Carousel for the kitchen in the bottom cabinet

The modern market offers hostesses a variety of accessories for kitchen furniture. Given the fact that, on average, a woman spends about 2-3 hours a day behind the stove, the need for convenience becomes a priority for her. That is why manufacturers bring to the furniture market various devices for the optimal organization of space: retractable shelves, dishwashers, a “magic corner”, trays for appliances, and even a bottle holder. But the carousel for the kitchen has become one of the most popular storage options for utensils.

The dishes are rolled in plenty

This wonderful device is a metal shelves attached to the frame inside the kitchen cabinet. These carousels are of two types. In the first model, when opening the cabinet door, the ball mechanism pushes out the semicircular shelves with dishes. In the second model, baskets are made in the shape of a circle and are completely placed inside the cabinet.

The radius of rotation of such structures varies depending on the capacity and location of the cabinet and can reach three hundred and sixty degrees. The shelves themselves are most often made of metal, sometimes of durable plastic, then they are chrome plated in several layers by electroplating - this serves as an ideal protection against corrosion.

Semicircular shelves are usually a grid, and round - a plastic case with a metal rim at the edges. The diameter of the pads is from 700 mm to 1100, the height of the support column can be adjusted at its discretion in the range from 680 to 750 mm, which practically makes the design universal. Carousel can withstand weight up to 50 kg! This means that you can store on miracle shelves any non-square shaped dishes, ranging from cutlery and ending with cast iron pots and heavy pans.

Location of the carousel

It is possible to place the carousel in the corner cupboard on any side of the kitchen unit: in the right cabinet or in the left, on the top shelf or on the bottom. It all depends on the wishes of the owners.

The most comfortable option is to place the carousel in the lower, all the utensils will be at hand, in the literal sense of the word. It will only be necessary to open the door of the kitchen cabinet and the shelves will “drive up” themselves, exposing the entire contents of the cabinet so that you don’t have to go inside the kitchen set to get the necessary object from there. But It is worth noting that the cabinet above which the sink is located is completely unsuitable for the carousel due to the presence of a drain, which will interfere with the functioning of the device.

Mount the carousel in the top cabinet is also quite possible. But it is likely that this will bring some inconvenience. First, the shelves will be advanced, creating an overhanging structure above the person’s head. Secondly, it will be more difficult to reach the devices because of the presence of the basket sides. Thirdly, the edges of the basket are not high enough (approximately 5-7 cm), and any awkward movement can lead to the fact that the loose parts of the dishes slide off and cause serious damage to health.

Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, the carousel, like any thing, has its drawbacks. But there are many more advantages:

  • anyone can install such a simple device in a cabinet, even with a minimum set of tools and without having special knowledge of the furniture assembler;
  • thanks to the rounded shape of the shelves, the carousel tends to “travel” outside the furniture, delivering all the dishes straight to your hands;
  • the presence of the carousel will save space and make the closet much more spacious because of the order of the baskets and the smaller space between them;
  • the system will last for a long time due to the multi-layer quality coating, and, in addition, it will save your dishes;
  • during operation, the design does not create any noise and does not require effort to pull, one light movement - and everything is at your fingertips.

How much is convenience?

The price of the carousel can be called another advantage of this type of fittings. Manufacturers have tried and flooded the market with models of any price category. As a rule, high-quality models with two shelves cost from 4,000 rubles. As for more complex systems, then the prices soar up to 22,000. But, of course, among such a variety of types and prices, everyone will find a suitable model.

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