Lamps for the kitchen

The kitchen is the place in every home where miracles can and should happen. For real magic you need inspiration and the appropriate setting. Beautiful, high-quality lighting of the kitchen will inspire you to create culinary masterpieces, fill every house with a spicy aroma of spices and the sweet smell of vanilla, will make the kitchen a place for family meetings and warm communication. Start planning the future kitchen with lighting layout - and your home will fill comfort and peace. A well-fed family is a healthy and happy family!

Features and benefits

The kitchen is the most important place in the house. Here, at the dinner table, the whole family gathers. Here problems are discussed, family issues are solved, good and bad news is reported. Unlike the rest of the rooms in the house, the kitchen needs a particularly thorough lighting layout. The peculiarity of the kitchen is in the zoning of its space, and accordingly, of the light, because it is impossible to light all the surfaces with a single lamp.Only here the furniture badly needs lighting, and only for a kitchen set you can find ready-made sets of lighting decor.

The advantages of high-quality light in the kitchen are obvious and the most important of them is comfort in the process of cooking and its use.


To organize the lighting in the kitchen, you can choose several types of lamps. Some of them are familiar to us since childhood, and some need an additional description.

  • Wall mounted. As a rule, wall lights for the kitchen are made in the form of a sconce or shell. You can also meet and angular lamps, as a rule, triangular shape, mounted on the wall. If desired, such a lamp may have an individual switch or plug (the latter must be installed next to the socket).

Particularly heavy lighting elements, such as wrought sconces, should be fixed to the wall with brackets.

  • Furniture. Such lighting can be either built into the bottom of the hinged boxes initially, or built in independently. There are also diode, linear or track lighting systems that can be safely placed on the back of the drawers with adhesive tape for furniture or small screws.Such lighting can power the electrical supply, but there are also wireless options on batteries.
  • Overhead luminescent mini-lamps are perfect for orientation at night. This wonderful invention is useful in a house where there are children. It is completely safe and economical, because it does not consume electricity. Kids easily orient themselves in space and will not be afraid of bright light. With such lamps it will not be scary to go for water at night.

You can choose your choice also on the touch sensor motion, which will automatically turn on and off the light.

  • Ceiling kitchen lamps get an increasing variety of design forms. Today, hanging lamps with long cords are in great demand. Such lamps hanging from the ceiling can reach practically the table. Modern hanging lamps are often equipped with a springy cord with a memory effect, the length and direction of the bends of which can be controlled and changed to taste.
  • Bulb Ilyich long resigned. Today in the kitchen use fluorescent lamps, halogen, diode, led and nano-bulbs.They help to significantly reduce energy consumption. Many of them emit quite bright light with small dimensions of the bulb itself, as, for example, in the case of LED.


The abundance of materials from which lamps are produced in modern factories amazes and excites the imagination. However, the most popular materials can still be considered glass and crystal, because they are the safest and most environmentally friendly.

The modern world is quite difficult to imagine without plastic. Lamps made of plastic are characterized by high wear resistance and durability. Plastic is a very malleable material, so the companies of the lighting decoration of it are incredibly interesting. Among other things, it is very well painted and retains its color for many years. The only disadvantage of this material is that it pollutes the environment during processing.

Forged metal chandeliers and lamps as well as popular among Russian consumers. This lighting decor gives the kitchen authenticity and makes it special.

Color solutions

Today, bright, glossy coatings of kitchen furniture are in great demand.This solution is typical for modern kitchens. As a rule, it is advised to select a concise, discreet lighting decor for such furniture, but in such a situation a contrast is also appropriate. So, for example, juicy red lamps will look very bold and original in a bright green kitchen or vice versa: green on red. Stopping your choice on such a decision, you need to remember that one contrasting spot is not enough, so it will be appropriate to look at chairs or textiles, matched to the tone of the lamp.

Especially popular and orange color. A kitchen with an orange décor will look sunny even on a rainy day, and orange lamps will not let you forget about the sun and summer.

