What wallpaper to choose for the kitchen

Kitchen Wallpaper Requirements

The most important place in the house can rightly be called the kitchen. It is in the kitchen that the keeper of the hearth spends most of the time, the whole family gathers here for dinner, and guests are met. Wallpapers for walls set the overall tone for the whole kitchen, harmonize the space, make it beautiful and complete. If you decide to renovate the old kitchen or start renovating a perfect new room and don’t know where to start, it's time to pay attention to the choice of “clothes” for the walls. How to choose a wallpaper for the kitchen? How to start a search?

First of all, you need to decide for what purpose you choose kitchen wallpaper:

  • Complete the interior and find the wallpaper to match the kitchen set
  • in the presence of bright kitchen furniture, choose a wallpaper of neutral pastel color in order to correctly place accents
  • look for a wallpaper with the goal of making the kitchen space visually larger and larger
  • you want to create a kitchen in a particular style and select the wallpaper of a particular series, for example, “Provence”.

Having decided on the main purpose of wallpaper for the kitchen, you should think about what this wallpaper should be in terms of operation and maintenance:

  • Kitchen wallpaper must be different durability, durability
  • They should not be afraid of moisture and steam, be such as to be able to clean them with any detergent, not being afraid for the preservation of color and pattern
  • It is necessary to choose such types of kitchen wall-paper which do not absorb smells.
  • Wallpaper for the kitchen, it is desirable to choose fire-resistant, because the kitchen is a place of increased fire danger.

You can, of course, combine different materials in the interior of the kitchen - ceramic tiles, wall panels, wallpaper of various kinds, paint and decorative plaster. In this case, it is necessary to choose the wallpaper based on the specific place of their application.

The choice of wallpaper for the kitchen also depends on the illumination of the room - in the presence of artificial lighting as the main source of light, it is better to focus on light shades with an interesting texture. When buying wallpaper, do not forget about the protruding niches, doorways and window openings, etc.And, of course, purchased wallpaper should reflect the individuality of each family member, to be the subject of general choice.

Types of wallpaper

What wallpapers are there and what kinds of them are more suitable for the kitchen? Let's try to figure it out.

Paper wallpaper. This type of wallpaper can be considered the pioneers of the wallpaper market. They are environmentally friendly, as they are made of pure cellulose. Paper wallpapers are relatively inexpensive with a wide variety of colors and patterns. Such wallpapers are unlikely to be an ideal option for kitchen decoration, because they are short-lived and will not withstand wet cleaning.

A modern style solution to the use of paper wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen was their use in the apron area. You can pick up the wallpaper of any pattern and paste over the work area with them by placing paper wallpaper under a sheet of refractory glass of the desired size. This design option looks very unusual, but at the same time practical, and definitely will not remain without attention of guests. In addition, a kitchen apron made of paper wallpaper under heat-resistant glass is an inexpensive option, in contrast to the design of ceramic tiles or similar glass with photo printing.

Another option for using paper wallpaper in the kitchen is their use in the areas of least pollution (for example, in the dining room). The places around the sink, refrigerator, stove can be tiled. This repair will look decent and will cost quite economically for the family budget.

Non-woven wallpaper. This is the so-called cellulose-based non-woven substrate for coloring. Non-woven wallpaper more durable compared to paper and surpass them in their performance.

This type of wallpaper has the following positive properties:

  • They are easy to glue: you can only apply glue to the wall, you do not need to cover the wallpaper, which is very convenient;
  • Non-woven wallpaper not to be afraid of water - they can be washed;
  • They are breathable, which means that mold and fungus are not afraid of your kitchen;
  • This type of wallpaper is fire resistant;
  • In addition, they are quite thick, so they can be applied even on rough walls;
  • This type of wallpaper does not fade in the sun for a long time;
  • Yes, and paint non-woven wallpaper can be several times.

The disadvantages include the relief surface of such wallpaper, so dust can often accumulate there.The top layer of non-woven wallpaper is easy to damage, they are hardly suitable for families with small children and pets.

Vinyl wallpapers. This is a wallpaper that also contains cellulose, but has a special top vinyl layer. There are several varieties of vinyl wallpaper: foamed vinyl, smooth vinyl, silkscreen and solid vinyl. For the repair in the kitchen is not suitable only foamed vinyl due to the lack of such properties as moisture resistance, other types of vinyl wallpaper are quite applicable to the kitchen interior.

