Chandelier in the kitchen in the style of "Provence"

Each of us wants to find a corner in the house where you can dream and relax, have a cup of warming herbal tea, and make yourself more comfortable. Kitchen in the style of "Provence" is the best fit for this ritual. France, romance, flooded meadows and serenity ... Simple, but at the same time refined provincial style is more popular than ever in modern interior design.

Distinctive features

If only recently, the Provencal style kitchen was certainly associated with a country house, today, the country-style dining rooms can often be found in a city apartment.

For such a kitchen is characterized by soft, as if slightly faded in the sun paint interspersed with bright accents correctly spaced. In the interior of the Provence, at every corner you can smell the fresh grass and the sea. The main colors are light green, blue, peach, beige, olive, pale lilac, lavender, pastel shades of roses.

Light curtains or curtains, lightweight lace and ruffles, floral patterns and delicate porcelain figurines will perfectly fit into the Provence style kitchen interior.

When choosing furniture, one should prefer light shades of natural wood, slightly aged, with elements of decoupage. Widely used wicker rattan furniture, dressers and cabinets with vintage brass handles, chairs with carved backs, draped with fabric. It is better to use furniture with soft rounded corners, choose round tables. After all, this furniture will emphasize the softness and simplicity of rustic style.

The walls in the kitchen in the spirit of "Provence" covered with paint or wallpaper of pastel colors with floral ornaments. On the floor most often used laminate from natural breeds of oak, walnut or ceramic tiles, imitating the structure of the tree.

The beauty of the little things

Accents in the kitchen are placed on natural fabrics - a tablecloth in a flower, with animal themes or in a marine style, soft sofas with small pads of flax, cloth napkins and towels, cute tassels on the handles and doors of furniture.

Extra little things in the form of shells, flower pots, wicker baskets with fruit, bronze candlestick give a unique charm and charm to the surrounding space.

You can complement the interior of the Provencal style kitchen with forged hangers and photo frames, and clay dishes will give it a special touch.

Lighting bet

Making the kitchen in the Provencal style do not forget about the lighting, soft pleasant, slightly muffled light expressively emphasize the harmonious style.

The highlight of the interior will be a chandelier. In order to emphasize the general style of placing a chandelier in the kitchen, it should not be massive and fanciful, excessive decoration with stones is also inappropriate.

Chandelier in the style of "Provence" is characterized by simplicity and ease of its design. It is better to buy a chandelier of sand or cream color; the chandelier of the classic white color will ideally fit into any space.

Natural materials and a variety of forms

The material for the chandelier should be natural. It looks perfect chandelier made of wood with elements of bronze, copper, brass. Metal is perfectly combined with wood of any color. The slightly coarse frame of a wooden chandelier will be softened by a fabric lampshade placed in the center of the kitchen above the table; such a chandelier will certainly attract attention.

Wrought bases of slightly worn metal, glass or porcelain ceiling lamps will give the chandelier extraordinary beauty.

Having decided to give preference to the wrought-iron chandelier, it is necessary to supplement the room with lamps, candlesticks, sconce of the same metal.

Ceramics will perfectly fit into the style of "Provence": ceiling lamps made of ceramic with a floral print will give the product additional fragility. Chandeliers decorated with plants from colored ceramics look elegant in combination with simple shades of frosted white glass.

For those who want to choose a lamp of a more festive decor and fit it in the Provencal style, chandeliers with lamps, candles are well suited - a festive mood that does not go beyond modesty is a good solution.

Some models of Provence style chandeliers are decorated by the manufacturer with elements in the form of tree branches and bunches of grapes. Such devices for lighting will look good on the ceiling, decorated with wooden beams.

Chandeliers made of mosaic glass in the interior of the Provence kitchen look beautiful, and the floral decoration will further emphasize the elegance of such a lamp.

How to choose

When choosing a chandelier in the kitchen should pay attention to its size. In the spacious kitchen-dining room can be placed in the center of a large chandelier and a small lamp in the work area.

Since the Provence style does not like large objects, you can use sconces and candles as additional sources of light, which will add romance to your kitchen.

It should pick up a chandelier in the same colors as the general style of the room - for the Provencal style it is pastel colors.

It should be noted that most manufacturers of lighting products have in their line of chandeliers of a specific series “Provence” or “Country”, which greatly facilitates the search.

Provence chandelier do it yourself

It is not necessary to search for a luminaire suitable for the basic style in the store or to make it to order, the “Provence” chandelier can be made independently.

Taking as a basis any metal frame of the old lamp, you can transform it beyond recognition, securing with the help of a special glue for fabric or thin wire handmade lace or flowers from beads. The lampshade from the old chandelier can be decorated with a new linen cloth to match the wallpaper.

Old ceiling chandeliers can be removed, and with the help of wire to make a new frame, obtyanuv its checkered fabric in patchwork style.Even simple glass ceiling can be painted with acrylic paints in vegetable themes. It is possible to transform the usual old chandelier with flowers made of polymer clay, so it will perfectly fit into your chosen natural style.

The style “Provence” immerses us in harmony and fascinates with its simplicity, and a properly selected chandelier makes it complete and more charming.

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