How to do wall decor in the kitchen

You can hardly imagine a modern house or apartment without a kitchen. First of all, this room is intended for cooking. It is also a place where the whole family regularly gathers, friends or relatives are received, and the preparation of food itself requires regular, long presence in the kitchen.

All this is much more pleasant to do in a beautifully decorated and cozy room. Comfort will affect our mood, create a favorable atmosphere for communication.

One way to create coziness in a functional kitchen is to decorate a wall.

Features and benefits of decorating

If you want to update and revive the kitchen, make repairs and change the interior is optional. Sometimes it is enough to apply decoration to completely change the room.

To make the interior emotionally warmer, you should decorate any kitchen.

You can decorate any free wall in the work area or in the eating area, as well as the apron.In this case, it is not at all necessary to use all free surfaces - a multitude of accents will impede the holistic perception of the ensemble.

Mandatory to compliance condition - decor should not contradict the general style. Flower bouquets in a romantic vase are out of place in the high-tech style, and art nouveau items will not decorate the kitchen, made in country style.

Pay attention to the color scheme decors. They can either match the overall color scheme or be contrasted, but avoid excessively sharp contrast. Prefer warm juicy tones.

If you choose a picture, it is better to prefer still lifes.

Also an important requirement will be the ability to subject the decor to frequent cleaning - contamination is unavoidable where lunch is cooked. Decor should be made of materials that will be resistant to moisture and high temperatures.

Ideas for decoration

Ways to design a kitchen wall can be very diverse depending on the materials used, their combination and the designer's imagination. In addition, you should consider whether the kitchen is a separate room with an area for eating, or is it a combined kitchen-living room.

One of the most popular materials remains tile. The main reason is that it is easy to clean. Modern manufacturers produce tiles of various colors and shades, with patterns and ornaments, glossy and matte, with a smooth surface and protruding elements. Also from the tile you can assemble a whole picture that fits well with the overall interior design.

Using tiles to decorate the kitchen wall is appropriate for small, isolated rooms.

It will be interesting and original to look at the kitchen, where decorative types of plaster and natural or artificial stone are used for decoration.

Until recently, plaster was used only for leveling walls. For decoration it was used in public places, where there were no high requirements for aesthetic appearance. For residential premises, plaster was considered an uninteresting material.

However, today, when there is a wide range of this finishing material, the design of the kitchen interior can be very attractive.

Types of plaster

There are several types of plaster that are perfect for the kitchen.

  1. Textured.Special fillers from small pieces of natural or artificial minerals or vegetable fibers are added to the base mixture. The wall will acquire an invoice volume, and its flaws will be securely hidden. Textured plaster can have a wide variety of colors.
  2. Stone Small pieces of natural stones are added to the base. Due to the strength of this natural material, stone plaster is very durable, and it can decorate the wall without the help of professionals.
  3. Latex. It is based on artificial latexes to which silicates are sometimes added. The wall covered with it will be completely flat and resistant to mechanical damage. Indisputable advantage when using it in the kitchen - it is resistant to moisture and steam, well cleaned, has a spectacular look.
  4. Structural. It is made of latex silicate or mineral base using heterogeneous granules (pebbles, mica or quartz particles, vegetable fibers). Designers often prefer this type of coverage. It perfectly hides irregularities, is suitable for application to any surface, has a microporous structure, so that the wall "breathes". This plaster is resistant to moisture, temperature extremes, mechanical stress.

It is plastic, allows you to create a variety of textured patterns. Initially it is white, but it is easy to color it with the addition of pigment. In large rooms, it has recently become fashionable to decorate a wall with Venetian plaster. For its production is marble flour. It is also easy to color it, and when mixing several tones of one shade it will be similar to real marble.

Other materials

Modern kitchens are often trimmed with natural or artificial stone. This is a very durable material, the use of which can drastically change the kitchen interior. This wall design at the stove or near the table is ideal for the country style. The laying of stone in the form of a hearth or fireplace will make the kitchen extraordinarily cozy, contributing to a peaceful family pastime.

