Italian apron tiles for the kitchen

Arrangement of any kitchen involves laying tiles. Today we will learn how to choose the right material for a kitchen apron, where to buy it, and also in more detail about Italian manufacturers.


There are many coatings for the kitchen apron, but mainly there are the following types:

Tile - in most cases, it is an economy class. Its quality is lower than that of ceramics, but the low price contributes to greater demand among consumers. The surface is often covered with a decorative pattern, which can have absolutely any shape.

With a glossy surface - the quality standard. Its surface is almost mirror-like, as it is covered with gloss. Such a surface perfectly reflects the light, which will significantly affect the visualization of the room - it will appear lighter and larger.

White tile - material from monophonic white ceramics.Most applicable for a bright kitchen - it will be in perfect harmony with the bright tones of the room.

When choosing a material, you should pay attention to the quality of the surface - there should be a special surface that will not deteriorate from cleaning agents. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the letter “A” in the title; such a letter will guarantee high surface quality.


10x10 - this size is very popular among buyers, because of the ease of installation and versatility. It has advantages in confined and inaccessible spaces.

The downside is that the number of connecting seams will increase significantly and the installation time will need much more. But the need for additional pruning you will not have.

"Hog" - a fancy name it received because of the rectangular shape with chamfered bevels at the edges, externally similar to the shape of a brick. By choosing this format, you will emphasize the expressiveness and originality of the kitchen room. Standard sizes are 7.5 x 15 cm or 10 x 20 cm.

Mosaic - a format designed, to a greater extent, to express the originality of the interior of your kitchen.It is more difficult to care for mosaics than for ordinary ceramics, but there are analogues that completely repeat the appearance of the mosaic.

Standard format - the most popular option of all the rest. Due to the high demand among the middle class, it has a high production priority. The minimum size starts at 20 cm. On both sides, but most often there are rectangular specimens, which are even more popular.

The disadvantage is that because of its size, the installation of the material, especially in confined spaces, takes a lot of time and money.

All this does not mean that preference should be given to the most popular formats. Before purchasing, you must carefully measure the place of the proposed apron, as well as follow your preferences and financial capabilities. Based on this data, you should select the appropriate model.

For tiles with decor, it is desirable to select the appropriate appearance of the kitchen.

Now let's look at specific examples based on Italian products, which are the most famous in the whole world.

Italian tile

Italian is probably the best option.This tile is distinguished by a stylish design, and a high level of quality material. Once on the apron of your kitchen, it will become the center of universal attention and leave an unforgettable impression on your guests.

The main disadvantage is the cost. The price significantly exceeds the standard options of other manufacturers, but at the same time, it justifies itself by a high level of production.

Benefits and features

  1. Proof of quality will serve the vast experience of Italian masters, which was passed on to them from generation to generation.
  2. In modern times, ceramic tiles are not made by hand, but in factories, but this doesn’t spoil their quality, and the size of their products increases.
  3. Professional designers who clearly follow the traditions of execution are responsible for the design.

Spain is not far behind the quality of production from its Italian competitors, these two countries became founders in production, but each of the countries has its own peculiarity. So, Italy is more specialized in exterior design, while Spain is dominated by high quality raw materials from which tiles are made.

The tile is distinguished by its aristocracy and elegance, although it is monochromatic, but at the same time it has an original, one of a kind, style, which attracts the attention of buyers.


Marazzi is a popular brand among all the rest. Thanks to many years of experience in manufacturing, over 70 years, tiles have become widespread throughout the world, and manufacturing plants are located even outside Italy. It will be the center of attention in the interior of your kitchen.

Folk is quite a bright representative. It has a catchy design, despite the monotony. Made in the old country style. It has an average price of 1750 rubles per square meter.

Minimal - a representative of the dual kind of tiles. It has in its collection a variety of monochromatic colors. There are also options with imitation mosaic. It has an average price of 2,200 rubles per square meter.

7 a photo

Famous Italian brands

Serenissima, Cir, Cercom - Three brands that merged into one holding company called Serenissima Cir Industrie Ceramiche S.p.A.

This holding is engaged in the release of both kitchen and floor products. It is rich in beautiful vintage mosaic design with a watercolor effect.This company has a rich and extensive experience in both production and sales.

Acquerello is a country style brand. The small size, only 10x10 cm, allows her to make a huge impression on others. In its assortment there are different designer paintings: in retro style, with embossed images, which increases the selection. The average price is 1300 rubles per square meter.

Mariner - a collection made in pastel monochromatic colors in the style of Provence. There are options with imitation of mosaic, with different patterns. It has an average price of 1000 rubles per square meter.

All collections from Italy are expensive. Not even the most budget option can afford. But acquiring at least one of their collections, you will not regret it, because the appearance of your kitchen will change many times over time, and you will forget about the money spent that did not go in vain!

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