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If you think about how much space your furniture occupies in your kitchen, you can come to an unexpected answer, which is, of course, not all 100%, but a very large part of it. Can there be any way out of this situation and is it possible somehow to "win back" kitchen space from cabinet furniture in favor of free movement along it? And what to hope for owners of very small kitchens? It turns out that all these issues are solved in the event that you equip the kitchen space with the help of kitchen modules.

A bit of history

By the thought of the possibility of using this type of headset in the kitchen, German manufacturers were the first to arrive, more than sixty years have passed since then. They concluded that the furniture in the kitchen should be located in accordance with its functionality and be as compact as possible, and not occupy all the free space.

So the idea of ​​creating kitchen cabinet furniture, which in a large assortment was made for economy class and became available for a large number of buyers, appeared.

Special features

For each home, the kitchen is the number one location. Here all the household members get together very often - to have lunch together or just talk about any family matters. For this reason, kitchen furniture should be practical and comfortable.

Buying cabinet furniture for the kitchen is a rather frequent phenomenon. The owners choose kitchen furniture that is perfectly matched to each other - these are different types of wardrobes, and drawers with good capacity, convenient shelving, and certainly a table and chairs, and often also a kitchen couch that gives the room more comfort.

Properly selected cabinet furniture in the kitchen will make even from the smallest room a multifunctional and comfortable area.

What it is?

The name speaks for itself - the furniture consists of a closed cabinet, the purpose of which is to store any kitchen utensils, as well as food. Such kitchen furniture is mobile, and any of its body can be combined with another convenient way, which is suitable for a particular kitchen.

Cabinet furniture can be arranged in such a way that the kitchen set designed by you involves the most uncomfortable and inaccessible corners or projections in the room, and everything you need will be in a convenient location for you. That is, you can organize the kitchen space on your own.

With the help of cabinet furniture for the kitchen can be created the most unusual combinations, characterized by high functionality. Such a question is very inspiring bright and minded individuals extraordinary. After all, this is a great opportunity to create a unique interior, which will emphasize the individuality of style.

Thus, it is very compact, with preservation of all the functionality, even the smallest size kitchen can be equipped. For such opportunities kitchen furniture is sometimes called a great designer.

It is also important that, if necessary, any part of the kitchen unit can be rearranged differently, and for these purposes, individual elements of kitchen furniture have reliable connections.

Cabinet kitchen furniture can be found in a variety of styles - it can be a familiar calm classic, and modern high-tech. And with the help of modern design it is possible to visually expand the space and use it comfortably.

As a rule, headsets are offered at very affordable prices, but lovers of booze will also always have something to choose from. It is important to understand that the most rational decision will be to purchase body components for individual orders. It does not matter - a miniature "Khrushchev" you or luxury apartments.

After all, as a rule, furniture, released by the conveyor method of production, will suit not every home. To buy such furniture and live in an uncomfortable and non-functional kitchen, or to do everything so that the kitchen is adapted to your needs - everyone decides for himself.


For the case of kitchen furniture, the material mainly used is chipboard, which is a laminated chipboard. If the chipboard is simply a plate of compressed wood shavings, then the laminated chipboard has lamination, that is, an outer decorative protective lining. The most common method of lamination, imitating wood, although there are other colors and textures.

It depends on the type of lamination how much the whole product will cost. In the mass production inexpensive decors are used, but there are also novelties on the original designs of designers, the price of which will be much higher.

The most famous producers of chipboard today are such companies as Nevsky Laminate, Egger, Lamarty and Kronostar. They have really high quality plates and a rich selection of lamination models.You should know that the plates of any manufacturer must meet certain environmental standards and comply with one of the formaldehyde emission classes - either E0 or E1.

The thickness of the case of kitchen furniture varies between 16-18 mm, and, 18 is better, because it is more reliable, but such products are more expensive.

In the practice of some furniture factories, whose products are designed for the medium-high price segment, there is the principle of manufacturing furniture housings for kitchens made of wood, MDF, and plywood. Although, as a rule, this material is only for the facade.


The facade is called the outer side of the kitchen furniture (cabinet, pencil case, cabinets, and so on). It depends on the facade how pleasant the product will be externally, and how it will be in the style of execution.

Facade types


This is a high-quality stove with a dense homogeneous composition. An important feature of the material in the absence of any harmful impurities in it, that is, it is an eco-friendly material.

Another plus is the ability to make fine processing of such material, which is very important for radius and rounded ends of the facade.

If the facade is made of MDF, then one of four materials will be suitable for covering:

  • PVC film - the material is quite affordable, but the service life of it is short;
  • plastic It is considered a reliable and practical material for the manufacture of kitchen cabinets. The plate is covered with high-pressure laminate (HPL plastic), which is not afraid of scratches, blows, moisture or sudden changes in temperature, and it is very easy to care for such a surface.

And this is not all the advantages of plastic. It is realized in a wide variety of color solutions - from bright shades of red, blue, yellow, etc., to calm matte colors and imitation of natural wood and stone.

