Kitchen design with walls of bright colors

In any house and apartment, the kitchen is considered the hallmark. Every day the whole family gathers here, so the interior, and most importantly the color of the walls, which is primarily striking, plays an important role. The market today presents a variety of types, colors and textures of wallpaper, so to make the right choice, which you will not regret, you need to take into account many aspects.

Right choice

At first glance it seems that it is very easy to determine the wallpaper for the kitchen. And you do not immediately realize that in addition to the usual combination of colors with a kitchen unit, you need to pay attention to the area of ​​the room, lighting, the shape of the room, and so on.

There are several key criteria for choosing colors:

  1. Large illustrations on the walls visually reduce the area of ​​the room;
  2. Small images, respectively, increase the size;
  3. Vertical drawings, for example, vertical stripes in the entire height of the walls, visually raise the ceiling;
  4. Horizontal stripes contribute to the visual expansion of the room, but at the same time reduce its height;
  5. Volumetric, so-called textural wallpaper, can create interesting effects with proper combination with lighting;
  6. Square kitchens are the most versatile, they can be decorated as you please, but the best solution would be to make one of the walls a richer shade than the other three;

When choosing the color of the wallpaper in the kitchen and their texture should pay attention not only to the size of the room and its geometric features, but also on the location of the windows, as the light is important in interior design.

How to choose a suitable color

There are colors that are considered the most suitable for the kitchen, both in the opinion of psychologists and in the opinion of ordinary people themselves. These colors include: orange, yellow, brown and beige.

Of course, you should not choose the standard color of the wallpaper "like everyone else", first of all, when choosing a color, you should build on the desired design of your kitchen. For example, if you prefer a high-tech style, then it is better to use white or black wallpapers, if you like the marine style, then of course, all shades of blue, blue and white, bright flashy colors, such as pink and yellow, are ideal for pop-art style. , and even better their combination.

If you dream of a kitchen in which there will be a myriad of decorative elements, decorations and other trifles, then you should definitely choose plain-colored wallpapers, otherwise you will quickly get tired of the variegation.

Psychologists have established how some colors affect our mood and our appetite, this factor can also be taken into account when choosing wallpaper for the kitchen.

Yellow and orange

Colors such as orange and yellow will raise your spirits and awaken your appetite, as well as your desire to communicate - ideal for the kitchen, where in the evenings families usually gather with the full complement and discuss the past day. It should be remembered that too much yellow color and its saturation can tire your eyesight. Therefore, the wallpaper is better to choose a gentle yellow or yolk color, but the curtains, tablecloth, napkins, etc. can be bright.


Red can increase your appetite faster than other colors. But you yourself probably already know that an excess of red color can instantly tire and also make you irritable. Therefore, to choose the red color for the kitchen as the main one, of course, is not worth it.You can restrict yourself to additional decorative elements, for example: household appliances, napkins, dishes and so on.


Blue color, on the contrary, reduces appetite and at the same time visually looks very stylish. So, it is ideal for those who are watching their appearance, are afraid to eat too much, but they consider the kitchen not to be a cozy gathering place for the whole family and an exclusively functional place.


Perform a relaxing and soothing function, fills with a feeling of freshness and novelty. Usually, blue is considered uncomfortable and they say that it is of little use for interior decoration. But if you try and beat the blue color, adding, for example, turquoise hues, you will get very good. Therefore, do not forget about the kitchen, made in a marine style.


As well as blue color, green pacifies and gives a feeling of harmony. This color is ideal for families with children, for lovers of wildlife, spring atmosphere and a relaxing country holiday. To dilute the monochromatic green can be, you can use the green blotches.

It is not recommended to use in the design of the kitchen shades such as: purple,dark brown with gray, and the unusual black kitchen wall in the house will also cease to please you some time after the repair.

Ways to combine wallpaper

When viewing images in the glossy magazines devoted to the decor, you can only admire the successful options for combining wallpaper. However, if you yourself take to embody the dream into reality, everything can end up quite badly. Therefore, you should observe the following rules:

  1. You can not combine the wallpaper in different price categories. The material itself, of course, can vary in color and texture, but they must necessarily belong to a single segment.
  2. If you combine stripes, then pay attention to the fact that they must be of the same length, because it will be much easier to choose a border or plinth.
  3. A good option is considered to be if the wallpaper at least a little in color is combined with the kitchen, or home appliances. The colors do not have to be identical, but only complement each other.
  4. A pacified atmosphere and harmony should reign in the kitchen. To do this, keep the balance of white and black, dark and light, bright and neutral.Therefore, it is better to combine wallpaper, for example, with large prints with a monotonous calm wall.
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How to select the main wall

Home or, as it is also called, the accent wall is a very popular design technique. It is usually made in bright colors, have voluminous prints on it, choose a colorful ornament. However, we should not forget that adjacent walls and kitchen set with such a design decision, must be discreet colors.

If you have a little non-standard form of the kitchen and there is, for example, a niche or some kind of ledge / column, then this is just for you, because such elements do not need to be hidden at all, they can be highlighted in color, and then this will be the highlight of your kitchen.

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