Niche in the wall in the kitchen

During the Soviet Union, when housing construction was carried out at an active pace in the country, the planning project for most apartment buildings, especially of the “Khrushchev” type, had a so-called storeroom or “winter refrigerator” in the kitchen space. This element of apartment space occupied a separate area in the apartment and served as a place for storing various items.

It was difficult to overestimate the convenience of the pantry. It could fit a lot of what is constantly required in the kitchen - cereals, sugar, jams, various twists and other supplies, dishes, household appliances, various household items. Additional convenience of such a pantry lay in the fact that it was a niche in the wall in the kitchen. She did not spoil the interior, because it was closed on the doors, which even had a lock.

Such indentations were made both in the panel house and in the brick one. Another design option for a convenient pantry at the time was the “winter refrigerator”, it was located under the window. It was called winter because in fact it was possible to store vegetables in winter, preservation without the risk of spoilage.Today, not all projects of houses under construction have such convenience in the wall in the kitchen. And those that exist, you can convert, using modern design.

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Functional design element

A niche in the kitchen can serve as a decoration of the room, as well as have functional features. Today it is not necessary to lock such a pantry in the castle. Using different materials it can be finished so that even the most fastidious guests will be surprised. Even in the smallest kitchen, it can help unload the area occupied by various kitchen utensils.

Making the most of the available kitchen space is the main requirements of housewives. A niche in the wall in the kitchen, equipped with plasterboard, can have shelves, stands, sliding and static drawers for dishes, cutlery, household appliances. You can make it yourself or with the help of professional craftsmen invited for this purpose. In this case, the design will become not only a convenient place to store various items, but also an excellent designer solution for decorating the kitchen interior.

One option is a kitchen apron with a glass niche.It may look like a single working panel with internal shelves for storing dishes or small appliances. In this design it is convenient to store coffee grinders, knives, silverware, it can be sealed with decorative doors with glass elements.

Hiding home appliances

Often, grooves in the kitchen are made to “hide” individual large household appliances. For example, a refrigerator. Various materials will do - wood, natural stone, but the main part is made of drywall. It is possible to design a new element of the kitchen at its discretion, but it should be slightly larger than the technique that needs to be “hidden from view”. In most cases, the refrigerator, dishwasher or washing machine is removed in this way.

You can arrange a combined version. For example, the lower part of a niche is a “pantry” for a refrigerator, and its upper part is convenient shelves for dishes, a beautiful set, nice looking decorative things. Shelves can be of different colors and sizes, you can use a gray panel or bright wooden coasters with functions of holders for glasses or kitchen hanging accessories.

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If space permits, possibilities of fantasy and a wallet, you can arrange a niche as an element of decor in an apartment. To do this, select the central location of the room. It should be well lit, it is desirable that the future design does not interfere with the working kitchen area, do not close the approach to the stove, sink. Using various materials, the general background of the niche is created; it can have a decorative lighting.

The design is especially beautiful if it is decorated with decorative elements. Perfectly suited wallpaper with photos of nature. You can use natural materials - treated and varnished branches of trees, clear or colored glass, stone. You can create a "club" imitation, making a niche to accommodate various drinks. In such cases, stucco, glass elements and doors are ideal.

In a kitchen with high ceilings, a niche can be vertical and narrow. And it is not necessary to load it with kitchen utensils. If you dream of a home library, and there is no place to put books, then the design thus made will serve as a place for keeping folios.Otherwise, there may be shelves where there will be the most beautiful dishes or different decor items that make the kitchen bright, cozy and unforgettable.

Design features

The niche does not have to be square or rectangular. The designer's fantasy is able to inspire on oval structures, semicircular, with mosaic tiles, natural wood, with lamps installed inside. The most daring solutions - to install an artificial fireplace in the kitchen niche. This is very effective, but requires a certain place in the kitchen. This is the main feature - you need space to fulfill your plans.

And if you want to have a bar in the niche, you can equip the recess with decorative doors. To help - a gypsum craton, from which you can build an excellent bar counter nearby. And by adding it to the decorative shelves, made of different types of metal, transparent or colored glass, you can get beautiful shelves, which will be glasses.

Specialists who develop projects for such grooves in the kitchen often pay attention - you should first develop the right sketch for the kitchen so that it looks stylish and elegant in the room, it is not “flashy” and inappropriate.It is important to choose good and high-quality finishing materials, to treat the decor thoughtfully, and then the updated kitchen will please both the hosts and guests.

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