How to decorate the wall in the kitchen

Features of kitchen decor

Decorating the wall in the kitchen can be a variety of ways, and the design fantasy here is almost limitless. But there are two features of the kitchen decor. First, most of the free space of the walls and the apron in the kitchen is occupied by hanging cabinets and other furniture, dishes, household appliances. Therefore, there are small empty spaces, often of irregular shape, and filling the entire wall, for example, with wallpaper of the same color will not work. Secondly, there is a special atmosphere in this room: high humidity, temperature drops, soot, etc. Therefore, the decor is required to use only objects and materials that are resistant to these influences.

Nevertheless, many owners find practical and unique solutions for kitchen décor, how to decorate an empty wall wisely and stylishly, above a table for meals, table tops or between hanging furniture. Some of these options are standard finishes with traditional materials.others involve creativity and the use of the most unexpected pieces of furniture and building materials. Everything can be done easily with your own hands.

Types of standard finishes

Tile is the most common material for finishing kitchen walls. For an apron, i.e. the space between the table top and hanging cabinets will not need much, the cost of materials and work will be negligible. The advantage of laying tiles in this area is that it is protected from moisture, easy to clean and very durable. You can choose different layouts of ceramic, granite, glass or stone tiles.

Wallpaper for the kitchen apron is undesirable to use, as they will quickly get dirty and exposed to moisture. But to fill the free kitchen wall, this is the most practical option. It is best to choose waterproof, washable, vinyl or liquid wallpaper.

PVC panels are remarkable in that they are easy to wash, are protected from moisture, light and cheap. They often close small empty spaces in the kitchen: above the worktop, above the sink, between cabinets and large appliances.You can choose different color options for every taste.

To simplify the decoration of a small area of ​​the kitchen wall, you can use the usual painting. To do this, level the surface and clean, then apply a small layer of primer. Paint can be used oil or acrylic, matte or gloss. And with a combination of several colors, you can create your own original application.

Original ways to decor

A very spectacular, but relatively expensive example of non-standard design is a large mirror in the kitchen. If it is installed in almost all the height and width, then reflecting the opposite wall, significantly expands the space. The disadvantage will be the complexity of installation, brittleness and the need for frequent washing of this smooth surface. Some use the mirror version only for the apron, it will also produce a great effect.

In the kitchen-living room are perfect for finishing wall murals or color applications. Their theme should be chosen to your taste, and the color scheme in combination with other elements of the interior. Sometimes such a large canvas serves as a transitional zone between two rooms inflat, demarcating the functional space.

On the apron instead of photo wallpaper, it is convenient to pick up a moisture-proof photo printing. It will look beautiful and spectacular with an extra top light. You can order cheap ways to photoprint on a polymer tape, and choose the images to your taste.

The space above the kitchen table, worktop or side walls, many designers like to decorate with hanging or glued decorative objects. Wooden chopping boards or plates are very popular. It is best to select them in various sizes and shapes, creating a harmonious composition. Other kitchen utensils are also used: trays, ladles, spoon sets, napkins, graters and strainers.

For the location of decorative objects you can use not only the walls, but also create small shelves of scrap materials and conveniently mark them there.

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Color solutions

For the kitchen, even for a small section of the wall, it is best to use bright neutral colors: white, light beige, light brown, turquoise. Blue or green colors add to the interior space and can bring a relaxed mood.Orange enhances appetite, so it is often used in small quantities in the elements of kitchen decor, for example, decorations in the form of sunflowers or pumpkins.

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Interesting decor ideas

The composition in the corner of the room in the style of "Provence" looks very original, and the most affordable household items and materials are used for it.

The tile above the worktop and the colored applique at the top of the kitchen are a good example of quite stylish decor.

The composition of the plates on the wall section always looks nice in its own way in the kitchen.

Tiles under stone and color wallpapers can be a good way to interior for a combined living room-kitchen.

Chess tile on the apron - the original and easy way to decor.

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