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The panel represents a picture which is created from volumetric components in various technicians. Panel on the wall for a small kitchen should not be very large. It is also impractical to use miniature paintings in a large kitchen. The ideal option is the small size of such an element of interior decor.

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When using multiple panels, it is important that they correspond to a single theme.



An option that is available to many and can drastically change the interior of a kitchen is drawing on a glass surface. In this case, you can choose a ready-made panel or it will be made to order according to the provided sketch.

The most inexpensive ways to decorate your kitchen with a glass panel are vinyl film or UV printing. These two methods differ in that the film is pasted on the wrong side, and the seal is applied on the front one. UV printing looks more saturated and bright.

Place such a decor can be between the upper and lower row of kitchen cabinets. Different themes can significantly change your kitchen. Appetizing citrus fruits will give a sunny mood to an orange kitchen. If the cabinets are black and orange, then a tropical theme with black palm trees on a red and yellow sunset background will look stylish enough.


Panel of ceramic tiles performs not only an aesthetic function. It perfectly masks the flaws and blemishes of repairs on the walls. Plus, depending on the picture, can visually change the space of the kitchen.

At the moment, you can find tiles with a variety of patterns: flowers, imitation of mosaic or old paintings, reproductions of paintings by famous artists. Some variations resemble antique tapestries.

A tile with tulips will add coziness and comfort to any kitchen.

Different types of painting look very impressive. To do this, use a special paint designed specifically for the ceramic surface. Designers create amazing beauty decor: flowers, abstractions, patterns.

Tile - the material is quite durable.It will not be spoiled by the increased humidity and temperature drops. Conventional detergents will quickly and easily clean the surface. Ease of maintenance makes tile indispensable in the kitchen.

But the most important advantage is safety, as the tile is made of clay. Even if the surface is exposed to heat, it will not emit any chemically harmful substances.


Currently, modular paintings are at the peak of popularity. They represent a photo panel on various topics. In this case, one big picture is divided into several, often different in size, often without a frame. It may even be part of the image. This decor looks unusual and very stylish.

Panoramic modular panel - ideal for a small kitchen. In this case, the most suitable of its subjects will be fruits, still lifes, plants. The predominance of green will bring a touch of tranquility and fill the kitchen with positive emotions. But the dark colors, massive frames are completely unacceptable for the kitchen. They only make it heavier.

The advantage of modular paintings is obvious:

  • No restrictions on the choice of topics.Indeed, you can choose whatever your heart desires, and even offer your option to companies that manufacture such panels.
  • Durability and simple maintenance due to the laminated coating.
  • Affordable price.

The modular picture can radically change the kitchen, especially devoid of bright colors. Bright still life will be the necessary accent, the highlight of the room.

The panorama from coffee subject looks very stylish.

Creation options

The panel can be made independently. There are such techniques in which you do not need to have any special skills to make an original and unique element of the decor.

Depending on the material used, a wall panel made by hand may be:

  • From fabric. The most common technique is patchwork or patchwork. In order to create such an amazing picture with your own hands, you will need remnants of fabric of different colors, both plain and with prints. Patchwork perfectly fit into the interior in a rustic style.
  • From cereals and seeds. Groats are suitable not only for cooking porridge. From it you can independently make a wonderful mural with minimal financial costs, while receiving an exclusive and interesting thing.There are a lot of production options: from simple ones (using only two types of groats of contrasting colors) to complex, which are real canvases.

Groats can be laid out separately taken object on thick paper, plywood or complete the picture completely filling this background material. It is easiest and faster to work with large particles. With small need to tinker longer. To fix the particles of cereals, PVA glue is used. In order not to leave empty void-filled grains, the picture should be turned over. Then the loose parts will fall out, and the product can be modified.

In order to facilitate the process of care for such decor, the picture is covered with a special varnish.

  • From coffee. Coffee grains allow you to create amazingly beautiful kitchen panels. The product is volumetric, stylish and perfectly complements the interior of the kitchen. The technology of its manufacture is somewhat different from the creation of paintings from cereals, where glue is applied to the base. For a coffee picture, glue will have to process each grain separately. Otherwise it will fall off.

As a basis you can take the burlap. This decor is complemented well with cinnamon sticks dried with citrus.

For the panel does not necessarily take the coffee beans. With the help of ground coffee are incredibly stylish things. For this you need a stencil, glue and coffee. Use the glue to coat the necessary areas, and then coffee is scattered over them. Minimum costs and maximum output. This method is especially good for those who have difficulty with drawing.

  • From salt dough. Salt dough is the material from which volumetric and very beautiful pictures are obtained.

In order to make a dough suitable for modeling, you will need the following ingredients: fine salt - a glass, flour - 2 cups, water - 125 g (maybe more, be guided along the way), dry wallpaper paste - 1 tbsp. spoon. If you add to the dough different spices (cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg), then it will become fragrant.

Work with salt dough is similar to modeling from plasticine. You can use toothpicks, garlic press, cookie cutters, buttons (for prints). To connect the parts do not need glue, it is enough to moisten them with water and press them together.

To quickly dry the picture, it is placed in the oven for an hour, putting the temperature at 80 °. After drying, the panel is painted with acrylics or gouache and varnished.

  • From the egg shell. Such wall panels look like an old picture. This technique is called crackle and resembles a mosaic. The shell should be cleaned from the inner film, otherwise it will not crack and will not lie on the base as needed. The shell pieces prepared in this way are laid on a hardboard base covered in advance with a primer.

Work on the creation of such a decor is very long. The surface is treated with PVA glue and on it, with the convex side up, the shell is laid. It should be slightly pressed with a toothpick. Cracked particles slightly move away from each other and fill the empty space on the base.

After the entire field is filled with such a mosaic, it is once again treated with glue. The dried product is covered with acrylic primer and is sent to dry again.

With the help of decoupage technique, the blank is turned into a picture. Its individual places can be painted with colors, adding brightness.

  • From cutlery. For such an unusual mural, a beautiful frame is needed, similar to those that frame the paintings of great painters. Forks, spoons and knives must be painted. One of the options - white devices on a dark background, the other - a bronze color.It is important that the color of the frame and cutlery was the same.

Any panel transforms the interior. And done together with family members will be the personification of the warmth of the family hearth.

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