Location: basic principles

The tradition of hanging one chandelier in the middle of the room is gone along with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the crisis of the 90s and the era of total deficit. Today on the shelves of building supermarkets it is possible to find lighting elements for any purpose and need. Depending on the overall style of the kitchen, the lighting can be arranged in several areas:

  • The central place of any kitchen is the dining table, so the most logical and most important thing is to place the main and largest lighting element above it. Above the worktop you can hang a ceiling chandelier with several horns. It can be flat or pendant, frilly or in a rustic way, it all depends on the taste and design of the kitchen.
  • For illumination of the working area, point or hanging lamps are ideal. Most often, shelves with kitchen utensils and food are located above the work area. In this case, it is very convenient to place the backlight under the shelf or select shelves with built-in light. An additional advantage of this type of lighting is that the light gives to the hands, not to the back. If the dimensions of the kitchen allow you to place a working area in its center - it is logical to choose a hanging lamp with bright light, mounted on the ceiling of the kitchen.
  • Recently, bar counters in the kitchen have become popular. Usually a good bar counter has a built-in light, but what if it is not so? It's very simple: you need to organize the lighting above the bar yourself. The bar counter is a fairly bright element of the design of a modern kitchen, so it does not need bright decorative lighting elements.To illuminate the bar counter spotlights are perfect.
  • One of the most important jobs in the kitchen is washing. Lighting over the sink should be required. In order for the hostess of the kitchen does not have to spoil the sight, washing the dishes in the twilight, you need to organize the lighting above the sink. Wall sconces are perfect for this purpose.

DIY assembly

Create your own, original lighting in the kitchen will be able to every person who knows at least the basics of the electrical network. Such work can be quite simple and even interesting for an economic man, because the process of connecting the light is similar to the collection of the designer.

First you need to create a clear work plan. In order for the wiring to be perfect and inconspicuous, it should be thought out and carried out even during the initial wall decoration. It is very important to clearly understand how the space in the kitchen will be organized, only in this case it will be possible to distribute the points of light well with the highest quality. Do not forget about the adequate distance between the bulbs: the kitchen should not glow as a Christmas tree, but dim light is also unacceptable.

In order to install self-made lighting, it will take a lot of patience, but all the effort expended is a sense of pride in oneself, and the experience gained will again and again be useful in creating unique lighting, for example, for a hallway.

Common mistakes

Each of us is free to dispose of his house as he pleases. When doing repairs, we think, first of all, about comfort and very often we forget that even our health may depend on some decisions. High-quality lighting is a guarantee of eye health for many, many years. Choosing lighting for the kitchen, you can make the following mistakes:

  1. You should not save on lighting the kitchen and make a choice in favor of one point of light in the center of the kitchen. Such lighting will be insufficient to cover the entire kitchen, even the smallest.
  2. However, it is not necessary to abuse the lighting - too much light will hit the owners' wallet and can cause frequent headaches.
  3. It is very important that an individual light be provided above the working area. The lighting of this zone should be organized in such a way that hands are lit.If the light is directed from behind, the cooking process becomes much more complicated because of the shadow falling on the arms.
  4. Choosing a chandelier or a lamp for the kitchen, you should not opt ​​for products with a large number of small items or textiles. In the kitchen, where a lot and often cook, often high humidity. Because of this, the chandelier is much more often and heavily polluted.

How to choose

In the case of the organization of lighting of large-sized kitchens, there are no special restrictions. The basic rule that applies in this situation: in the first place should be careful planning of kitchen space.

But what about the case of the most standard apartment kitchen of 8 sq m? In fact, everything is as simple as with a large kitchen, exactly the same rules and trends apply here. However, you should not choose very bulky chandeliers with a huge number of lamps, because in such a kitchen you do not need too much light. Besides. too large chandelier visually reduces the already small space, makes it disproportionate and gives the kitchen a sense of tasteless fussiness.

A small kitchen is not a reason not to think about the organization of lighting at all. You should not stop the choice on one element in the center of the room. Space zoning is especially important in such a situation, because in such a kitchen it is much more difficult to accommodate all the necessary devices. For a small kitchen you need less consumables and fewer lighting elements, but they are just as important as for a large one.

Review of models from famous brands

Like all products in the modern market system, the lighting was divided into categories: expensive for well-to-do customers and affordable for consumers of the mass market.

Ikea offers a huge selection of original lighting elements of an affordable price category. The Ikea catalog provides all possible needs for lighting the kitchen: here you can find cords, control panels, switches, fixtures, furniture lighting sets, intricate chandeliers and wall lamps. Design ideas from Ikea are endless, so here you can choose both classic options and modern ones.

