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In a cozy small kitchen, too, you can afford a little luxury - high-quality materials, thoughtful design, verified logistics. But only a cozy sofa can turn a small-sized Cinderella into a princess. The small size of modern models allows it to fit into almost any interior, even on Khrushchev's nine square meters. Low, high, angular, round or oval - among all the variety of types, a narrow and straight sofa could best fit the tastes and demands of the most demanding owners.

Irrefutable advantages:

  • can store in its depths a lot of useful items;
  • increases the number of seats at the table;
  • takes up little space;
  • maintains the aggressive environment of the kitchen;
  • you can sleep on it if you wish.


Unlike their fellow living rooms, kitchen sofas are small. Their main task is to replace the chairs, expand the functionality of the dining area, demarcate or save space.In any case, the dimensions should fit into the allotted space and leave room for free passage from one or two sides - at least 75-85 cm.

The narrow sofa assumes a shallow depth of the seat. The minimum value that can be found today is 40 cm, but this is rather an exception to the rule, suitable only for people of elegant build. The standard provides - from 45. The width of the back varies from 5 to 15 cm, so the total value to which you should be guided when forming the dining area is about 60 cm.

Additional features of such models - only a storage box - vertical (with a seat lift) or horizontal (with a hinged or sliding system), which is rare.

For sofas in which a sleeping place is provided, the depth of the seat is greater, otherwise the retractable structure will not fit. Depending on the folding device: for withdrawables - from 60, “books” - from 90 cm. It is important to provide for the size of the sofa when disassembled, it is designated in the model description as the width of the product.

The length is determined based on the size of the table, the planned number of seats and the build of the household. And already under the obtained result choose the model suitable in the furniture salon.In stores, the height of the sofa is presented in the description, taking into account the backrest. It depends on the design decision and can be high or low, in sofas, benches and do without it. But the height of the seat is set for furniture in the dining area according to the standards and GOST.

Standard sizes of narrow straight sofas for the kitchen (cm):

  1. length - from 80 to 250;
  2. seat depth - from 45 to 65;
  3. width: at vykatny models - from 65,
  4. book, euro-book - from 90;
  5. seat height - 40/42/45, in some embodiments 50.
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The latter figure depends on the average height of family members and the level of the table top. The comfort zone between the underframe and the seat should not exceed a range of 29-31 cm.


The maximum weight that a kitchen sofa can withstand is 100 tons. This was created by Maria Vatolina for her famous monumental project “Kitchens with a Waterfall”. Ordinary sofas are not so powerful, but you can enroll in the weightlifting category - they hold a weight of up to 200-250 kg.

Designs - durable, relatively light. Applied materials: wood, plywood, slightly less because of its high cost of aluminum. Chipboard and MDF are used, but experts recognize as short-lived, the service life is 5 years.Metal is also rarely used: products are obtained with increased strength, but very heavy.

Since, first of all, the sofa in the kitchen replaces the chairs, then its shape in most models corresponds to the purpose: the seat is quite hard, and the back is thin, almost straight, often attached to the wall for stability. In more comfortable options there is an analogy with chairs in cafes or restaurants. In expensive models in which the berth is provided, springs or thin mattresses from latex can be used.

In the smallest in size, to save space, armrests are often not used. And this has its advantage - you can move the table close to it.

Storage areas are made of basic frame materials. Ventilation in most cases is provided from the back, invisible side.


In the salons are usually narrow sofas for the kitchen are on the price scale and categories of equipment:

  • simple not folding (with a back and without);
  • not collapsible with storage boxes;
  • sofa bed (with a berth).

In any position, there can be a back of different size or without it.

Sofa bench (without back) - light compared to other design. Subspecies of the bench, hence the name. In some models, a storage box is provided, which can be either large - from the floor to the base of the seat, or small - 10-15 cm and placed directly under the seat. In extremely rare cases, a soft bench is equipped with a bed.

With storage box. Most of the sofas for the kitchen have a storage area. Often, the drawers are opened by lifting the seat and have a position lock in the open. For frequent use, in order to not have to move the table away, lifting mechanisms located on the side have been developed. The internal dimensions of the box are 3-5 cm smaller than the overall values ​​of the lower part of the sofa. It is found in both simple and folding models.

Narrow sofas are able to open their folding structures and provide extra bed in the apartment. It is not intended for permanent use, so the mechanisms do not withstand a constant load. Yes, and the bed itself does not differ increased comfort, but for rare guests it is quite suitable.

There are several principles of folding. Most Popular:

  • Dolphin (Kangaroo) - sleeper fume, like a cabinet drawer. A sign of the quality of this system are considered spring-closers.
  • Book - when assembled, the seat represents twice folded forms for a bed, pulling out one of them forms a single plane of the berth, which is fixed in height by a special mechanism. Like the Dolphin, is a guest option.
  • French cot - perfect for receiving guests in a small kitchen. Folds out in a continuation of length, like a regular folding bed. Since the back is not involved in the transformation, its forms and design favorably distinguish the models of this system from others. An analogue of the French folding bed - Sedaflex is suitable for regular use, but the price is much higher.
  • Eurobook - exhaust with the help of profiles (more durable) or rollers seat, like a Dolphin, which fits the back of the sofa. The most reliable bed, applicable for frequent use. Types of Eurobooks: Click-click, Relax and Tick-Tac.

Style ensemble room

In order to replace the chairs, the direct kitchen sofa will have to stretch a little.It is necessary to fit into the style ensemble of the room, to match the color scheme of the table. Ideally, have the same upholstery with the dining set, the same texture of wooden parts or coating of metal elements. Making the sofa an accent on the composition of the kitchen is one successful solution, only the color support of a few other items will be needed.

Dimensions of the sofa depend on the area of ​​the room and the allotted space for the dining area. Are taken into account and the proportions of the situation. A massive headset, for example, will take upholstered furniture with a high back and a strong base. A single-tier or lightweight kitchen, by contrast, will require an airy design.

The direct shape allows you to put the sofa in any convenient place, and if you want to rearrange. The iron rule of the eating area is that the sunlight should fall on the table, but not blind people, so it is better to position the sofa back to the window or opposite the kitchen unit against the wall on the side of the window.


For a soft nature, the atmosphere in the kitchen is tense, the climate is harsh. The frame and the exposed parts of the tree must necessarily be processed protective composition, otherwise the sofa will not last long.There will be cracks from constant changes in temperature and humidity, swelling and you will not have to count on the strength of the structure, not to mention the appearance of the product. In close proximity to the work area, aluminum structures feel incomparably better.

Upholstery should also be ready to take the blows of the culinary element. From drops of fat, spilled drinks and meeting with a ruddy homemade chop nothing in the dining area is insured. At the forefront of this standoff is a leather couch or upholstered in quality leatherette. Not only is it easier to care for them, they are pleasant to the touch and do not lose their original attractiveness for a long time.

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Flock has proven itself very well. Cute, does not deform, does not fade in the sun and rare neatly cleaned: easy to clean, clean, moisture and odors do not linger on it. With a pronounced repulsive character and microfiber, but unlike the flock, it does not tolerate temperature drops, that is, it can exist only at a considerable distance from the plate. Not bad proved Forest, Curtisan, Scotchgard and a special jacquard for the sofa in the kitchen.

The internal content of soft forms is no less important. Hard, form-resistant fillers are selected for the kitchen. For example, the dense foam rubber which is easily supporting a sitting surface, equal without dents. However, this budget material will last just over 4 years. The ideal is polyurethane foam, sometimes reinforced with a fibrous layer.

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