Washable paint for kitchen walls

The kitchen walls have one unpleasant feature - they become soiled very quickly. Each housewife dreams of easy cleaning of kitchen surfaces, and this will help her with washable paint for the kitchen walls, as she is easily amenable to wet cleaning.

Special features

Washing paint is one of the most popular materials used in the decoration of kitchen walls. Want to know why? The thing is that this type of paint is very easy to apply to the walls, and taking care of painted walls is easier than ever: plain water, a damp cloth, detergents without abrasive components.

Advantages of the washing paint:

  • Easy to apply;
  • Easy to wash;
  • Easy to update if scratched;
  • It does not have a strong odor;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • A diverse palette;
  • Long term;
  • Permeable;
  • Does not ignite.

Washable paint is ideal for applying on the "wallpaper for painting." It can also be applied to plaster, concrete, drywall, brick or wood.


There are a lot of washable paints: acrylic, silicone, latex.All these paints are able to create identical surfaces: glossy, matte, textured. Of particular interest is the textured washable paint, since using it to finish walls you can get unusual surfaces with a variety of patterns.


Very popular paint, which is ideal for painting wooden surfaces. Allows to mask small irregularities and cracks. Elastic and odorless finishing material.

Walls painted with acrylic paint are quite resistant, so they can be cleaned with a wet cloth and detergents. At the careful relation the surface will keep an original form for many years. The only and significant drawback of this type of washable paint is the price, which for many seems high enough.


This type of paint is considered more durable, so latex paint is increasingly used for painting the kitchen area, although its price is much higher than acrylic. But even this does not stop many buyers, so the surface with latex paint can be washed not only with a rag, but also with a soft villus brush.As for detergents, the latex base paint allows the use of cleaning disinfectants that do not affect the appearance of the surface.


This type of paint combines the advantages of the first two options and at the same time has the highest wear resistance. In addition to ease of care, silicone paint has a dirt-repellent property.

Selection rules

To get a good washable paint for the kitchen, read a few tips:

  1. Do not count on the recommendations of the sellers, as their main task is to sell the most expensive, but not the best quality product. And as you know: the high price does not always correspond to high quality. The best assistant in this matter is customer reviews, which you can read both on the forums and on the websites of manufacturers of a particular paint.
  2. Before buying read the instructions. It can be written a lot of necessary information: paint consumption, type of the painted room, the density of the coating, care for the painted surface, etc.
  3. Do not save at the expense of yourself. Too cheap paints may not be as safe as written on the label.
  4. Weight paint.High-quality paint has a density of from 1.35 to 1.5 kg per liter. For clarity: 10 liters of paint equals approximately 15 kg.
  5. Define in advance the type of your future wall: glossy, matte or textured. Choose paint according to your desires.

Knowing these simple rules, no buyer will face the problem of choice.


Painting the walls in the kitchen is a responsible and time-consuming task, so that it goes without a hitch, you need to carefully plan and prepare the necessary materials beforehand. The process of decorating walls with paint consists of two stages: the preparation of the wall and the application of paint.

Preparatory work

If the wallpaper hides irregularities, then the paint “exposes” the wall, as a result of which various pits or bumps will be visible to absolutely everyone. Therefore, before painting it is necessary to maximize the surface. You also need to thoroughly clean the wall from dust and other types of dirt to paint the ideal.

Professionals recommend to apply before washing paint, acrylic water-dispersed primer. Then you need to wait a certain time. When the soil is dry, you can clean the surface with emery paper, wipe it from dust and only after that it is necessary to start painting.

Paint application

Stir the paint well before painting. Despite the absence of an unpleasant odor, paint fumes are still harmful, so it is better to do repairs in the kitchen with the windows open. When working, be sure to use gloves and special glasses to avoid getting the paint in the eyes and on the skin.

It is possible to apply paint both the roller, and a brush. The first method is the most convenient, as it allows to paint the walls most evenly. It is best to apply the paint in two layers, so you can avoid gaps. The minimum time required to dry one layer is one and a half hours.

Do not forget to take into account the fact that the color of the paint shown in the picture, and the one that will be on your wall, can be different from each other by one or two tones.


Despite the special resistance of the washable paint, in the first month it is necessary to dispense with a painted surface very carefully. Try to wash the walls as little as possible during this period. You can use only water and ordinary soap. Forget about sponges, brushes, abrasives and any other detergents for a couple of weeks.


Many prefer to paint the walls in the kitchen, and standard wallpaper is left for the living room and bedroom. We will show you some of the most successful ideas with painting the walls in the kitchen:

  • Juicy and cheerful atmosphere created in the spacious kitchen with washable matt paint of light green color (Fig. 1). In this example, you can clearly see how the paint is ideal for both the ceiling and the walls.
  • Textured washable paint in bronze color is the key to a stylish kitchen interior.
  • A very interesting idea in combining glossy and matte washable paint in painting kitchen walls: the wall in the dining area has a matte surface, while the surface in the cooking zone has a glossy surface. The coral shade of red goes well with white and black flowers.

Get your ideas and create your own unique design.

The appearance of the kitchen area and the mood of its residents directly depend on the right paint.

Choose a washable paint according to all the rules, paint it with special diligence and patience, in order to get perfectly painted walls.

Do not save much, but do not chase branded foreign brands.Consult with friends, read reviews or trust your instinct, and then you will not have to regret about the repair in the kitchen with the help of washable paint.

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