Paint the surface - this solution can be a good alternative to plastic coating. Use for this should be alkyd enamel or matte, glossy or embossed varnish.

The most expensive veneer is the use of veneer - a thin layer of wood, which in the state pasted on the facade gives the product naturalness. In practicality, the veneer, of course, is inferior to plastic, and care for it must be careful, but such furniture looks noble and solid.


The facade of wood is a sign of expensive kitchen modules belonging to the styles of "classic", "country" or "Provence." The facade can be oak, cherry, cherry, walnut, birch or acacia. Any of these materials looks beautiful, but its price is high. It so happens that the cost per facade is 70% of the value of the entire product.

What makes a tree so expensive? It's all about the complexity of its processing: the tree should be dried, varnished, tinted. Sometimes they resort to a method of artificial aging and even imitation of damage to a product from tree borers.


In this case, the frame of the facade is made of wood or aluminum, and glass, chipboard, MDF or chipboard are inserted into the center. Especially solemn and unusual look glass inserts, which can be made in different variations:

  • transparent colored glass;
  • frosted or glossy colored glass;
  • glass with imitation of hoarfrost;
  • with corrugated texture;
  • reinforced version;
  • sandblasting.

In any case, the kitchen will look very unusual.

What is included in the kitchen?

The most common layout options are a combination of thumbs, wall cabinets, shelves, canisters, walls, racks and tables.If the kitchen is supposed to have built-in household appliances, then it includes a special purpose cabinet or a pencil case.

Any standard element that is included in the kitchen furniture set is furniture from the same series, and the owners select the number of cabinets according to the specific kitchen (size, shape) and with their preferences.

Designers have developed such options for kitchen furniture, so that you can make the most compact kitchen of any shape and any size. These are cabinets with a door closer, with latches, with draw-out drawers, with baskets, with a swivel system (if it is an angular curbstone), with doors for a wall cabinet that can be folded - and this is not all the useful finds from designers.

The kitchen is a room where the furniture must withstand increased loads, and therefore such a component as fastening strength is important. This applies to everything - to the doors, and to the shelves, and to the wall fixing of the cabinets, and to all the accessories, and the tabletop, as well as its supports.

In depth, any kitchen floor cabinet has standard dimensions and combines them in one of two ways.The first is when each pedestal has its own table top, they are tightly pushed against one another, and there are special plugs to prevent cracks between the table tops.

The second method is more original, practical and attractive - all the cabinets are pushed as closely to one another, but they have a common tabletop. In this case, you can embed into the countertop, for example, a sink or any heating objects.

The depth, height and width of the wall-mounted kitchen cabinets, which are located above the lower row of thumbs, are always different, but most often in depth this size is smaller than that of the lower row.

Comfortable and ergonomic kitchen furniture is made in different styles, which means that in the kitchen you can not only cook, but also spend time comfortably eating with family or friends.

From Ikea

Ikea - these are kitchens that are practical, attractive and have quite affordable prices, and therefore are popular today all over the world. Every day, manufacturers increase the quality of materials with which they work, as well as the quality of the performance of the work on the creation of kitchen furniture.

Manufactured products are of great variety.shades of color and texture of surfaces, which makes it possible to choose the appropriate furniture option in order to decorate the kitchen in one of the preferred styles.

For homeowners with any income, there will be models that suit them in all respects - in terms of quality, style, and price. Choosing the right furniture for the kitchen is a very important question, and this is clear to any owner. First of all, the kitchen area should be extremely functional, so that in a relatively small space it was possible to perform a number of tasks that are provided specifically for this space.

Thus, the kitchen should be a comfortable and practical area, but at the same time, never lose its aesthetic appeal.

The Ikea kitchen ensemble can either be ordered for specific sizes and for the particular shape of your kitchen, or it can be a ready-made solution, the choice of which in stores is presented in a wide variety. The main task of the manufacturers of this well-known company is precisely the modularity of the furniture. Therefore, there is a high probability that choosing the size range in the range, you can construct the kitchen,which is appropriate in your particular case. Moreover, it will cost quite cheap, and production time will be minimal.

In addition, the company is engaged in modulating the kitchen in sizes that you provide in person. You will be offered a full range of materials and options for the facade, which the company has. So you have the opportunity to calculate everything in advance and determine the location, size, number and features of a working surface or storage system. It remains only to place an order and get the desired design, for the collection of which you will have the opportunity to invite specialists home.

Which design is best?

The one in which the models of cabinets have the simplest form. In this case, there is where to roam design ideas. And if the decorative elements will be present in abundance, it only hurts the cause. As for the budget options for cabinet kitchen, the following styles will be preferable:

  • Modern This style is welcomed by very many buyers for the combination of clear and smooth lines in it, which always looks very impressive.In addition, this is the case when there are no restrictions on colors.
  • High tech. This style has recently become a trend, and the view of the kitchen, made in this style - just ultra modern. These are convenient to use and practical kitchens.
  • Classic. Classic furniture is classic shapes and classic color. Classics are preferred by those who do not like the pursuit of modern innovations and who strive for conciseness, comfort and constancy.
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