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We spend most of our free time in the kitchen. No wonder this place is called the "soul of the apartment." Most of us combine a kitchen with a place to rest. Therefore, it is extremely important to create comfort in this room. It is difficult to imagine a kitchen without a kitchen.

The article focuses on kitchen sets offered by AMI-furniture, a furniture and retail chain of the Belarusian factory Laguna. In the assortment of her furniture is presented cabinet and modular.

Hull version is a rigid frame of interconnected solid surfaces.

Modular furniture consists of separate models - sections., which can be completed on your own. Among the advantages of modular furniture can be identified its mobility - without the colossal expenditure of effort, it can be rearranged at will to another place. Also, this type of kitchen is easy to transport when moving.

If you wish, you can purchase only those modules that you need. And then it is easy to purchase additional modules if necessary.

Factory furniture usually has well-measured holes, so having bought such a kitchen, you can hope that during assembly you will not have to adjust the gaps between the drawers.


The models offered to the consumer by Ami-Mebel retail chain are quite diverse.

Kitchen "Bella" consists of modules that can be placed as you wish.

Model "Bella" is made in the modern style, which has straight, strict lines and the absence of unnecessary details. The furniture is made in the following color combinations: metal-violet, red matt-dark wood, makhon-silk.

The collection includes twenty-nine modules, from which the buyer can select and arrange headsets, based on their need. The basis of the modules is made of laminated chipboard, which provides the furniture moisture resistance and durability. Facade of MDF coated with PVC film, which increase wear resistance. Countertops are made of postforming. The facade of some of the mounted modules is a combination of MDF and transparent material, which visually makes the furniture easier, more compact and stylish.

The depth of the floor modules is 60 cm and provides a fairly good spaciousness. Depth of mounted modules - 29 cm.

The shape of the kitchen model "Bella" can be angular and not angular. For very small kitchens, "Ami-Mebel" offers a set of "Bella - 7", which, with a 60 cm plate, is only 160 cm.

I would like to mention a fairly low price of kitchen furniture from the Laguna factory.

The Venice model is presented in classical style. The color of the furniture is plain - white pearl, or gray. The execution of the kitchen in bright colors gives it a festive romantic look. This model is equipped with a spacious dryer for dishes, metaboxes with closers, which makes the operation of the headset more comfortable.

The corner version of the kitchen "Venice" - "Venice-2" differs from the other versions of this model offered by the factory by the presence of two sliding swivel shelves. These shelves are designed to accommodate kitchen utensils of different sizes, and the bumpers at the edges prevent it from falling out.

The kitchen "Liza" is able to win the hearts of buyers with an extraordinary extravagant look. The art deco style in which this model is made has similar features to the modern style, but here contrasting colors are used - red matte and black matte.The presence of metal parts underlines the modernity of the headset. The dimensions of the product: the length in view of the 60 cm plate is 290 cm, the height of the headset is 230 cm, the width is 160 cm, and the depth is 60 cm. Based on the dimensions, it can be seen that such furniture is not suitable for small-sized kitchens.

Wall mounted cabinets of this model are equipped with gas shock absorbers that allow you to easily and silently open and close the door. Increased functionality of the kitchen is achieved due to the corner shelves and visor.

Classic lines and modern design combines the kitchen "Hope". Natural natural colors - white oak with aging and makhon, as well as frosted glass inserts give the headset lightness, romanticism and at the same time rigor and solidity.

It will fit well into the interior and make an excellent duet with a set of kitchen soft corner "Viola", which is designed in similar colors.

Stylish design and bright design has a kitchen "Marta". Do not leave indifferent people who prefer modern stylish things. Bright, bold colors of the headset will give a sense of celebration.

The combination of MDF and frosted glass, which made the facade of furniture,make the kitchen visually light and relieves space. The color options are quite diverse: mustard - the effect of old wood, makhon-silk, orange - metal.


The kitchens of the “Laguna” factory are made of chipboard - frame and MDF - facade.

Chipboard is considered the most inexpensive material for the production of furniture. Differs in ease, but is considered a toxic material. Therefore, when buying such furniture, you need to pay attention to the cut was well and fully glued.

MDF is an environmentally friendly material compared to chipboard, but also more expensive. It is obtained as a result of mixing wood chips with carbide resins modified with melamine and their pressing. The minus is highly flammable, and even quickly heated objects, not to mention an open fire, present a potential risk of ignition.

Postforming, from which the countertops are made, is a method of finishing chipboard. To do this, use a flexible and thin plastic. In this way, make the most budget options for countertops. In this case, the tabletop can be fully or partially covered with plastic.


Very reasonable prices for furniture in Ami-Mebel stores attract crowds of customers. The only advantage that consumers share in their reviews is the really low price and the availability of installments.

Negative reviews are much more. The main drawback that customers emit is the very low quality of the furniture and the quality of the assembly. Many consumers had a case that the marking for the parts was done incorrectly, or the holes for the parts were not completely drilled out. Also, the overwhelming majority notes the lack of fittings compared to the number that is stated in the scheme.

Frequent cases of delivery of defective furniture also cause discontent among consumers, as well as poor-quality packaging of products for transportation. Distress consumers and long periods of delivery of furniture.

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