fairly high ceilings. Their decoration should be in bright keys. This will help to visually expand the room and make it more attractive.
  • Important for this area is good lighting. Spacious windows perfectly cope with this task. Other light sources should also be provided. They will make the living room look like a studio.
  • The main indicator of style are the elements that emphasize the industrialness of the room. These can be pipes, wires, bricks or their imitation.
  • Factory decoration should be optimally combined with comfortable furniture, creating a homely atmosphere. At the same time, the design should also be original and interesting.
  • Another important feature of the style is that the pieces of furniture are located in the center of the room. The walls should remain as free as possible.
  • Particular attention is paid, above all, items of furniture and decor, which can be easily rearranged and interchanged. This feature helps to create a new interior, while maintaining the basic decoration of the room.
  • The possibility of self-expression. This direction will allow you to express yourself. In the living room you can use different colors and their combinations. At the same time, it is important to follow general principles - coziness and comfort.

Registration can be chosen to your liking. These can be attractive options with a ladder or a room where only the most necessary things for you are located.

Thus, it is necessary to prepare a design project of the hall with all the above requirements in order to withstand the style of even a small room.

Finishing materials

This style is characterized by certain materials that make the direction recognizable:

  • The main highlight - brick. At the same time, it is not necessary that all walls be laid out of it or of its imitation. One wall will suffice. This material is used in its classic red color. You can choose other keys. For example, an interior with a white brick wall will help to expand the space, fill the room with light. For those who are not afraid of more original solutions, there is a black matte color of the brickwork. Such a decision will be bold and fashionable.Against such a background, gold and copper accessories will look especially advantageous. To give the interior a laconic modern look, you can use glass, wood, modern technology.
  • Another finishing option is concrete. Despite the fact that the usual gray concrete walls do not tally with comfort and home furnishings, the real research of experienced designers allow you to create a real masterpiece from any room. Even a small apartment with the use of concrete trim can look cute and cozy. In this case, you can combine dark and light tones, various textures. Add expressiveness with classic baseboards or ceiling moldings.
  • Along with the above listed finishing materials, applied and tree. This eco-friendly material is chosen by many modern residents. The tree has several advantages. For example, a noble look that allows you to create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Experienced designers are advised to combine this material with others. If you decorate the wall with vertical boards, this will allow you to visually raise the ceiling. Good wood will be combined with red brick.
  • Involves loft application and metal. However, to get involved in this material is not recommended. It is better to decorate the walls and ceiling with metal objects. These can be pipes, beams, frames. Such brilliance will give more modernity to your home.
  • Plaster can perform a neutral role. Plastered walls will shade and emphasize the place with a stylistic finish.
  • Also cope well with its decorative task. glass. This material will help identify the different areas of the room.


For this direction is characteristic and a certain decor of the room. Style implies a minimum of design elements. There will be inappropriate abundance of small statuettes or sentimental knickknacks. It is best to dignify a room with large-sized art photos, large vases, designer armchairs.

If you choose such a work of art as a picture, then you should focus on the abstraction or image in the style of pop art.

It is not necessary to place the decor in traditional ways. It will be interesting to look at paintings in large frames, standing on the floor or against the wall.It will be possible to arrange a collage of photos or magazine clippings in such a room. This direction suggests the possibility to use as a decor various objects that are part of the urban culture. For example, you can decorate the interior with a variety of road signs, posters, you can hang a billboard or make graffiti.

Do not be afraid to experiment. You can express your individuality, create an attractive and unusual design of the living room, which will appeal to all home, as well as guests. This practical style will help bring brightness and originality to your home, and your room will find a stylish and beautiful look.

You can also use a swing that hangs from the ceiling as decoration. Perfectly fit a billiard table, futsal, table tennis. Highlight the style of well-chosen lamps of unusual shapes. In this case, the colors they may also be different.

Other notable elements of decor can be used: a cast-iron radiator, a wall-mounted mirror, a carpet of any color that blends well with furniture. You can also choose an interesting pattern, for example, chess, rainbow, colors,imitating animal skins.

