IKEA furniture for the kitchen: tables and chairs

Every homeowner seeks to organize the kitchen space so that it is as convenient and functional as possible. Kitchen furniture is the main element of any kitchen. It is she who allows us to enjoy the meal without going anywhere. In addition, tables and chairs define the basic style of the kitchen area, so they should be modern and stylish. It is by such criteria that Ikea produces its furniture, which has earned the trust of many buyers.

Features and benefits

A large spacious kitchen is the dream of any family, but, unfortunately, not all apartments have sufficient kitchen space. If you are still lucky, and your kitchen has a significant area, then the choice of furniture for you is practically unlimited. In Ikea stores you have the opportunity to choose the perfect chairs and a table at which the whole family and guests fit.

In most cases, homeowners have to look for options when the kitchen furniture is as compact as possible. Compactness should not compete with convenience. The manufacturing company has been present on the furniture market for a long time and is familiar with all the needs of modern citizens. It is in these stores you can choose what will meet the requirements of convenience and extraordinary functionality with a minimally occupied space.

Going into a small kitchen, sometimes it is even difficult to imagine where furniture can fit in it, because there is absolutely no place for it. It is these stereotypes that Ikea destroys, allowing the kitchen with any dimensions to be a unique work of art. It is also worth considering that compactness and functionality are always closely intertwined with high-quality materials and an affordable price.


If you already have enough time living in your apartment, then sooner or later you will want to change something in it without much time and money. When it comes to the kitchen, the countertop is the ideal option for renovating its interior.Countertops perform many functions and are considered a truly indispensable element of the kitchen area. Before you get on the table, all the food passes through a tabletop attached to the kitchen. It was on her housewives who cut food, giving the dishes an aesthetic look.

Ikea company offers a huge range of tabletops, among which you will definitely find your own. This element of the kitchen set is characterized by increased strength, is able to withstand heavy loads and does not change its appearance. You have the opportunity to choose a tabletop from a variety of options, including an array of wood or stone.

The stone version is considered eternal and will serve you until you decide to change it. Wooden tabletops also last a long time, but tend to deform from a large amount of moisture.

Dining tables

No kitchen, even the smallest, can exist without a comfortable dining table. It can be both large and quite compact, behind which the family can fit. In Ikea stores you will be offered a variety of dining table options that will fit your needs and abilities.

In the manufacture of tables for dining, the manufacturer uses three main materials:

  • Natural wood. This option is considered the most environmentally friendly and looks the most natural. If you choose a wood table, then be prepared for that. That he will require special careful care.
  • Laminate. Tables of laminated boards have a lot of advantages, among which their affordable price. They are quite strong and able to withstand a significant load. Among the shortcomings noted their vulnerability to sharp objects. In the manufacture of dining tables used only laminate of the highest quality.
  • Glass. Glass tables fit perfectly in any interior and have an excellent view. But it is worth remembering that any glass, even tempered, is a fragile material, so it is necessary to treat such furniture with special care.


This version of the furniture is a highlight of the company Ikea. The manufacturer calls them carts and notes the increased functionality and practicality of these tables. As a rule, trolleys are equipped with a large number of shelves under the worktop and all sorts of hooks, allowing them to be used as an additional storage place for kitchen utensils.

Built-in wheels allow you to move the table from place to place without much effort. If necessary, the wheels are fixed and your table will not budge independently and unexpectedly. This version of the tables can also be represented by a transformer, which is adjustable in height and length.

With the help of a cabinet, you can significantly save space in the kitchen, while making it modern, comfortable and functional.

Folding chairs

And again, Ikea takes care of those homeowners whose kitchen does not have enough space. Folding chairs are an indispensable option for every day, and for special occasions when you have to take guests. Storage of a large number of ordinary chairs requires considerable space. Thanks to the folding mechanism, this option of furniture can be stored in a closet or closet, hanging them on a hook.

In the Ikea collection there are several options for folding chairs with backs, which can go up to different types of interiors. Wooden models will be an excellent addition to the kitchen in the country style, and metal and plastic will complement the interior of fusion or modern.

The advantages of folding chairs are clear to everyone, but you should also draw on some of their drawbacks. For example, the folding mechanism is not as durable as the classic chairs. Overweight people cannot use this type of furniture, for them the folding chair can be traumatic.

Modern chairs

For those homeowners who love everything new, unique and unusual, Ikea offers modern options for chairs. The manufacturer’s product range includes several models that fit well into the kitchen interior in a modern or high-tech style. Transparent seats and curved shapes make the kitchen space easy, airy and attractive. Such furniture visually saves space and makes it more voluminous.

A more classic version of the chairs with a curved design is presented in white, but for such chairs the entire interior should be appropriate.

The springy seat makes eating a truly enjoyable experience. Many buyers noted that they did not want to get up from such chairs because of their extraordinary convenience and the opportunity to fully relax at the table after a hard day’s work.



Classic models of stools in most cases are made of wood. This version of the furniture is simple and concise and allows you to add any kitchen area. Most often stools in a classic version chosen by fans of country style, which is inherent in all natural and natural.

Compactness, ease of care and lightness are the main advantages of classic stools. Also their durability in combination with low cost is noted. But the hard seat and the lack of a back make them not a very comfortable option for furniture. That is why it is recommended to use extra pillows to reduce stiffness.


This version of the stools is distinguished by its height and the presence of several rows of steps. That is why they got their talking name. The high construction allows the use of the stool together with high tables that are attached to the wall and do not have legs. The compactness of such furniture is obvious.

Step-ladders can have a direct purpose and be a full-fledged kitchen stool or used when you need to get something from the upper shelves.After all, not every apartment has a place to store a real ladder. Stools of this type can be equipped with backrests, which makes their operation as comfortable as possible.


This type of stool is considered quite modern and allows you to create the perfect interior in a variety of styles. For example, Ingolf suitable for kitchen in the style of country, Provence or Scandinavian. Most often, the stool is made in a classic color and is combined with most design options. Stools differ from all other options by the presence of a low, but rather comfortable back.

The ingolf chairs are equipped with metal legs. In order for them not to spoil the flooring, and you could move them from place to place without excessive noise, it is recommended to use linings of dense material that are attached to the lower part of the leg.


This type of stools got its name due to the ability to stack them on each other, which provides compact storage. The design is arranged in such a way that the chairs easily stack in piles and turn into one chair.If necessary, you can always expand them, providing yourself with extra seating. Housewives note the convenience of stools when cleaning, as there is no need to move a bunch of chairs when washing the floor.

Complete with each stool are soft lining, which allows you to make the furniture not only more comfortable, but also create interesting bright interior options.

Bar chairs

Most studio apartments are equipped with a bar, which is the boundary between the living room and the kitchen area. For such a kitchen simply requires the presence of bar stools. Options from Ikea differ extraordinary convenience and security. Comfortable footboards make it easy to climb a high chair. You can choose bar stools with or without backrest, depending on personal preferences and the overall style of the dining area.

For maximum comfort, give preference to models with upholstery. Ikea guarantees the quality of materials upholstery, which will serve you a long faithful service.

Kitchen corners

The kitchen corner is a practical option for furniture when you can immediately purchase a table, chairs and a sofa in one set.The dimensions of the kitchenette can vary and depend on the dimensions of the space of your dining area. The kitchen corner allows you to create a harmonious interior with no need for a long and carefully select each element of furniture.

The only difficulty you may encounter when choosing a corner is a small choice that is presented with only a few options. But if you are still tuned to the purchase of a kitchen corner, you can choose it for any interior, including modern, country and Provence.

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