Tile design in the kitchen

Advantages and disadvantages

The kitchen is the most popular work area in the house. This room is characterized by high air humidity, high temperatures, and many harmful substances are used to clean the surfaces in the kitchen. These factors make it very serious to choose materials for finishing the kitchen.

The decoration of this functional area also plays an important role, since this room is always filled with people: be it a family dinner or a meeting of friends. That is why it is important to create a friendly and warm atmosphere in the kitchen, in which its proper decoration can help.

In connection with all this, a logical question arises: how and what to decorate and equip the kitchen? The most difficult is the choice of material for walls and floors. And the most correct decision in this case will be to stop on a tile. Ceramic tile is the most reliable and therefore the most popular material for the kitchen. The strength and durability of such tiles due to the special technology of its creation.

In addition to the high quality of good ceramic tiles, it is also distinguished by a large variety of design and color solutions. You can choose a tile that fits into the interior design of any kitchen, and at the same time such a purchase will not hit your wallet.

Through the use of this building material, you can correctly place accents in the kitchen and highlight your good taste. The shops now have a very wide selection of different tiles. All of it differs with the original design, structure, size of each link, as well as the color scheme.

The main positive feature of the tile is its complete safety for households. The composition of this building material is clay, which is burned in the process of production of tiles. Under the influence of high temperature, all possible harmful substances are killed. Another positive quality that tile tiles possess is its durability and strength. This material is very immune to the effects of external factors in the form of moisture and temperature, so tile can maintain its beautiful appearance for a long time.

Another important quality of tile is its heat resistance, it simply does not burn. Besides the fact that the tile meets the requirements of fire safety, it conducts electricity very poorly, so you can be calm and safe from the effects of electricity. For many housewives, the following quality is important: the surface of the tile is very easy to care for, it is easy to wash and clean. In addition, the tile does not create the conditions for the spread of harmful bacteria.

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Basics of tile selection

When choosing this building material, it is important to consider that it can be used for finishing floors, walls or kitchen apron. Decorative tiles must be selected not only on the basis of its external properties, but also based on its quality characteristics.

The kitchen area is the most visited compared to others, so the selected building materials must withstand high loads and drops.

It is important to pay attention to the quality of the tile, as poor quality tile will be subject to abrasion and destruction.

Buy products that have been tested for strength: it is necessary to purchase such a tile that would not break under a strong blow from the fall of dishes.In addition, you should pay attention to tile coating: it must withstand chemical and thermal effects and at the same time do not falsely crack or deform

If you are buying a tile for finishing the floor, choose only non-slippery materials that would not create an emergency in the kitchen.

Also, when choosing a tile, it is important to pay attention to its design, since it plays an important role. Properly chosen tiles can become a highlight of the interior of your kitchen and help bring warmth and comfort to your home.

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Styling methods

The tile is an excellent facing material, but experts do not advise to give preference to the same tile when designing different surfaces. It is best to divide the kitchen into working and dining areas by laying different tiles. Stacking of floor tiles in a staggered manner is very popular among designers, as such a decision will help to make the kitchen brighter and bring in contrast and brightness. This masonry is very versatile, it will help to complement any style of interior: from classic to modern high-tech.

If you prefer this style of laying tile floor, the tile on the apron should be monochrome and light, so as not to look alyapisto.

If you have the most ordinary bright design of the kitchen, then you better give preference to bright and unusual solutions when choosing masonry tiles. So, you can lay tile in a bright patchwork style, or alternating tiles of contrasting colors.

It will look very original masonry, which subsequently creates an overall picture with any patterns. It can be a floral, geometric or ethnic print on the walls and an apron of your kitchen.

Another popular solution for laying floor tiles is Christmas tree laying. Such a laying visually resembles a parquet pattern and looks very attractive. Laying tiles in the style of parquet is great for kitchens decorated in a classic style. A very bright creative solution will be the design of the kitchen tiles in the form of a mosaic. In this way, it is very unusual to decorate walls and an apron so that the pattern will be laid out in whole art castings.


Decorative tiles can be very diverse in design, it is divided into groups depending on the appearance.There are many types of tiles, such as Moroccan, marbled tiles, imitation stone tiles, bricks, and other textured ceramic tiles. The loft-style kitchen design with brickwork tiles is very popular now. Manufacturers are a variety of models of tiles with a design that fits into any kitchen interior, depending on the color scheme. Bright tile "under the brick" perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen, decorated in the style of Provence or in the Italian style.

