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Features of materials

Kitchen space is one of the most visited in every home. Food is cooked here, and therefore the furniture set, the walls and the interior of the kitchen are exposed to moisture, high temperature, persistent food odors and fumes. Combustion products are deposited on the walls and ceiling, causing gradual contamination of surfaces.

For this reason, the owners of houses and apartments, it is desirable to treat with all seriousness to finish the kitchen room. Better during the repair in the kitchen to choose not only beautiful, but reliable and versatile material for the walls. Decorative coating, which you choose to decorate the surfaces, must resist high humidity, withstand temperature changes and not absorb odors. Perfect for these purposes, those wall coverings that can be easily washed or cleaned.

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In the interior that meets all modern requirements, it is customary to surprise the viewer with the manifestation of bold ideas. For a decor use both the most various materials, and combinations from them.For each of the walls you can use the type of decoration that is optimal in color, texture and density for your kitchen, does not violate the harmony of the overall ensemble.


To date, experts have identified a number of materials that have become the most popular for finishing kitchens. Given the style decision that you are going to create, it is worth buying one or another of high-quality finishing materials. Some of the compositions and coatings for decorating the kitchen became available to wide consumers relatively recently. The rest are time tested, using the well-deserved popularity due to the low price and excellent quality.

Ceramic tile

It is difficult to argue with the fact that this material has become almost indispensable. Until recently, the walls of kitchens from the floor to the ceiling were decorated with familiar ceramics. With the advent of other resistant materials, it became possible to only partially reinforce the wall with tiles, finishing it with the wall surface in the working area. The advantages of tile include: rare durability and wear resistance, not to mention the fact that this furnace hardened in ceramics is absolutely not affected by moisture and high temperature.

Easy-to-care ceramic tile is practically ignitable and does not burn. The above advantages make some varieties of tiles expensive, and elite tiles - really expensive. This problem is easy to solve if you combine ceramics with other materials. You will have the opportunity to purchase an exclusive look of tiled products and cover the wall in the kitchen adjacent to the stove and washing area. Its high-quality types, marked with a special marking, are not afraid of the effects of aggressive detergents, while maintaining an attractive appearance for decades.


Differs in excellent heat-insulating properties, resistant to fire and high temperatures. For these types of kitchen finishes, such as gluing panels and wallpaper, leveling the walls with drywall is desirable, if not necessary. Add to this the positive qualities of the material, such as quick and easy installation in any corner that needs to be decorated.

Environmentally friendly drywall quietly helps to hide problem areas, poorly located communications and ventilation equipment.The best brand of drywall - GKLVO, which has a high moisture and fire resistance. Zoning the living room with a plasterboard partition or installing a separating structure made of other material will allow to divide the largest room in the house into two different areas, one of which can be arranged in the form of a kitchen room.

The installation of the partition is quite a laborious operation that the masters are able to perform in your apartment only during a serious repair. Such kind of decorative ornaments as medallions for walls are also made of gypsum-related material - gypsum. They are molded, often by hand, with the addition of polymer clay, various types of painting oils and varnishes, painted with acrylic paints.

Attractive and cute little things on the walls with images are pleasing to the eye and create a good mood among the owners and guests of the house. In addition, if we decorate the kitchen walls with plaster medallions with an original pattern, the kitchen design changes completely, becoming literally exclusive.


Often, the owners prefer to paint most of the walls in the kitchen,and combine painting with other materials for finishing this room. This allows you to realize ideas for choosing colors, combinations of different tones. You can always just apply a new layer or update an existing one on the walls.

The only condition for the choice will be to buy a colorful product that can be washed and cleaned. Fortunately, the choice of moisture-resistant paints on the shelves of stores is huge. To paint the walls is a budget solution, but you should not forget that the walls covered with this material in the kitchen can look sloppy and uneven. And so they need to be prepared for this type of finishing work.

What colors should be preferred?

