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In modern life, most of the time is spent in the kitchen. Here you can get together for a gala dinner, make aromatic morning coffee or just sit with friends and drink tea in a warm atmosphere. Therefore, today, the kitchen is considered a central place in the house. Choosing furniture for kitchen from a tree, it is possible not only to fill it with unusual energy of nature, but also to unite the ancient traditions with the newest technologies in an original way.

Wooden kitchen furniture in addition to an attractive look, will please any hostess with durability, flexibility, plasticity and a huge choice of color scale. As is known, natural wood is considered the highest quality material in furniture production; not a single high-quality artificial surface can replace it. Due to its versatility and reliability in operation, such furniture can be purchased both for home and to the country.In addition, the color of natural wood is always in fashion. The use of wooden furniture in the design of the kitchen, allows you to create a variety of styles, looks beautiful room in a rustic and classic style.

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Features and benefits

One of the important issues in the design of the kitchen is not only the correct choice of interior, but also the purchase of furniture that would harmoniously fit into the overall design of the room. Wooden furniture deserves special attention. Although it is expensive, has many positive characteristics, among which are:

  • Environmentally friendly and clean material. Products made of wood do not have in their composition of various chemical elements, and therefore do not emit harmful fumes. The hygroscopic structure of wood allows you to maintain a comfortable microclimate in the room.
  • Beautiful appearance. Natural color and original natural drawings of the tree fill the kitchen with comfort and unusual style. Thanks to the velvety surface of the material, kitchen furniture can be entered into any design idea.
  • Long service life. If kitchen structures made of MDF and chipboard last a maximum of ten years, the furniture from the array over time can be easily restored and quickly takes on its original appearance.When cracks and scratches appear on the surface of the products, an effective varnishing method can be applied. The result is a completely new type of furniture.
  • The possibility of repair. If necessary, in any design you can easily replace the door, fastening it with new screws. It is impossible to do this in artificial materials, since re-fastening will be unreliable and will last for a minimum period.

In addition to the many advantages, kitchen furniture from the array has some minor drawbacks. It must be protected from moisture, because it is detrimental to wood. Preference should be given to well-known manufacturers who use modern wood processing technologies in the production of furniture. To obtain a quality product, in furniture factories, wood is initially dried, then glued together, leaving small micro gaps in the construction facades. As a result, wooden products do not crack and do not warp from exposure to moisture.

In addition to all this, furniture from the array needs special care. It is necessary not only to wipe from dust with a special cloth, but also to rub furniture wax and antiseptic in addition,giving the surface a beautiful appearance. The main disadvantage of wooden kitchen furniture is also a high cost. Designs of precious wood are considered a luxury, not available for all. Therefore, most housewives prefer to purchase an economical version of furniture made of pine.


The kitchen, equipped with furniture made of natural material, gets a cozy and natural look in the interior. Each type of wood that is used in furniture production differs from each other not only by mechanical processing features, but also by pattern, color and texture. Choosing an array of wood, you should also consider its characteristics such as moisture resistance, porosity, hardness. In terms of color, wood is classified into:

  • Light, cream (pine, maple, beech, birch, ash).
  • Yellow, light brown (larch, bamboo, alder, oak, teak).
  • Red, orange-brown (yara, cherry, sukupira, jatoba).
  • Chocolate, dark brown (zebrano, walnut).
  • Ink (eben, ginkalo).

In furniture production, when choosing wood, the main emphasis is not placed on the natural color, since it can be changed at any time with the help of various stains, tinting paints and varnishes.Observing certain processing technology, any wood species undergoes the process of applying a decorative coating.

Each breed of the array varies in pattern and texture. The expressiveness of the figure defines the following classes of wood:

  • Stripes (rosewood, teak, zebrano)
  • Rings (cherry, maple, ash, oak)
  • Weakly pronounced pattern (alder, beech, eben, wenge)
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Interior ideas

Recently, the eco-style has prevailed in the interior of modern kitchens. The kitchen is considered a special place in the house, so when it is designed, the use of natural materials is quite important. To create an ecospace indoors, as a rule, they use natural textures and colors. For this, a calmer palette of sand and pastel shades is chosen.

The main elements of the decor, while creating the original style in the kitchen, are ceramics, natural stones and wood. At the same time, it should be noted that the massif can be of a different type of processing: ground with a velvety surface, with a glossy finish or in the form of antique cracks and knots.

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