Kitchen Wallpaper Color

Features and benefits

One of the most popular wallcoverings is definitely wallpaper. And this is not surprising, because they have a lot of advantages. Wallpaper for the kitchen there are different types, for example, those who are absolutely not afraid of moisture and washing. The washing type of wallpaper can easily withstand even cleaning with special means, while, over time, the color and design of them will not be erased and will not fade.

In addition, washing wallpaper options for the kitchen are very practical. The denser the wallpaper, the less various dust particles, dirt and even grease will accumulate on them.

Choosing wallpaper in the kitchen, it is best not to save and choose high-quality and durable options. It is also important that the wallpaper was light-resistant. Such wallpapers are expensive, but they will last you for years and save you from the annual plywood walls.


The kitchen is the place in the house that requires constant wet cleaning, because here the whole family most often gathers, and also cooking takes place.There are many different wallpapers for kitchens. One of the most popular is washable, super-washable and durable.

Ordinary washable wallpaper you can wipe with a damp cloth. It is undesirable to use household chemicals, besides, it is very difficult to remove stains from such wallpapers. Super-washing options can be easily cleaned with various detergents, and wear-resistant wallpapers can be washed not only with cleaning agents, but also with brushes.

Also suitable for the kitchen waterproof wallpaper. Nothing will happen to them when water enters, but for regular washing they are considered unsuitable.


Vinyl wallpaper will be a great solution, because they are quite resistant to various damages. Can hide various defects on the walls. Suitable for wiping with a damp cloth or sponge. Available in a huge range of colors, as well as with imitation of stone, ceramics or wood.


Non-woven wallpaper can be single-layer or double-layer, as well as for painting. For kitchens, it is recommended to purchase non-woven waterproof wallpaper with a waterproof top coating or wallpaper for painting.


Acrylic wallpapers are also detergent.Very similar to vinyl. Such wallpaper is breathable, suitable for wiping with a damp cloth. But when cleaning it is not recommended to use a brush.

Glass fiber

This type of wallpaper is considered very good for sticking in the kitchen, besides it has a lot of advantages. Such wallpaper is breathable, does not absorb a variety of smells, suitable not only for easy washing with a sponge, but also for cleaning with a brush, resistant to various damages and various chemical means. Also, these wallpapers are suitable for paint, so you can easily update the color that bore you. The service life of such wallpapers is up to fifteen years, and they can be repainted up to 10 times.


Liquid wallpaper is quite suitable for kitchen facilities. Such wallpapers are made from natural materials, produced in packs in the form of powder. To liquid wallpaper were moisture resistant, most often they are coated with acrylic varnish.


This type of wallpaper is considered relatively new. Such wallpapers are aluminum foil based on paper. Covered with paint on top for greater moisture resistance and non-conductive current.Metal wallpapers have a luxurious look, but they can be easily washed. Performed in the most unusual shades. Gold, silver or bronze. The disadvantage of such wallpaper is airtightness.


According to many experts and designers, on the one hand, this is not the most successful version of wallpaper for the kitchen. Paper absorbs smell very well, besides, it is strictly forbidden to wash such wallpapers. But if you nevertheless decided to opt for the paper version of wallpaper, then it is best to combine them with others or, as many do, in combined kitchens the area is covered with paper wallpaper, and the area for cooking is laid out either with tiles, or pasted with washing wallpaper.

Wall mural

A great solution for the design of the wall in the kitchen can be, of course, wallpaper. The main thing is to choose the image that fits well and harmoniously into the kitchen interior. But no matter how waterproof such wallpapers are, they are not recommended to be glued next to the stove.


When choosing wallpaper, you should take care not only of the design, but also of the material from which they are made.

So, for example, the most simple paper wallpapers are made from various grades of paper, of course, they are eco-friendly, but as already mentioned, paper is the material that very quickly disappears because of water. That is why these wallpapers will not be the best option for the kitchen.

Vinyl wallpapers are made on non-woven or paper bases. It is preferable for the kitchen to choose wallpaper on non-woven fabric, such material is much stronger. In addition, these wallpapers will serve you for more than 10 years.

Glass fiber has quite a lot of advantages. They are made of glass fiber of various thickness. Most often, these wallpapers can be painted. It is best to use quality, latex paint.

How to choose

To choose the right wallpaper for the kitchen, you need to proceed, first of all, from the fact that they must be suitable for regular washing. It is advisable to choose a higher quality wallpaper that will not be "afraid" of brushes and detergents.

Further, when choosing wallpaper, there are two more points to consider. Density and strength. It is worth remembering that the stronger your wallpaper will be, the less they will accumulate dirt and grease.In addition, dense wallpaper will serve you quite a long time.

It is equally important to choose light-resistant wallpapers, they are more expensive, but over time, they will delight your eye with its brightness, and not with a faded pattern.

If you are considering different types of wallpaper that can be painted, then over, stop your attention on those models that are suitable for repeated staining.

When choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, do not forget to take into account the size of the room, the height of the walls and ceilings, lighting and, of course, the future interior as a whole. Wallpapers set a special mood for the room, so in the future they should be perfectly combined with all the furniture and appliances in the kitchen.

Colors and ornaments

Wallpapers set the background for the whole interior and the mood of the whole kitchen, so the choice of color should be taken seriously. To visually enlarge the space, choose light shades. All pastel colors will look very well and unobtrusively. For example, peach, beige, cream, pale green and light pink. In addition, wallpaper in bright colors with large colors will be very useful.