As for the windows, it is better to leave them open or use thick plain curtains.

Lace and multilevel drapes will not work here.

Colors and prints

To the advantage and attractiveness of this style can be attributed a variety of color solutions that will help create the room of your dreams and comfortably furnish it. The color palette can be very different. You can experiment with shades in the style of Provence, as well as classic or any other that is combined with the loft. In this case, the primary colors can be white, gray, brown, beige.

Originality will help to give also other shades, for example, black, blue, purple, green, silver, orange, olive, burgundy. With the help of a rich palette, you can create the most interesting solutions for the living room. Also do not forget about the combination of parts. Use exclusive accessories. They can also become a bright highlight of the whole interior.

It is worth noting that can make the decor monochrome or arrange a real riot of colors in your living room.The surface of the walls can be decorated with graffiti or huge posters. These options are often used by designers in the arrangement of living rooms in the style of a loft. Also, modern people prefer to use combinations such as white with a deep shade of dark colors.

The latter include blue, gray, maroon tones.

We select furniture

As for furniture, here you can also select those models that you like. The loft style is characterized by a combination of retro furniture with modern models. Products can be made of glass, metal, wood or plastic.

The furniture with leather, suede and textile upholstery will also look impressive. It is better, of course, to use a monotonous upholstery.

So the interior will look more stylish and attractive.

The features of furniture for this style include:

  • The use of models on wheels. So it will be easy and convenient to push the product at the right moments for you. Thus, you can change the situation at any time.
  • The presence of modern technology will also emphasize the style. Must be a plasma TV, computer, speakers.
  • It is good if there are shelves in the hall, as well as open shelves. It is better that they were metal.
  • Underline the style and various antique items. This may be a rocking chair, table, chest. Furniture can also be artificially aged, with scuffs and rust.

But what exactly is not suitable for a living room of such a stylistic orientation is furniture sets. It assumes a combination of different styles. At the same time, everything should look harmonious and organic enough, and the appearance of your room should cause delight, above all, among you and your household.

Do not use cabinet furniture - no stamps. You can, of course, purchase design options that will help to express your personality. They should be in the style of minimalism or constructivism. So you will emphasize practicality and originality of your interior. Baroque furniture and antique variants are not suitable for this area.

Perfectly fits into the overall concept of the living room fireplace. And it can be in a modern version, with metal or glass inserts.You can purchase the most original versions of an unusual form. Successfully fit into the style of high-tech or modern.

A coarser version in the form of a metal barrel or forged will also look great.

Beautiful examples

If you decide to make repairs and find a highlight in your own interior, then you can safely experiment with the loft style. You yourself or with the help of experienced specialists will be able to create attractive options that will appeal to all members of your family. Well in this direction fit two-level apartments. In compact rooms it is quite difficult to convey the magnitude of the loft. However, if you wish, you can create a small living room in a similar style.

For this purpose it is necessary to apply only light shades. Such a finish will help to visually expand the room, make it bright and attractive. It is recommended to create window frames in the color of the walls. They will merge with them, further expanding the space of the living room. But the elements of the brickwork should be in strictly limited quantities.

If you abuse this element of the decor, the walls can visually reduce the space in a confined space.It will be good to use small statues, lamps in a modern style. As for the furniture, it can be left only at a minimum.

To make the hall look even more interesting, you can add a couple of black and white pictures of celebrities. You can also pick up an antique table, a bookcase that will help create a contrast with modern technology. It is worth noting that the loft style will cost much less than, for example, the classical or antique style. This is also an added advantage.

Among the beautiful examples we can point out the options where old chests are located, original watches, sofa cushions with unusual applications, antique carpets, abstract souvenirs, lamps that have a non-standard design. In the middle of the hall there can be a table around which a sofa will be located.

Thus, we looked at the features and advantages of the loft style, as well as examples of how the living room should be decorated in this style. Do not forget to follow the features that are described above and characterize this direction. So you can not only express yourself, but also create a fashionable option for your home, which will help to charge with positive emotions all households.

You will learn more about how to decorate the living room in the style of "Loft" in the following video.

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