The Tiffany brand is known worldwide as a manufacturer of elite decorative elements such as stained glass, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers and much more.We can safely say that the lighting from Tiffany is the best solution for the kitchen in a classic, vintage or Provencal style.

Lighting company Era combines incompatible concepts, such as: modern design and classic forms. For the manufacture of lighting decoration brand uses high-quality materials such as crystal, amber and Swarovski crystals. Experiments with color lighting look bold and very original. Lighting from the brand Era will give each kitchen a special chic.

The lighting decor from corner, Hera Boston, as well as Winner can be considered no less popular among Russian consumers. These manufacturers focus on the modern market and produce exceptionally high-quality goods. Choosing the lighting for your kitchen, you should not aggressively chase its brand. It is important that the lighting was of high quality and liked by the hostess of the kitchen - only in such a situation there is a desire to create culinary wonders.

Cost of

The cost of lighting depends on the size of the kitchen: for example, a small kitchen will not need too many lighting elements, while a large kitchen will be necessarily divided into several zones. In addition, design plays an important role in the cost of lighting.Lighting from Ikea, for example, is quite accessible to the average consumer, and the chandelier from Tiffany is not available to everyone. However, in the market of lighting decoration there are options that are suitable for the cost of any person.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Romantic Provence

Provence style is distinguished by delicate pastel shades, an abundance of flowers, knitwear and light. The ideal kitchen in this style is the kitchen with large windows, curtained with delicate curtains with a small floral print. With the help of modern lighting equipment, you can create such an unusual design even in the most ordinary apartment. It is enough only to think carefully about your future kitchen: modern household appliances should be organically combined with the classic design of furniture, you can safely decorate the wall with a landscape or a painting overlooking Provencal meadows. Of course, it is worth paying special attention to textiles. In this design, decorative beams on the kitchen ceiling will also be useful. Floristics occupies an important place - fresh flowers should always be in such a kitchen.

The lighting of such a kitchen should be quite bright, but concise.The central place will take lighting the dining area. Here you can place a large chandelier with candle-shaped horns or hanging textile bells. The rest of the lighting should be made as inconspicuous as possible.

Stylish Modern

A very popular solution in design today is the kitchen in modern style. Modern style is first of all a lot of color and light. The combination of contrasting, rich colors, glossy surfaces and the most original models of lamps - all this is permissible in a modern kitchen.

This style is characterized by strict, straight lines in all design elements: from furniture to finishing of walls. For the kitchen in this style is very important strict zoning of space. LED lighting will look very natural here, fixed and hidden from prying eyes under the shelves.

The central lighting element can be quite massive: in this case, perfectly fit chandeliers in the shape of a ball or a dome, or a large, intricate chandelier. Very relevant will look versions of hanging chandeliers, united by a single base, it can be chandeliers - bells or their modern variations, more like inverted glasses.

Fashionable Country

Rural motifs in the design of the kitchen will always be relevant, because the kitchen is inextricably linked with agriculture. Drain country may look fashionable and very original. This style is characterized by the presence of coarse wood, brick walls, checkered fabrics, a huge number of drawers and hooks for storage. A very special place here is light.

Only in this style are acceptable coarse, authentic forms of lighting decoration. Suspended lamps in the form of coarse forged street lamps or a forged candlestick would be very appropriate. Vintage wrought-iron chandeliers with a transparent mosaic will be the highlight of this kitchen and the pride of the hostess.

Brave Fusion

Fusion style is a combination of unmatched, at first glance, things or colors.

The combination of discreet furniture with a bright, explosive decor; noble wood with frivolous plastic - all this is possible in one room.

The main condition of this style is that any combination of the incompatible should look fresh, interesting and inspiring.

Unkempt Chalet

Chalet style is one of the most unusual styles for a Russian person. However, he is one of the closest to us in spirit.This style seemed to come to us from the pages of historical novels about knightly deeds, beautiful ladies and huge, impregnable castles. A chalet-style kitchen is an abundance of coarse, under-worked wood.

Everything in this kitchen looks cumbersome and hard. Naturally, the lighting of such a kitchen should be consistent with the overall style. For such a kitchen perfectly suited forged lamps or lamps with wooden decor. The lamp made of deer antlers will also look great.

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