Corner furniture for a small kitchen

Even in a small kitchen, a woman should feel like a housewife. Everything should be at hand and there should be room for everything. If there are no problems with the decor of large rooms, then it is much more difficult to furnish a small kitchen. Work on the design of the kitchen and its interior just have to.

Not all kitchen furniture is suitable for a small room. Bulky and overall will not leave free space. In such cases, corner furniture is a great option for a small room. It takes up much less space, leaving free space. All the corner furniture for a small kitchen area combines one factor - they functionally involve every millimeter of the tiny room.

How to optimize space

So that in the event there is no problem later, you must carefully plan everything before starting work. Even a very small kitchen is inconceivable without such necessary things as a stove and a refrigerator, a place to store dishes and food, a work surface for cooking and a dining table.Therefore, mentally imagine where and how you want to store, where you can place these things and how best to do it.

To equip the kitchen properly help small tips:

  • Try to use the walls as efficiently as possible.
  • Choose the optimal mailbox size for you. Much will depend on their number and capacity: how the room will look, whether it will be cozy and comfortable.
  • To choose the right size of the boxes, consider how many large and small dishes you have. Accordingly, choose the size of the boxes.
  • For a small kitchen it is best to choose bright corner furniture.

Headset color

If you can not increase a small room in reality, then this can be done visually. This will help you in choosing the right color for walls and kitchen furniture.

Visually increase the room wall decoration in bright colors and the same light furniture. You can diversify such an environment with decorative contrasting elements or patterns on the facade.

The dark set will organically look against the light walls. For rooms with dark walls is better to buy furniture in bright colors.

If you like dark colors and walls, and a headset, then you can play with the light. Highlighting cabinets and worktop will make your kitchen more comfortable.


There are several styles of corner furniture for kitchen rooms.

  • Classical. Implies a chic and wealth. Expensive materials and clear lines are inherent in this style. Mainly for the manufacture of such kitchens use wood.
  • Country In this style you will find naturalness and comfort. It is most suitable for decoration of country houses. Checkered or floral textiles and a minimum of decor is a country style.
  • Hi tech. Metal construction, simplicity and rigor are characteristic of this style. This is the most modern style, which is dominated by a lot of light and highlights. It is most suitable for small spaces.
  • Modern Something in between a high tech and a classic. Very beautiful and practical style in which it is convenient to draw up tiny rooms. Furniture in this style is made of any materials.

Remember that for a small room it is not necessary to buy heavy furniture made of wood. Easily and stylishly look headsets made of plastic, glass or metal.


When designing it is necessary to take into account that there are several types of corner kitchens.

  • U-shaped kitchens are not suitable for any room. It should be remembered that for their installation will need more space than for the l-shaped headset. If you liked just such a headset, then you can buy furniture for them transformers, which, if necessary, will simply fold. Such corner sets are installed near the walls. The center of the kitchen at the same time remains free. Free space can be used to install a kitchen table or to form a dining area.
  • L-shaped sets are suitable for kitchens of all sizes. The furniture is located along two adjacent walls. Such kitchen sets are very compact.
  • Island or circular kitchens. A distinctive feature of such kitchens is the arrangement of the working area in the center of the room, and the placement of furniture along the walls. It turns out very beautiful and original. For too small rooms, this option is not suitable.

Tips for choosing

Choosing a corner furniture, consider the following tips, then your choice will always be right.

  • Furniture of unusual shape is not suitable for small spaces. Bulk designs are not for you either.But a little smooth corners of the furniture can be, then the space will be more.
  • Place the sink in the corner headset in the corner. So you free up the countertop and work surface.
  • Organizers for the drawers will help keep the kitchen in perfect order.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the size of the tabletop, choose a headset with roll-out tabletop.
  • The bar counter will not only look beneficial in the interior, but will also become an additional workplace or a dining table.
  • Equip the window sill for cutting products.
  • The facade of furniture, choose a glossy. The light reflected in the doors will visually enlarge the room.
  • The glass inserts for doors look great in the interior of a small kitchen.
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