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The walls in the kitchen are the part of the room that constantly suffers while cooking. No matter how carefully you cook, on the walls over time there will still be splashes of grease, all sorts of sauces, soot and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully select the coating, preferring the option that will be easy to clean. Painting the walls - this is just one of these options.

Advantages and disadvantages

Painting kitchen walls is a design option that is appropriate in any interior. The hi-tech room will perfectly complement the walls painted with plain paint. But in the Provencal style you can experiment with patterns created by yourself with a brush and paints.

Paint is a waterproof material. This is very important in the kitchen, where steam is constantly released during cooking. High-quality non-toxic paint is a fairly eco-friendly option.

Another important point is that you do not have to hire specialists to apply the paint.This task is quite possible to cope on their own. Painting the walls is a procedure that is on the shoulder even for those who have absolutely no experience in carrying out repair work.

Choosing a quality paint, you can forget about the repair for several years. Check the quality of paint for the kitchen is quite simple. To do this, apply paint to a sample of small size. This sample is placed on the day in the water. This is how you can check whether the paint can withstand cooking conditions. If after the “trial period” the paint is covered with bubbles and begins to peel off, then it will not last long on the kitchen walls.


When we paint the walls in the kitchen, you need to be sure that the chosen paint is well suited for this purpose.

One of the most popular options is water-based paint. Such paint consists of water, polymers and pigments giving colors to it. The main component in the composition of such paint - just the same polymer. This polymer may be silicone, PVA or acrylic. If you do not know what to choose, then you should avoid only paints based on PVA. They are not moisture resistant and therefore are not suitable for use in the kitchen.

Acrylic paint is also quite popular. It is inexpensive, but it has a fairly good quality. Walls painted with acrylic paint look very attractive due to the matte and even a little velvety surface. In addition, this paint easily transfers not only the effects of steam, but also wet cleaning.

More practical, but, respectively, and more expensive option is latex paint. After painting with such paint, the walls appear as if covered with a thin film that provides protection against color loss during cleaning. The only drawback is that they are not as resistant to the effects of steam, unlike acrylic ones.

Alkyd paints are also suitable for wall decoration in the kitchen. They do not lose their attractiveness as a result of sudden changes in temperature and are easy to clean. The walls painted with alkyd paints have a bright and saturated color. But such a good paint also has its drawbacks. It is not too eco-friendly and fireproof.

The last option, which is worth mentioning - silicone paint. It is worth more than all the rest. But at the same time it is very high-quality and keeps an attractive appearance for a long time.

How to paint the walls

Selection of paint - this is only one of the first stages of cosmetic repairs in the kitchen. If you want to do it yourself, then you need to familiarize yourself with the process in detail.

Paint should be applied on even and pre-cleaned walls. Before painting, clean the walls of all traces of dirt, dust and grease. Be sure to clean the walls of mold and mildew. Also, of course, the wall must be cleaned of all traces of finishing materials.

If there are any gaps or cracks on the wall, they should be carefully sealed with a dense composition on a cement or plaster base.

When painting the walls should be smooth, because their surface will not be covered with anything. Therefore, the walls must be well aligned. This is done with the help of high-quality plaster and moisture-resistant acrylic putty. And in order that the surface was ideally smooth, it needs to be further processed with sandpaper after complete drying.

But back to the painting. So that the paint does not spoil the excess surface, they should be sealed with masking tape. Stir thoroughly before applying the paint.

If there is a need, then paint should be added to the paint.This can be done on your own or directly in the store, using a tinting machine. However, it is worth remembering that in order to obtain a uniform color, all the paint must be mixed immediately, rather than trying to repeat the shade several times.

When choosing a color, remember that after applying the shade will be different. It will become less saturated than originally. To get a beautiful rich color, paint the wall in several layers.

Paint the walls in the kitchen using a simple paintbrush, velor roller and bath or even spray.

Brushes are used for fine work, while the other two options are suitable for painting large surfaces.

Painting walls with a roller does not require any special skills. The only thing that needs to be considered is that when painting it is imperative that you use a bath. This will save you from the appearance of stains on the walls, which can occur even with a careful attitude to work. Paint is poured into the bath. Then, on a ribbed surface is carried out with a roller - so that it remains the amount of paint that is necessary for painting, and no more.

Painting walls is recommended to start from the window.Before you paint the main part of the wall, it is recommended to brush all hard-to-reach places. This is done with a brush.

To paint the wall, you must first in the horizontal direction, then in the vertical. So the paint goes best. By the way, most often, before applying the first layer of paint is diluted with water by ten percent. But this does not apply to all types of paint. It is worth it to breed or not, you can learn from the instructions.

Painting the walls, remember that applying a new layer of paint is possible only after the previous one dries completely. Otherwise, the paint will simply be smeared, and the wall will look untidy, and the very next day you will be thinking about how to remove the paint from the wall.

By the way, you can paint the walls not only in one color. If you do not like monotonous colors, then it is quite possible to create an interesting design, combining several colors, or using interesting patterns. They can be both abstract and plant or flower. Best of all, these patterns look in the kitchen in the style of Provence, retro or vintage.

If you decide to create interesting patterns using paint, then textured paint or your imagination will help you. Walls can be decorated with various geometric shapes using simple paint.In order to decorate the wall with squares or triangles of different colors, you can simply mark the borders with masking tape and paint over the parts of the wall you need. This tape is easily removed, leaving no trace behind.

If you draw well, then on the wall with a simple paint and paint brush you can create interesting drawings and patterns. This process is quite complicated, but as a result you will get a truly unique and attractive picture. For a beautiful picture, it is desirable to first put it on the wall with a simple pencil. After this, repeat the pattern created by the thin lines, by the paint itself.

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To make the finished drawing look more voluminous, complement the drawing along the edges with blurred lines. For maximum effect, use water-based paint. In order for the drawing to remain as long as possible on the first day, it is worth fixing it with a thin layer of varnish or covering the picture with transparent acrylic. If you comply with this condition, the image will remain on the wall for ten to fifteen years.

In the kitchen you can also try to paint the walls with decorative plaster.It allows you to create an imitation of a dense stone structure.

Thus, without spending a lot of money, you will make a stylish stone wall in your kitchen. Best of all, a wall with a “stone texture” will fit into the interior in a modern or high-tech style.

The surface of the kitchen walls is decorated in different ways, and staining is one of the most popular, due to the large number of advantages. It is impossible to answer unequivocally the question whether it is better to paint or wallpaper. Everyone decides for himself, taking into account all the important details. But now you know all about the benefits of painted walls, and you can decide for yourself whether you should decorate the walls in this way.

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