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Each homeowner seeks to organize their living space so that it is as comfortable, modern and functional as possible. The kitchen is one of those places in the house where you spend most of your free time. That is why it is important that the kitchen area is pleasing to the eye and meets the parameters of aesthetics and modernity.

Italian cuisines are considered to be one of the main dictators of fashion and style, therefore many apartment owners prefer kitchen sets from this European country.

Features and benefits

Italy is famous for its impeccable taste in everything from clothes to architectural structures. When we talk about Italy, we mean great quality, style and sophistication, whatever that may be. Furniture here is no exception.

As you know, food plays an important role in the life of Italians. Many dishes are very popular all over the world. Italian chefs love everything in order, so it’s important for them that the kitchen be the perfect place to cook.Not surprisingly, Italian kitchen furniture is in great demand all over the world, including Russia.

The main direction of kitchen furniture is a classic with respect for all major traditions. But in this case, classic furniture perfectly combines modern elements, without which it is impossible to imagine any kitchen set.

Italian furniture designers really appreciate the recognition of customers, which every year becomes more and more. The use of high-quality materials and accessories makes the kitchen especially loved by homeowners. Despite the fact that the emphasis is placed on the classics, in the collections of many Italian factories there are also many styles that have become beloved: modern, Provence, high-tech.



Italians are considered one of the most conservative nations, so the kitchen in a classic style is a highlight of the designers. Of course, kitchen sets in this direction meet all modern standards, but they have certain elements that are a sign of the classical direction. Clear lines and bends, accompanied by the best wood species, make the Classic kitchen a unique and easily recognizable.

In this case, the classic works closely with modernity, endowing the kitchen with functional elements, a variety of shelves and drawers that allow you to well organize the storage space for various utensils.


Modern or modern style is characterized by the presence of fashionable elements and design features that characterize this trend. For kitchens in modern style, the latest trends in technology are characteristic. Kitchen set can combine several colors. The glossy surface of the facades is also a sign of modern style. Kitchen tables are most often glass, and the chairs have high backs.

For the modern style is characterized by the presence of light above the working area in the form of built-in lamps. Modern Italian cuisine is a real find for young, active people who appreciate style and modern solutions in everything.

High tech

The main characteristics of the kitchen in this style - simplicity and conciseness, which are perfectly combined with elegance. This area appeared at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, immediately gaining incredible popularity. High-tech means high technology, so the kitchen can not match this style if it does not have the latest technology.

The presence of materials such as glass, plastic and metal is characteristic of high-tech direction. cool glossy shades are also a feature of the kitchen area in this style. Such an interior is well suited for business serious people who do not like bright colors and other kinds of excesses.


In contrast to the high-tech style, Provence implies the presence of many decorative elements. The kitchen of this style can be made of natural wood with a lot of carved details. In addition to the main headset, Italian cuisine, designed in this direction, implies the presence of various pedestals and stools in the corners of the room.

Provence is a province in France that inspires many furniture designers all over the world. Ease, ease and rustic naivety in combination with the Italian quality make each person fall into a fairy tale, which should not end.



This manufacturer occupies a leading place in the manufacture of luxury types of kitchen sets. All furniture is made of the most valuable wood species, including chestnut, walnut and cherry.The Russian market has models of this manufacturer from Italy, but all headsets are in a high price frame. A variety of shapes and sizes allows you to choose a set for any type of kitchen, including small ones.

Most kitchen furniture have handmade decorative parts, which makes it unique and inimitable.

Aran cucine

This manufacturer of Italian kitchen furniture has many branches around the world. All branches strictly comply with the technology and comply with the Italian style of headset production. The collection of the brand presents elements of furniture in various price categories, therefore, are accessible to many.

As materials for the manufacture of furniture used the best breeds and wood, as well as MDF and chipboard. From whatever the kitchen set is made, it is distinguished by unsurpassed quality and aesthetics.

Brummel cucine

The manufacturing company began its history more than thirty years ago. During this time, designers have mastered many technologies that allow us to create real masterpieces in the world of kitchen furniture to this day. This manufacturer uses many wood species that differ in their structure, color and quality.It is worth noting that all materials are elite, so the furniture belongs to the Premium class and has a correspondingly high cost.

Cadore arredamenti

In the production of kitchen furniture, this company adheres to many popular styles, including modern and Provence. Of course, the classics has not been canceled. Despite the fact that the manufacturer manufactures various types of furniture for various rooms, the kitchen is its main focus. Exquisite luxury materials in combination with handmade decorative elements allow us to classify the kitchen of the brand as the most expensive and elite.

Lube Industries

This Italian factory actively cooperates with the Russian furniture market, where you can find a large number of models of kitchen sets. For the manufacture of furniture manufacturer uses a variety of materials, from expensive to low cost.

Kitchen facades of MDF, decorated with natural veneer, are among the most popular in Russia due to their democratic value. For lovers of delights are given the opportunity to purchase a kitchen of natural wood of the best breeds.


Immediately after its founding in 1961, the manufacturing company is gaining attention in the furniture market. Buyers and dealers can not appreciate the fact that in the production of designers pay much attention to environmental issues, trying to replace natural wood with safe artificial materials. This is not only a contribution to environmental protection, but also significantly reduces the cost of furniture.

Thanks to a lot of experience, designers can create kitchens in completely different styles.

Veneta cucine

This Italian manufacturer is another representative of elite furniture for the kitchen. The use of only high-quality fittings and natural materials allows you to assign furniture to the Premium class with a high price segment. In the factory collection there are kitchen sets of various styles, but preference is given to the modern trend.


The factory specializes in the production of modular kitchen sets. Such kitchens are considered the most modern and functional, which allows you to fully enjoy the process of cooking and dining. The leading place of the manufacturer occupy the kitchen-dining rooms.

How to choose

All kitchens and their owners are completely different, so a kitchen set must fully comply with individual wishes and features of the room. Before buying a kitchen set, make measurements on which the shape of the headset will depend: angular, u-shaped, island or straight.

Whatever your choice, it must meet the requirements of modern design, the kitchen must be functional, comfortable, with enough storage space. Whatever your Italian cuisine, it will be an indicator of impeccable taste and compliance with the latest trends in design.

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