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The most frequently visited place in the apartment is the kitchen, where the most functional piece of furniture is a kitchen set. It should not only be durable, convenient to use, meet all environmental requirements, but also perform an aesthetic function. It is on the styling and beautiful design of the headset that first of all all incoming attention is paid. Kitchens Furniture Chernozem region meet all modern trends used in the production of materials, this furniture is a real work of art!

About company

Organized in 1997, the Voronezh company for the production of cabinet and upholstered furniture rapidly increased production. Today it is the most popular furniture company according to customer reviews. From the day of organization, modern technologies were mastered, joint Italian production was launched. Today, the Furniture of Chernozem region furniture meets all standards of European quality, and the network of branded stores is represented throughout Russia.A convenient company site has been created, where you can easily not only see the model you like, but also find out detailed information about it.

Kitchens Aphrodite

The line of modern kitchen sets is represented by the model Aphrodite. You can choose the kitchen of this model for a small room, and the angular version of the suggested size. Here you will find both a bright stylish solution in the design of kitchen furniture, and variants in a classic style with a predominance of pastel colors.

Classic design

For the design of the room in the classic style, models from the Aphrodite series of natural wood shades of dark or light color are the best suited. Refined facades in ivory, gray, light oak, versatile white, golden walnut, pegasus in combination with gold, copper or bronze patina finish look truly luxurious. Carved doors, the use of bas-reliefs, twisted patterns in the design of the model in combination with a glass stained-glass window and elegant antique fittings give a certain status to the product. Smooth lines, curves and bends are involved in creating a harmonious model.Classical kitchens Aphrodite suggest the presence of a dome hood, complementing the stylistic unity.

For kitchens in the style of Provence, you can recommend the classic model Aphrodite in a delicate green color. This kitchen will bring freshness and ideally continue the given style direction.

Stylish solutions

For the kitchen in a modern style, you can recommend the model Aphrodite, made in bright colors. Orange, yellow, olive, caramel, lilac, rich turquoise, berry, bright red - any trendy will appeal to ultrafashionable tasty shades.

Stylish design awakens appetite and uplifting.

The glossy shine of the facades and the absence of unnecessary details in the design create a stylish image in which only the color attracts attention and nothing more.

For lovers of discreet interiors, models of beige, brown, pale lilac, pale pink laminated glossy kitchens are perfect. Calm and serenity casts on the combination of chocolate and the color of baked milk for a headset in the interior of the kitchen. Such options will perfectly fit into the design of any room and will delight you for a long time.

For dynamic and ambitious personalities, we can recommend a red-black or white-black contrasting design of a kitchen set. This option will very precisely emphasize your individuality and unconventional bold taste.

In addition to the execution of kitchens in wood and MDF, Aphrodite models are presented in the combined versions: cappuccino-wenge, vanilla-nut. The charm and charm of such a kitchen give inserts of glossy plastic, emphasizing the texture of natural wood.

For kitchens in the style of minimalism and high-tech an excellent option would be a kitchen made in various shades of wood in combination with metal. The warmth of natural material is harmoniously set off by the cold brilliance of steel. The combination of pale green, pale pink, white with metal looks very soft and expressive.

Material and accessories

Furniture Chernozem makes furniture premium only from high quality materials. The kitchen unit can be made of solid wood: ash, beech, oak, pine or high-quality MDF with PVC coating.

The natural tree is noted by high rates of durability, reliability, durability.Kitchen furniture of the Chernozem region will be inherited by your grandchildren! Moreover, the tree is subjected to special treatment, after which it is not afraid of moisture and dry air.

Kitchens of the Aphrodite series from MDF are noted by high rates of quality. They are environmentally safe, are not afraid of moisture, unpretentious in care. Modern PFH coating provides durability to such a headset.

All furniture fittings used in the creation of the kitchen furniture company Black Earth, Italian and German production. In the manufacture of furniture used only first-class elements of decoration and components.

Complete with a kitchen set, you will always find detailed assembly instructions, as well as information on furniture materials and surface care conditions, which undoubtedly facilitates the installation and operation of the product.


Furniture Chernozem region - the standard of quality and style of furniture produced. The following indisputable advantages of production can be distinguished:

  • The use of Italian and German technology, compliance with all European quality standards of products;
  • Continuous improvement of production processes and designs of manufactured furniture;
  • Using only high-quality accessories, tabletops, components manufactured in Europe.

The company has repeatedly become the winner of Russian and foreign exhibitions. Furniture Chernozem region can be found not only in an ordinary apartment, but also in sanatoriums and world-class reception rooms, in the Presidential Administration.

Of course, high-quality furniture assumes the value corresponding to natural materials. Thanks to the flexible system of discounts, promotions and draws of the kitchen, Black Earth Region Furniture production is becoming more affordable.

Kitchen Furniture Chernozem region - a modern version of the premium class for the most stylish and elegant interiors.

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