  1. Alkyd. It is infrequently used because of the pungent odor that is kept in the air for a long time when applied. But according to their suitability, they are recognized as one of the best for kitchen walls - they are not afraid of water and high temperatures, do not fade and wear out a little. Apply this type of paint as easy as its counterpart on a water-based material is economical.
  2. Latex and acrylic. Any surface is suitable for acrylic, it is extremely easy to apply, it is eco-friendly.In order for the paint to be fully absorbed, the walls are pre-plastered and wait several weeks for complete drying, then apply an acrylic coating. One of the first to start using this type of paint was for the kitchen, replacing the outdated water-based emulsion. Latex paints are mainly used for coloring wallpaper, self-application is necessary in several layers. Both types are wear-resistant, durable and easy to clean.
  3. Silicone. One of the most modern types of decorating colorful products. Possesses not only all the properties of acrylic or alkyd paint, but also dries perfectly, being applied to fresh plaster. This material is distinguished by a rather high price, but the quality corresponds to it.

Most often in the interior of the kitchen matte paint wins. They are not as spectacular as glossy views, but they mask even small cracks and rough places. As a rule, the painted wall is located as far as possible from the stove and sink, in order to avoid excess fat and soot contamination.


Many types of wallpaper are well tolerated temperature drops in the kitchen, well cleaned and washed.The rolls are easy to stick, and their range on the shelves of stores is simply amazing. This allows owners to choose any type of color for their kitchen, to make repairs often enough, updating the annoying interior.

For the kitchen are suitable dense vinyl wallpaper that can mask all the irregularities.

These types of wallpaper do not allow air, therefore, despite the relatively low price and ease of use, more often than other kitchen walls choose a washable wallpaper on non-woven fabric. Such a product for decoration is recognized as an excellent option for the design of all zones. Especially beautiful are the wallpapers on the non-woven fabric near the table where your family is located during the meal. In addition, they can also be painted, fireproof material and moisture resistant.

Designers offer to use for the kitchen as liquid or glass wall. They are more expensive, but very waterproof. They can be glued even in the working area of ​​the kitchen, painted in any color you like.

A rock

Fashionable and interesting finish will be an alternative to painting or ceramic tile. However, in order not to overpower the kitchen with heavy details, reminiscent of the times of knightly castles,stone is usually made to combine with other materials. The stone-trimmed surfaces that separate the work area from the dining area, adorning the entrance to the room look good. For a large kitchen, this material, along with wood and metal, can be optimal if it is designed in a country style.


Decorative plaster fell in love with many designers and fell in love with those homeowners who want to achieve a stylish design of their kitchen. Such types of plaster for drawing on walls are popular in the market:

  • Water based;
  • Without water;
  • Silicate and silicone;
  • With marble crumb;
  • Lime sandy;
  • Polymer;
  • Flock;
  • Venetian.

Many like complex types of plaster, for example, Venetian. Her original drawing should be done by the master, but many of the types of design can be done by the apartment owners themselves.

The composition contains antiseptics that prevent the development of fungi and mold. The seamless surface is easy to clean and can be updated as often as you need. These qualities are complemented by durability and the ability of the material to "breathe."The plaster is fireproof and is not afraid of high humidity, it can always be applied again to the contaminated place.

It is possible to form patterns for the walls of the same composition with all the fantasy, each time getting a new decor for the kitchen walls. The building materials market is rich in composite compounds that allow you to achieve a truly royal look of your premises.


Wood fiber boards made of MDF are not afraid of fungus and mold, resistant to fire and moisture. Painted and veneered panels are durable and have high wear resistance. One of the inexpensive decorating compositions for finishing the kitchen. It gives an opportunity to enhance the impression of harmony of the whole interior, making up one whole in color and texture with the furniture set. Plastic and wooden lining, laminate and other types of panels are also used for kitchen decoration.

The glass panels above the working area and along the entire surface of the walls look beautiful and unusual. In order to wash them, no need to put any effort, they do not have seams and joints, into which dust is clogged. In addition, backlit glass looks extremely elegant,emphasizes the minimalist style of your kitchen and makes a good tandem with shiny nickel-plated and chrome-plated surfaces and appliances.

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