The combination of colors in the kitchen

Kitchen is an important part of any home. It is here that culinary masterpieces are born that gather family and guests around the table, the latest news and events that have happened on the day are discussed here, meet the morning with a delicious breakfast and see off the day with a hearty dinner. That is why the arrangement of furniture in the interior of the kitchen is no less important than in the bedroom or in the living room.

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Kitchen paradise: choose the situation

Good quality kitchen furniture, excellent household appliances, modern kitchen utensils, beautiful dishes and cutlery. On this and pumping the kitchen arrangement? Not. These are just a few important elements that create coziness in the interior. Depending on the chosen style, it is worthwhile to select high-quality and modern furniture for the room.

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It can be a beautiful white kitchen set. And then the area will seem wider and larger. If the kitchen is small, it is desirable to select the furniture in the colors of light colors.The table can be folding - it is a convenient and very mobile option. Folding chairs are ideal for him. A good choice is a built-in cupboard for dishes and household utensils.

It is better to place the working area in the corner where the hob or gas stove, sink, and cutting table are located. On these elements you can build shelves for tableware or decorative elements that will decorate the kitchen, make it spectacular and beautiful.

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Studying colors

The color palette of the kitchen room can be very diverse. The combination of colors should think in advance. Not very nice to look red kitchen with green furniture. But if you separate these colors, you can develop unique design options for the room.

Green, light green, light beige are the ideal colors and shades for such an occasion. To some they may seem boring and tasteless, but each of them has its own shades that will look advantageous with the right approach. For example, choose green. Very nice looking color that has a beneficial effect on well-being, psychological background and mood.And since you have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you should heed the advice to use this particular color scheme.

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Light green or green walls in the kitchen and bright emerald panels on kitchen furniture - this is almost a created image, giving a positive mood and good mood. The classic white ceiling, and it can be either painted or tensioned, visually adds space to the room. Do not forget about lighting. You can stop your choice on the center chandelier suspended from the ceiling, or on LED lamps located in different places at will.

Any shades of green in this case can revive the room, give it a special charm and chic. Pistachio, lime, dark green - the game of shades can last indefinitely. The color presence may affect the edging of the shelves for dishes, cutlery boxes, tablecloths, napkins. You can use the dishes in bright green colors or with patterns of pale-green shades - in general, such a kitchen will be sustained in a single color scheme, which is good news.

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Beige combination

Another acceptable option for the kitchen, suitable for those who can not venture on a bright creative - beige kitchen. And immediately the imagination draws a bright sunny morning or a gentle September afternoon, when nature absorbs all the shades of beige and transfers them to those around it. Want a bright, sunny kitchen? Beige color is perfect for this.

In addition, most furniture manufacturers are guided by this combination of colors. A light furniture set will not be a dark spot neither in the big kitchen, nor in the small one. A bright table, a working area of ​​beige colors, bright tablecloths and delicate sunny wallpaper - the room will seem warm and cozy. By the way, the purchase of all these items of interior work will not be. And if fantasy allows - you can use natural materials.

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For example, the style "Provence" - mistakenly assume that this is an exclusively white composition for the room. In this case, your kitchen will resemble an operating room. A common European version involves the use of all light and warm colors in combination. Add bright fragments will allow special elements of decor.For example, wicker furniture, light reed lampshades, tablecloths in a rustic style, vases with reed plants.

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Each kitchen reflects not only the financial well-being of its owners, but also their mood. The right color and the right furniture will make this room cozy, beautiful and spectacular.

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