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Not less popular facing of kitchen surfaces tiles under the stone. This solution will perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen in the style of a classic or country. Such tiles can perfectly imitate marble, granite and other minerals. In addition, both externally and in structure, it will be almost indistinguishable from real rocks. This design is perfectly combined with the metallized and wooden decor of the kitchen set.

The most luxurious in appearance is tile wood. This tile looks very natural and really looks like a tree. There are special coatings that even allow you to create an imitation of a wooden structure on such a tile.

Tile under wood has several advantages over the original wooden material: it does not lose its properties when exposed to temperatures and does not rot from high humidity. That is why, if you want to decorate your kitchen in a classic wood style, it is better to prefer a tiled imitation of this material.

We select for a floor: requirements to characteristics

As a rule, tile is laid with the expectation that it will serve for many years, so it is important to choose the most reliable and durable samples. The choice of tile for the floor must be made based on quality characteristics. Modern tile is made according to new high-quality technologies, so experts recommend using this material for floor covering. The floor tile is most susceptible to strong shocks of fallen dishes and generally must withstand the heavy weight of heavy kitchen furniture and should not deform at the same time. Therefore, it is important to choose the best quality tiles for flooring, this criterion should not be saved.

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Variants of modern wall design and interior decoration

Now ceramic tiles are used not only for the decoration of walls and floors, but also for the decoration of the kitchen table, headset or individual cabinets, as well as for the decoration of fireplaces. It is better to separate each functional kitchen area; this can be done by laying different tiles on the walls. Each zone should be distinguished in its own way by its design, specific colors should be chosen based on the interior of each zone.

For those who want to decorate the kitchen very unusually with the help of ceramic tiles, you can place tiles with interesting pictures, as well as depicting such bright elements as apples and olives that look great on a light green wall, a blue background is also perfect for them. A tile with painted cats or with another animal print looks very interesting.

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For the kitchen in the style of "loft" is better suited wall tiles, made under a brick or under the skin. For a classic-style kitchen, it is better to choose a tile of more restrained tones. Perfectly fit into a classic interior tile under a tree or tile with an image of nature or dim colors.If your kitchen is decorated in hi-tech style or in another more modern design direction, then you can tile the walls with abstract images or ethnic motifs.

When creating a wall design, you can lay tiles in order, in the form of a pattern or geometric shapes, and for a more unusual design you can lay out such tiles more chaotically. Such a design will be very original and will be distinguished by its originality. You can lay the walls with mosaic tiles, but in this case you will need to combine monochrome walls with infrequent mosaic patterns to create a beautiful artistic ensemble.

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Apron Design Ideas

In order to tile this area, you do not need to choose the most durable material, but still it must be reliable. The tile in the area of ​​the apron should not be exposed to high temperatures, because there is the epicenter of high humidity and temperature. From the influence of these factors, the tile in the apron area can be deformed, and the pattern on it can also be disturbed. There are many interesting design ideas for the decoration of the apron: it can be installing the screen instead of the tile, or it can be a kitchen tile with a 3D image.

Arabica tiles look very unusual, as well as tiles laid out in the apron area and decorated in a state of style. There can be depicted a wide variety of Oriental motifs, and you can also purchase tiles for an apron zone with an image of sakura or hieroglyphs, the meaning of which will be known only to you. You can brightly decorate the apron area with tiles with floral patterns, for example, with the image of bright tulips or roses.

There are several rules to follow when laying tiles in the kitchen apron area.

Tiled links of a large size are best laid in this area only if your kitchen has a large area. Otherwise, you can make the space visually narrower.

If you want to differentiate the zone of the apron in a special way, but do not change the color scheme, you can arrange the drawing in the apron zone vertically, and in other zones horizontally. This is a very unusual and stylish design solution.

You can also arrange the area of ​​the apron in more restrained strict colors. This zone can be distinguished with the help of an unusual bas-relief or with the help of an old-style design.For this perfect tile designed with natural stone or marble. It is important to select the design of the apron area to the kitchen set.

There is also one trick: if you decide to change the design of the kitchen, it is not necessary to do repairs and completely change the tile. It will be enough just to purchase special stickers for interior design. Such stickers are perfect for the apron, because they are made of special materials. Due to their special composition, such images will not peel off or swell away from moisture and heat.

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