No less interesting will look like a wall of brick. In a house under construction, part of the brickwork can be left unlined, and in a panel house it is impractical to erect it - the brick layer will absorb a lot of space, it is better to use facing brick or plastic panels, wallpaper.

It must be remembered that a brick wall absorbs a lot of light, and the place for it must be chosen where the light falls from the window. It is also desirable to take care of additional lighting.

When making decorations from bricks, you should not be zealous and make the kitchen look like a basement - one element will be enough. Perfectly will look brick fireplace or bar. And just a wall with protruding bricks will create a wonderful image. If desired, it can be decorated with decorative wall elements. For example, decorative shelves for dishes on the background of a brick will create a unique flavor, will be a bright accent in the interior.


You can decorate the wall in the kitchen with the help of various functional wall elements. This is especially convenient if the kitchen is small.

Such an element will perfectly serve the shelves. They can be made of different materials that fit the overall style of the room. Wooden is great for country style or Provence. From glass, metal or plastic - for a classic-style kitchen, hi-tech, minimalism. In addition, they can be done by hand using their own sketches, and they will get a unique look.

Another functional element is magnetic tape. It is of different widths and thicknesses, it is easy to cut it with scissors into pieces of the required length, so it is perfect even for a very small kitchen. The tape fastens to surfaces from different materials, reliably holds objects. You can attach pictures, photos, knives or other kitchen utensils to it. The properties of the tape do not change with changes in temperature and humidity, which is particularly preferable when it is used in the kitchen.

An unusually necessary item - a clock - can also become an element of wall decor. Choose a wall clock that is suitable for the interior, is not difficult, any store will provide a wide range.

Many people install TV in the kitchen. Watching the program while cooking dinner saves time and entertains when performing routine duties. It is also possible to apply fantasy to the design of the wall around the TV, so that it does not become an alien object. The TV will look original on a brick or stone wall background, surrounded by decorative shelves.

When placing the TV in the kitchen-living room, you can use stucco, make a beautiful frame.Around the TV organically look low-key pictures, photographs.

Additional design ideas

Beautiful design in the kitchen can be done not only with the help of wall decoration. You can decorate and furniture. Various stickers of this type are perfect for this, you can apply the original drawing yourself.

Change the room changing the look of the furniture. And it is not at all necessary to acquire a new one - you can simply change the doors, replacing them with glass ones or remove them. The original move will be the repainting of furniture, perhaps even in different colors. The kitchen is usually a lot of home appliances. Arranging it in a certain order will help give a special flavor.

The use of textiles provides rich opportunities to diversify and decorate the interior. Without it, the kitchen looks bare and dull, it completes its decoration. His arsenal is great: this curtains, tablecloths and napkins, towels, potholders and aprons. If you are bored with the interior, replacing textiles will help to refresh it - manufacturers offer many different ideas. In addition, many things you can do with your own hands - women often love to sew, knit, embroider.

Interesting may be the use of textiles for decorating walls. Panels of matching pieces of fabric that can be made at home are mounted on the wall, creating an original ensemble. From time to time the panel can be swapped, replaced by others - the uniqueness of this decoration is guaranteed. And for fixing the panel is good to use a magnetic tape.

Custom solutions

Fans of original solutions will want something special and unusual. They can be advised to decorate the wall with a mirror, which can be quite large, or to decorate the wall with several mirrors in frames, like paintings.

The use of wallpaper or photo wallpaper today is unlikely to surprise anyone. But the use of chalk wallpaper has become fashionable recently. They look spectacular, they can write a recipe, a phone number, leave a note to family members. They are easy to clean and will surely please the children.

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If you can draw, custom wall design can be done by yourself - make an artistic painting. Not less original way will be the application of bulk paper figures.

These methods have their advantages: they do not require big expenses, and the design is easy to change, if the fantasy does not dry out.

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