Vinyl wallpapers have many advantages: they are very wear-resistant - they can be rubbed without fear of damage. Such wallpaper will hide the irregularities of the walls, and they do not fade in the sun. The range of vinyl wallpaper is very wide: you can choose the wallpaper for every taste, even species that imitate wood and snake skin.

Unfortunately, vinyl wallpaper is not without flaws. They require additional treatment of the walls with antifungal compounds before sticking wallpaper, because they do not let the air through at all. Vinyl wallpaper is quite difficult to glue - it is necessary to apply glue both on the wall and on the canvas itself, which is fraught with excessive wetting of the wallpaper, and they can easily tear.If you are new to wallpapering, it is better to use the services of professionals. In addition, vinyl wallpapers are high cost.

Glass fiber. Glass wallpaper is recognized as a better, “breathing” type of wallpaper. This is the most durable wallpaper, masking fine cracks. Glass fiber is fireproof and moisture resistant. They are hypoallergenic. Glass fiber is a version of wallpaper for painting. They can be painted up to 15 times with water-based or acrylic paint. And thanks to the embossed texture in the form of rhombuses, twigs, all kinds of patterns, you can choose the perfect option for any kitchen.

Liquid wallpaper. A relatively recently appeared on the construction market, a type of wallpaper, which can hardly be called wallpaper. On the wall, liquid wallpaper is more like cloth or wood, and even they are applied like plaster.

Liquid wallpaper is easily “glued”, does not require additional preparation of the walls, can hide significant surface defects. This type of wall finish allows you to lay the floor without joints.

In the kitchen, liquid wallpaper should be used with caution - they are afraid of moisture, so do not use them in the work area, near the sink.

Fabric wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is very beautiful and looks, of course, luxurious. Only in the kitchen should they be used in the design of the dining area and as a decorative element in a limited quantity, since such wallpapers cannot be washed and they absorb odors.

Among the modern models can be identified metallized wallpaper. The basis for this type of wallpaper is porous paper and aluminum foil. These wallpapers look unusual and stylish.

Relatively recently appeared on the market of building and finishing materials. cork wallpaper. The basis of them, as a rule, paper or non-woven. You can care for cork wallpaper with a sponge and water with any detergent. According to the manufacturer, such wallpapers will last about 20 years. The only minus of cork wallpapers is their unsightly color palette from dark brown to light brown. Moreover, the cost of this type of wallpaper is very high.

More and more wallpaper manufacturers are recommending for the kitchen to choose washable options on non-woven base or based on fiberglass. Thus, in the presence of a huge species diversity of wallpaper, everyone can choose an option to his liking and afford it.

Choose a color. Combination Tips

What color wallpaper will look good in a small kitchen? What wallpaper to choose for the headset green color? How to harmoniously choose two colors for wall decor? A million questions arise in the head of a person who has decided to repair the kitchen. Having decided on the type of wallpaper, you should proceed to the choice of color and texture of the material.

When choosing a wallpaper should be guided by the following basic rules:

  1. It is not recommended to combine wallpapers with different cost. Choose wallpaper from the material of one price segment
  2. Wallpapers must be in harmony with kitchen furniture - with the facades of the kitchen set, the color of household appliances
  3. It is better to choose the wallpaper of the same width, so much better to minimize the joints.

One of the main features when choosing the color of the wallpaper for the kitchen is their combination with the kitchen set. So, for the kitchen of today's fashionable green color, neutral wallpapers will suit perfectly: milky, beige, and light gray. Of course, the choice directly depends on the hue of the green color that you chose for the kitchen unit - the color of young green, mint, pistachio or rich lime color.

It is not forbidden to choose white wallpaper to match the white kitchen, but you should definitely use wallpaper with a pattern or a bright pattern so that the interior does not seem boring. It can be wallpaper with a grooved pattern in a geometric, vintage style, wallpaper with a bright pattern - flowers, animal or floral print.

A good combination can be a combination of white wallpaper with color in the style of "Gzhel" or wallpaper with beautiful natural, animal motifs, seascapes.

Also, white kitchen furniture can be diluted with bright colored wallpaper: natural green, stylish purple, delicious red (but with this color you should be careful - its excess can cause aggression). Beautiful and warm can get a combination of a white headset with cocoa wallpaper.