Too bright and acid colors, according to psychologists, are not recommended, because the whole family spends time in the kitchen, and such bright colors may well become irritants. Brightly lemon, lime or acid - raspberry shades are undesirable for kitchen premises.

If you have a very spacious kitchen, and you want to slightly downplay it, then it is quite acceptable to use dark shades of wallpaper. For example, dark red, chocolate, cherry or burgundy colors will be very appropriate, but they should not darken the situation, so sometimes they should be diluted with light shades or prints in a small flower.

Is there not enough light or few windows in the kitchen? Choose warm colors more boldly. It will look great orange, beige or soft brown wallpaper. If in your kitchen, on the contrary, an excess of light, it is better to choose shades of green. Lime, turquoise, pistachio or mint will be very helpful. In addition, you can choose not only monophonic options, but also with different floral patterns.

Black and white wallpapers with various ornaments and unusual patterns are also considered very fashionable. Not only floral, but also complex geometric.Any two-color wallpaper will always look unusual and, in addition, will decorate and diversify your interior.

Blue and blue wallpapers will look great. Such cold shades will help to forget about the daily routine and relax. It is not recommended to use these colors if the windows of your kitchen are facing the north. In this case, it is better to prefer warm shades.

Lilac and purple wallpaper will be very useful for creating a discreet interior. A combination of two colors, for example, purple or purple and white, will look very advantageous. Gluing can be carried out by a horizontal method. Floral wallpaper in purple shades will be very useful if you want to revive a small kitchen.

The combination of colors with furniture

To make a harmonious combination of furniture and wallpaper color, it is worth considering a few nuances. If you have a cappuccino-colored kitchen, then it’s best to look at the white, cream, peach and sand wallpaper options. The same colors are suitable for any brown kitchen.

If you are wondering what color to choose wallpaper under the yellow - brown kitchen set, the answer is simple.The most successful will be white and cream shades. Stone or wooden prints are also possible.

Wallpaper for furniture in wenge color is better to choose in light shades, pistachio, olive and turquoise colors are also suitable. Since wenge-colored kitchen sets are most often dark, it’s better to choose lighter shades of wallpaper.

White or brown colors of the kitchen are perfect for gray wallpaper. And also black and white kitchen with metal details will be successfully combined with wallpaper of the same color.

Wallpaper for furniture in bronze color should be chosen in warm colors. You can use not only plain colors, but also with a variety of unobtrusive patterns. Very well will look wallpaper that mimic marble or any other stones.

You can choose the wallpaper for the salad kitchen in the classic white color, cream, cream or soft blue. Do not use too cold colors. They will not please your eye at all.

If your kitchen furniture color alder, the wallpaper can be chosen in light shades. Suitable not only white, but gently pink.

For the kitchen of fuchsia colors, white wallpapers will suit well, you can vary the interior and unusual photo wallpapers, for example, with a floral motif, in purple shades.

Blue kitchens are also very well suited for wallpaper in bright shades, but to make the room special, you can use a variety of warm colors. For example, yellow.

Wallpaper for the kitchen on the hair dryer - you can choose in different pastel shades, as well as light green, orange and white. It is recommended to avoid any colors associated with metal.

Do not forget that the furniture should be combined not only with wallpaper, but also with the floor. To choose the right color for the kitchen, always carefully consider the future interior. For spacious kitchens with two and three windows, it is quite possible to choose not only light shades of wallpaper, but also something darker.


There are two types of wallpapering. Vertical and horizontal. For these pokleki characterized by a combination of two colors or different ornaments. Shades can be equally warm, equally cold or opposite. It all depends on what kind of interior you want to create.

Choosing a vertical sticking it is quite possible to combine two colors. If the ceiling height is less than 2, 5 meters, it is better to use light shades of wallpaper with a medium-sized pattern.If the ceilings are higher than 3 meters, then it is better to choose wallpapers with large flowers or any other three-dimensional patterns.

To visually make the room wider, horizontal wallpaper sticking should be used. You can combine wallpaper with different textures.

Useful tips

Light and cold shades of wallpaper will visually increase the size of your kitchen. Bright and rich colors of the wallpaper will look very well in kitchens with a large area. Wallpaper with large patterns will not be the best option for small kitchens, it is better to stop the choice on the wallpaper with small floral motifs or small patterns. Do not forget that for the kitchen it is better to choose washing wallpaper, they will be much more practical than ordinary paper.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Properly selected wallpapers will be a good solution to complement the entire interior. According to many designers, the abundance of white color will very successfully influence the mood of the household, as well as visually increase the kitchen apartments.

Making the kitchen in modern style, give preference to light and neutral shades of wallpaper. Very well be combined with polished furniture. This style is ideal for small kitchens.

High-tech kitchens are ideal for large rooms, very often wallpapers use saturated dark shades, sometimes combined with light or gray.

For kitchens in the style of Provence or Country perfect for soft cream, cream, mint or sandy shades of wallpaper. Also allowed are wallpapers with different floral motifs.

If you started a renovation and decided to do the interior of the kitchen in the Baroque style, it is better to choose warm shades of wallpaper. It will look very well cream options with a variety of gold patterns and patterns. It is equally important that the wallpaper in harmony with the curtains, and, of course, with the interior as a whole.

The kitchen in the Scandinavian style can be supplemented with various cool shades of wallpaper and, of course, white. Various wooden prints are allowed. Light walls with a dark floor and even a ceiling will be very effectively combined.

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