Kitchen decoration with decorative stone

Special features

Any hostess dreams that her kitchen was beautiful and cozy. You can create an interesting kitchen design by decorating its walls, floor or doorways with a decorative stone. Natural stone is one of the first in terms of reliability of materials suitable for kitchen decoration. Such a stone will serve you for many years. It is important that the stone is heat-resistant and very durable, it perfectly tolerates mechanical and chemical effects, and also it is not afraid of temperature drops and high humidity in the room that it adorns.

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The option of finishing the kitchen with decorative stone is rather expensive, but very beautiful and luxurious. You can lay out the kitchen wall with natural solid-size stone, and you can decorate the kitchen with fragments of such stones. A skillful master or designer can collect interesting and unusual drawings and even whole works of art from fragments of pebbles.

Designers are advised to create in the kitchen only one stone wall, which will be the highlight of the design of this room. In addition, experts recommend to give preference to horizontal masonry, because it will help to make the kitchen room visually wider and free. In order to bring in the dining area of ​​comfort, it is enough to at least partially trim it with a stone of warm colors. Such a design decision will definitely be appreciated by your friends and relatives, it will help to make the kitchen very unusual and unique in its own way.

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Now decorating the walls with decorative stone is at the peak of popularity. This is due to its rich appearance and a large number of its other advantages. The first and one of the main features of the stone is that it is completely eco-friendly. This is a very important quality that any building material for the kitchen should have, since cooking takes place there, and this process should be as hygienic as possible. The second clear advantage of the stone is that it is very durable. It is perfect for those who do not plan for a long time to make repairs in the kitchen.

Particularly noteworthy are the external characteristics of the ornamental stone: it enchants with its relief texture and the beauty of its modulations. Another positive feature of this finishing material is the ease of installation. Laying the floor or wall with a decorative stone can be your own. Thus, you can even create original and unique design and make your kitchen unique. In addition, the stone is universal for mounting on any surface, it is able to hide all the shortcomings of the walls and the floor, as well as a stone, you can close the damaged corners and protrusions.

Stone types

By its strength and reliability, artificial stone is almost as good as its natural counterpart. At the same time, it looks no less elegant than the natural one. Artificial stone also looks great on the wall of the kitchen, you can choose just such a material that is suitable in color and design for your kitchen.

Now on sale there is a huge number of models of decorative stone for finishing the kitchen. It is small or large, dark or light in color, embossed or smooth texture. You can choose a flat or three-dimensional natural stone, depending on what you plan to trim with such a decorative stone.If such a material will be finished floor, it is better to give preference to smooth models. If you are going to decorate the walls with decorative stone, you can choose more interesting three-dimensional models.

Manufacturers are artificial stone of various colors, as well as minerals with a very interesting texture. Stone can be chosen for any kitchen. When facing a wall with a decorative stone, there are no special requirements to the quality of the walls and floors, the structure and the texture of their surface. This stone is securely attached to any surface.

Artificial decorative stone is now made of a wide variety of materials. It can be limestone, which has a very interesting texture, as well as sandstone, slate, travertine and weathered tuff. Very unusual, but rather rustic looking kitchen river stone. But with its uncomplicated nature, it can become the most beautiful and original part of the kitchen. In addition, wall decoration with gypsum stone is very popular, which perfectly imitates the texture of natural material, but is less stable and durable, but this material has a more affordable price.

Interesting solutions

Decorative stone perfectly complements the interior of the kitchen, made in the classical style, in the style of country, Provence, in the Scandinavian or even in retro style. River stone is perfect for creating a kitchen interior in a rustic style. Stone can help you recreate the atmosphere of antiquity and comfort. He can take you back several centuries and bring a mysterious touch and even a little romance into your home. Such an atmosphere can be supplemented with decorative dishes made of wood, wooden spoons, earthenware jars and rats, beautiful semi-antique cups and other ancient elements.

It is best to provide a subdued light for the kitchen with a stone finish, because the stone does not respond well to bright sunlight. The subdued light in combination with stone trim will make your kitchen luxurious, cozy and mysterious. The stone is perfectly combined with the color of greenery, so you can safely put in the kitchen with stone trim many beautiful plants in carved pots. The combination of stone and greenery is natural and, therefore, it is especially beautiful. Perfect for large stone kitchens and wicker plants, they are best placed along the walls, closer to the window.

Another interesting idea of ​​decorating a kitchen with stone is to create an imitation fireplace or stove with the help of masonry. It will be very interesting to look at such an element laid out above the stove or hob in the working area of ​​the kitchen. This design of the working area will look very interesting and impressive. Such a decoration will completely change the look of the kitchen and make you closer to nature and create an atmosphere of suburban life.

In order to create a kitchen with an interior in the style of "country", it is necessary to create a harmonious ensemble of stone and wood. Stone floors or walls look great in combination with wooden furniture. You can purchase a kitchen set with a wooden finish in such a kitchen, and put a rocking chair in the recreation area. The tree will bring the warmth of nature into your kitchen, and the stone decoration, on the contrary, will cool it. This is a very harmonious combination, these two elements perfectly complement each other.

In addition, the gray color of stone finishes perfectly in harmony with steel color. Therefore, you can hang decorative objects on the kitchen walls of your kitchen. The metal finish of the kitchen set in combination with the stone finish of all the walls looks great. In this kitchen you can install metal shelves.This design is perfect for the kitchen in the style of hi-tech or loft style.

Finishing corners, arches, doorways

Decorative stone is perfect to highlight the entrance to the kitchen area in a special way. This design of the doorway will be very unusual. In the passage you can even install an arch of stone, this will help to give solemnity and luxury to the interior of the kitchen. In this case, you can not install the door in the passage. This design is perfect for an apartment or house, the interior of which is made in a minimalist style.

A stone arch will highlight the entrance to the kitchen. Such a kitchen with a stone arch and stone walls will resemble a cave and will look very original and mysterious.

In addition, you can arrange any one corner or two corners of the kitchen with a decorative stone, they will visually look like beautiful stone columns. Facing with stone the drawbacks of kitchen planning will help to translate them into the category of advantages of a given room. So, it is possible to frame a window niche with a decorative stone, such decor in one instant will transform your kitchen.

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