Modern chandeliers in the kitchen

For a long time, the chandelier is considered a necessary element of decor with an important practical value. If earlier all the chandeliers had a similar design, now the diversity of these lighting elements makes buyers stand before a difficult choice. A kitchen, like any other room, cannot do without a stylish and high-quality chandelier.

Special features

Lighting design for the kitchen can directly depend on the overall atmosphere of the room. As a rule, many people involved in the repair of the kitchen, think through in advance all the details, including lighting. Despite the fact that many people prefer spot lighting, distributed in different areas of the kitchen, the chandelier still remains the central element of lighting.

Many housewives spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so the chandelier should be beautiful, unobtrusive and well illuminate the room. Light should be warm, not irritating and not straining the eyes.

The modern market of lighting devices helps to choose a kitchen chandelier for rooms of any size and configuration, as well asdepending on the location to the sunny and shady sides.

different types


This kind of chandeliers for the kitchen has a speaking name: they consist of one or more lampshades, which are suspended from a chain, wire or cord and fixed to the ceiling. Most often, kitchen pendant chandeliers can be adjusted in height, so that you can adjust the intensity of lighting.

Design opportunities in the creation of chandeliers-suspensions are completely unlimited, lamps can be completely any shape and size. The materials used for the manufacture of plafonds are plastic, metal, fabric. The last peep is wicker rattan ceiling lamps that look great with curtains of the same material.


Ceiling lighting fixtures are attached directly to the ceiling. This type of lighting is ideal for rooms with low ceilings. Ceiling chandeliers are quite modern, can be decorated with various details. The difficulty of using such chandeliers is to replace the bulbs, which is impossible to implement without removing the ceiling lamps.But this problem becomes quite solvable if you use innovative energy-saving lamps.

Ceiling chandeliers can have two types of control: classical with a switch and remote from the remote. In the second case, manufacturers often supply chandeliers with diodes of several colors.


Classic style is unique, never out of fashion. Classic chandeliers are pendant lamps made of various materials. These lighting elements can be an ornament and give elegance to any modest room.

One of the varieties of classic chandeliers is a crystal model. In the last century, crystal chandeliers were the main attribute in many homes. As a rule, crystal chandeliers are very voluminous and hang low from the ceiling. Therefore, it is impossible to use such a chandelier in standard kitchens with low ceilings.

But even owners of apartments with low ceilings find a way out and hang the chandelier right above the dining area, where it will not impede the free and safe movement around the room.

In addition to the crystal chandelier, the representative of the classics is a chandelier with floral decoration. Ceilings in the form of leaves, flower buds and twigs well refresh the general atmosphere of the room, give it notes of spring mood, bring it closer to nature.


Art Nouveau Chandeliers significantly different from the standard versions of fixtures. To this style can be attributed to various models of lamps, both suspended and ceiling, which are not a variant of the classics or standards. But the lamps in the modern style are not considered fanciful or pathos. At their production the most popular materials are used.

Chandelier in this style can be suitable for most types of interiors, becoming a real center of attention, a highlight that should be present in the kitchen of any design. Modern luminaires are divided into several types, including vintage models, avant-garde and exclusive design options.


Eco - it means ecology, nature, something natural and natural. Lamps in this style are made from natural and environmentally friendly materials.These can be chandeliers in the form of tree snags and simply ceiling lamps woven from dry twigs. It is not prohibited in the manufacture of eco-lamps to use paper, metal or textiles.

Despite its extraordinary, the lamps are suitable for kitchens of any style, from modern to country. Eco-chandeliers have the ability to bring together with nature and be with it one whole.


A chandelier with transparent shades and light unobtrusive decor is a decoration of any interior. Transparent chandeliers will look great on a background of bright wallpaper and catchy kitchen. And on the contrary, the lamp from transparent glass or crystal will become an ideal addition to the kitchen in a discreet style, without bright details.


Lamps with dark shades, glass or plastic, are a great solution for creating a kitchen in a contrasting style. The chandelier in the dark version looks great against the background of a bright glossy headset. Such an element of artificial lighting can fill any interior with solemnity and add extraordinary luxury to it.

A dark chandelier of classic design with candles in the form of candles can turn your kitchen into a museum room full of mysteries and secrets.


The brightly designed chandelier was created especially for those owners who want their kitchen to have bright, catchy elements. A bright blue, turquoise, green or pink lamp will look great in the background of low-key furniture or with other bright details.

A bright pendant lamp will become the center of attention in the interior of your kitchen and bring in a hint of freshness.

Chrome plated

Chrome plated ceiling can be used in the interior of the kitchen in the avant-garde style or high-tech style. Such lamps reflect light well, they shine when the rays of the sun hit them. You can choose a lamp with a metallic luster of any shape, but a round-shaped chandelier looks best in any interior.


If you want to recreate the atmosphere of a medieval style in your kitchen, then a wrought-iron chandelier is ideal for this. Unlike many modern models of chandeliers that are able to fit into any interior, a forged model can harmoniously look only with its inherent style of the Middle Ages.

As a rule, the wrought-iron chandelier is located above the dining table, which is a large piece of furniture made of solid oak.

For a small kitchen

A small kitchen brings into the creation of the interior a lot of restrictions that could not but affect the choice of chandelier. Lighting for a small kitchen should not be too massive and have a long wire.

Despite its diminutiveness, the kitchen still needs high-quality lighting. For mini-kitchens well fit ceiling chandelier round or diamond shape. For the ceiling of such chandeliers often used muddy glass.

Where to install

The installation of the chandelier in the kitchen is directly dependent on the size and design of the room. Often, for a comfortable stay in a room in the dark, only one light element is sufficient, which is located in the central part of the ceiling. but most homeowners prefer to use additional sources of artificial lighting. For example, it is much more convenient to cook food if the cooking zone is illuminated with spotlights.

If your kitchen is combined with the living room, then there is also a way to do without several types of lighting. You can hang a large chandelier in the middle of the living room, and highlight the dining area with a low-hanging model with several lights.

How to choose

If you are just planning a repair, then you should immediately decide on the chandelier that will decorate your kitchen. If the ceilings in the kitchen will be stretched, then the chandelier should be purchased before they are installed. The overall style of your kitchen area will help determine the future chandelier. You can eliminate unnecessary options and choose from several that are suitable.

If you plan to install a chandelier with plastic shades, then at the selection stage, make sure that the plastic is of sufficient quality. Otherwise, when heated, the chandelier will exude an unpleasant toxic smell.

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