The brown kitchen can be presented both in the form of a classic wood color, and with the help of modern high-tech laminated facades. The brown color is considered natural, so the same natural shades of wallpaper will suit it: pastel, beige, cream, chocolate, green, coffee colors, etc. Chocolate colors and shades of beige will give the brown kitchen warmth and softness.Coffee wallpaper will bring peace of mind and harmony to the interior. Red wallpapers will become an interesting stylistic solution for brown kitchens, they will bring brightness, vitality to the kitchen and are well suited for ambitious young people.

For a beige kitchen, designers advise choosing a natural shade wallpaper, darker than the color of the headset - chocolate, wallpaper with wood imitation. If you want to stand the kitchen entirely in beige tones, you should choose wallpaper of interesting texture. Beige kitchen furniture looks beautiful with flowers such as lavender, cornflower, pistachio, blue. You can use both plain wallpaper and wallpaper with a color print in a small flower or a geometric pattern.

When combining wallpaper, the main options are vertical and horizontal zoning of space.

Vertical separation of the room will help make it visually higher, as if to raise the ceiling line. For this method, use the appropriate wallpaper in a vertical strip, placing them in the center of one wall or completely covering the whole wall. It is possible to use both wallpaper with stripes of the same color, and color in combination with monochromatic textures.

Horizontal stripes can give a room a decent width. You can combine wallpaper in a horizontal strip, placing them below, with monochromatic wallpaper or small pattern, located at the top of the wall.

A bold and interesting solution would be to use photo wallpapers with large bright objects, highlighting the accent wall with rich red and orange colors. This interior path is applicable only for relatively large kitchen dining rooms.

For a loft-style kitchen, wallpapers with imitation brickwork or bare plaster are ideal - the effect of an uninhabited wild room today is at the peak of popularity among interior design ideas.

7 a photo

For a small kitchen, designers are advised to choose bright wallpaper, significantly expanding the space. But you should not do the kitchen in pristine white color, it will turn out to be uncomfortable, besides, for a small room such a sterile repair means frequent cleaning.

7 a photo

For such a kitchen will be the best to use wallpaper with a small pattern. There is an unspoken rule - the smaller the room, the finer the picture should be on the wallpaper.

When repairing a small kitchen, you can use part of the wall as an artistic object. Make an emphasis in the form of wallpaper in the flower - they will make the room already and above, or in a horizontal strip - the kitchen will be wider.

Do not forget to take into account the color of the kitchen set when glueing wallpaper, for example, matte textures are suitable for a glossy kitchen.

In a wide variety of wallpaper world is easy to get lost. What are the most fashionable wallpapers today?

11 a photo

In modern kitchen interiors, the combination of neutral wallpapers with bright colors is very popular. It is very fashionable to use stickers in the kitchen interior, they can be both color and black and white: butterflies, kitchen utensils, plates, geometric.

12 a photo

Natural and ethnic motives are now at the peak of popularity: hieroglyphs, sakura, juicy fruits and vegetables.

Wallpaper with imitation of wood, natural stone, bamboo, and brick masonry is still popular.

It is interesting to look at the wallpaper with a three-dimensional image - they accent the wall, making the kitchen stylish and extraordinary.

It looks very unusual combination of wallpaper in the technique of "patchwork".

The most stylish colors in the wall decoration today are: harmonizing and calm blue, life-filling green, aristocratic and refined gray, warm and warming orange and classic white.

Customer Reviews

According to buyers, the best wallpaper for the kitchen are vinyl non-woven wallpaper. Although it will cost such an option is not cheap, but the service life of such wallpaper is about 15 years.

The best wallpaper cleaners are glass wall paper, they are even stronger than non-woven.

Paper wall-paper notes the worst purchase for the kitchen, even an improved version of them, the so-called duplex. Paper wallpaper is absolutely impossible to wash, moreover, they are very fade in the sun. Even the low cost of such wallpaper does not add points to them, it is necessary to re-paste paper wallpapers very often.

According to consumers, non-woven is considered to be the best base for wallpaper - such wallpapers can be easily washed, they have good sound insulation. Non-woven wallpaper "breathe" and easy to glue, cope with them can and beginner.

Whatever wallpaper you choose is a manifestation of your taste and personality, and following the tips of this article,Buying wallpaper will not turn into torture, but pleasure.

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